Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 2 - Shut Up!

"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain"

-- Dolly Parton

This morning turned out to be much worse than the news mom gave me yesterday. Turns out it wasn't a dream.

I'm not going to tell you what happened. I don't want to talk about it and it'll just bore you. Just Kidding! Of course, I'll tell you. It's nothing special but it also wasn't the occasional unicorns and rainbow morning.


I slowly open my eyes to the sound of my alarm ringing. I glance at the time and see that it's only 7:00. I decide to ignore it and dismiss it, knowing that I have enough time for a little more sleep.

The school starts at 8:00 anyway. It's not like I take more than 15 minutes to get ready and reach school in 5 minutes. So, I get comfortable and snuggle into my covers.

"Wake up nerd!", I hear an annoying voice say followed by very cold water hitting my face.

"What the-" I spring up and fall off the bed as I was lying on the edge. Of course, it's no one other than Megan standing there with a smirk on her face.

"What the hell is your problem? And why are you in my room?" I snap.

"Good morning to you too. Your mom let me in," She explains. I want to punch that smirk off her face "That woman believes I'm your friend. She's so dumb," Megan Laughs.

"Don't you dare speak of her like that. And don't ever bring my mother into this," I point a finger at her.

"Woah there, calm your horses, nerd," She holds my finger and twists it making me wince with pain, "Don't even try to act smart with me" She twists harder. I hiss at her more from my pain than anger.

"Is everything ok up there, girls?" Mom calls from downstairs.

"Yes, Rebecca. We were just playing and she tripped over the air," Megan shouts back. Oh, she finds this funny.

"Okay girls, hurry up. You don't wanna be late to school," Mom calls back.

"Sure!" She replies then turns back to me, "You better not utter a word to anyone," She whispers then releases me like I'm the plague and walks away wiping her hands on her skirt. She is an imbecile.

Worst Morning Ever!


Do you see why I hate this morning? Messed up, right? I know.

I push all the thoughts about that devil aside and go into the bathroom for a shower. That idiot just ruined my morning. Who the hell permitted her to throw cold water on me? While I'm sleeping! On winter!

I finish my shower and walk out of the bathroom, after wrapping a towel around my shivering body. The room was warmer as I had set the AC on heat, so I dried myself and change into a black sweater, a short black skirt with red stripes, and black tights under. Before leaving the comfort of my room, I add my white nerdy glasses and spread my sheets so that the water would dry off by the time I'm back home, then I made my way downstairs.

Good thing, Megan is gone. I just can't stand her talking to mom.

"Hey darling, come to have breakfast!", Mom pecks my cheek before placing 3 pancakes on my plate. Not in the mood to eat after the little stunt, I take one and hand the rest to Lydia who happily accepts it. She loves food just as I do and it's cute when she is this little.

I head out waving goodbye to mom and placing a quick kiss on Ly's cheek. Unconsciously humming to a song, I go into the garage and get into my Audi A6, immediately driving off to school.

I park the car 3 blocks away from the school at my designated spot, then walk the remaining distance there myself.

Knowing that I'm already a target at school. I cannot risk anyone finding out that I have a car, let alone an Audi. It's like giving them a ticket that say 'Come and trash my car for free' and they'll be ready to beat it to a pulp. It will be a disaster and I most definitely won't be able to explain how it got ruined to mom. Megan thinks it's my mom's car. Good for me, as long as she stays away.

I push the door open and walk down the corridor. As usual, I get a few weird looks from my dear school mates, not because I look weird or anything of that sort, simply because they just want to gossip. They can judge all they want as long as they don't come after me. Some try to trip me but I choose to ignore them and step over their extended frog feet. They're being so obvious that I have become used to it.

Not worth my time

Not worth my time. I chant inside my head as I walk through.

I reach my locker and get taken aback by the 4 bold words spray painted on my locker. Nerd. At least it's written in my favourite color, purple, my favorite color but due to the fact that it's being used to vandalize my locker, all I see is red.

Some people need to grow up. I think I'm letting this go by way too much.

I take out my perfume and tissue from my bag, then spray the perfume onto the locker which makes the writing turn yellow, giving me and easy way to wipe the paint off with the tissue.

"Why don't you spray some on yourself while you're at it," The same annoying nasal voice sneered. I didn't have to turn to know that it's Megan. My eyes wandered to her outfit. She's wearing an excessively tight white shirt that looks like the buttons are about the snap right off and along with that, she wore a pair of ripped jeans, that curves down the shape of her body, exposing all her beautiful features.

I inwardly cringed when her two minions Writ and Blossom walk to her sides. Writ is her cousin whom she controls like a pet and Writ oh so desperately wants to be like her super cool cousin so she follows her around. Everyone knows she's a wannabe.

Blossom on the other hand is just there to be there. She's like a dog, she does whatever she's told to do and only attacks when she senses danger. That danger is me, in case you all haven't noticed.

They all stare at me, their nostrils flaring and I rolled my eyes for like the thousand time today. "Give me the perfume," Megan orders. I easily gave it to her knowing that it's useless fighting with a crazy person. At least I'm rational. "Good now g-" She begins to say, but stops mid-sentence just as the school doors open revealing the JJ twins.

Things happen in slow motion; at least for me, it does. The girls who were going on about their work stop to have a good look at them – more like flock around them; the boys look at them with indifference – I think they're lowkey hiding that they're jealous. They just walk straight, ignoring everyone. Arrogant much? But again, it's normal here. Everything is normal here.

Megan immediately tosses me my perfume, fixed her hair and clothes. Her minions do the same and then they parade over to the boys.

"Hey JJ," Megan smiles and reaches to hug them both.

Jay lets her hug him. He stands there looking annoyed while Jayden moves away before she gets hold of him, making her catch air. He turns around and walks in another direction, which leads to the guys' changing room.

I suppress a burst of laughter at her making a fool out of herself. But then again, it doesn't seem funny when I think I'll be living with them for 8 months from Friday. She'll have my head pushed into concrete.

"She's embarrassing herself, isn't she?", A familiar voice flows through my ears. I smile with a sigh and nod taking a look up at Julian.

He blinks down at me with a smile and runs a hand through his curly hair, before scratching his neck with a sigh and turning his gaze back to a squealing Megan. He has the most gorgeous set of hazel eyes, with a sharp jawline. I would never be able to stop thinking about how good looking he is.

My eyed fall to his outfit, which is a simple green hoodie, with military pants. Along with that, he had his black nerdy glasses and a pair of Jordans. I get a glimpse of his silver chain underneath his hoodie, when he turns back to me, capturing my attention.

He wraps his hand around my shoulder, giving me a side hug then turn back to my locker. I'm used to having her vandalize it. I always clean it, either with hand sanitizer or perfume buy she never stops. It's like shooing away a fly, no matter how many times you swing at them, they always come back buzzing in your ears.

"So wassup?", Julian asks. I just shake my head in response, hoping that he won't push it buy he did. "Come on! There's got to be something," He whines.

"Fine! I will tell you later," I sigh closing my locker after I get everything I need.

"Tell him what?" Olivia asks, stopping in from of us.

My eyes wandered to her fallen face, she looks a little under the weather, with dark circles under her eyes and is hardly even keeping her eyes open. Her hair is messed up and her dressing... Well, that's just a mess. She has a pair of yellow suit pants, with a green dress and white Nike's

"Told you not to go to the party last night," I point out with an rolling my eyes, letting a smile form on my face.

"Shut up! " She snaps making Julian and I laugh. She grunts and walks away, letting Julian and I talk for some time until the bell rings marking the beginning of class. I have Spanish first which I'm very good at.

The day goes by slowly. Slowly. For the first time, I keep an eye out for the twins.

Jayden is more of a flirt, always wearing a smirk, winking at girls, flirting, etc. I never had the chance the approach any of them, in fear of facing any consequences. Jayden did definitely smile at me once, when I walked past him but that was about it. Jay on the other hand is the simple one. He always has a smile on his face, concentrating in the class and I very kindhearted. He probably still doesn't know I exist but he will soon.

They both do well in all the classes and on top of that, they're bilingual. I like learning new languages.

I do want to know them better but Megan... Megan has picked on me several times and I don't think she intends to stop anytime soon. She trips me, drops my books, throws food at me, slaps me on the face, and other stupid stuff that a juvenile would be ashamed of doing. I do choose to ignore her. But I'm not going to ignore this for long, I can't take it forever.

After class ends, I say goodbye to my friends who are carpooling every other day and walked down the street. I reach my car, get in, and head home. The song 'Ain't your mama' comes on and I just sing along tapping my fingers on the steering wheel.

By the time I reach home driving through all the traffic, its 4:36 pm.

When I enter, I hear Lydia squealing in excitement and out of curiosity, I head into the house and see Mom with a lot of things spread out on the counter.

Lydia is holding up a cute little gown which is her size and a huge box of kinder, which she's probably more excited about than the dress. I peck her cheek then ask mom what's going on.

"I went shopping today and bought everything you needed on your list," She hands me a bag and a briefcase.

I open the bag first and the first thing that I set my eyes on is a book. It has a brown book with a cool design on it, which I open to reveal a plain art book which needs to be filled, and I'll be very glad to. I'm going to love drawing in this.

I honestly am proud of my art skills. I started drawing since third grade and now, it can draw almost anything. Faces, Portraits, you name it, I've have drawn it. I get the highest grades in Art all the time.

I keep it beside me and move on to the next one which is a box. I let out a gasp. It's a Samsung Galaxy S8+. I look at mom for confirmation and she nods. I hug her first and go on to unbox it.

After my little short period of unboxing, I take a look at the foundation and lip balm. The foundation luckily suits my skin tone. It's the same one Olivia had brought for me.

I clatter around to find the paint and sharpies but come up with nothing. Lydia tries opening the briefcase and ends up falling over. I laugh a little, get it from her, and open it finding my new painting kit.

"Thank You!", I squealed and bounced like little girl, then jumped up the stairs to my room, ready to set my new phone. I plug it to charge and take pictures of it with my old phone using Snapchat and sent it to our group.

Three Idiots

Lazy Bones: New phone!!!

Bad Baby: No way! Is that Samsung S8+?

Nerd: Finally got rid of the iPhone huh?

Lazy Bones: Yuppies!!!

Lazy Bones: Amazing right?

Bad Baby: Duh!

Nerd: Gimmie ur iPhone. I can fix the screen and get rid of this ugly one I have.

Lazy Bones: Sure... I'll transfer the data to Samsung and give you.

Nerd: I love you so much!!! Thank You!

Bad Baby: Now we only have one iPhone user

Nerd: I know right

Lazy Bones: If you'd excuse me, I've got a new phone to set up...

I pick up the new one and put Wattpad and Tik tok on download. In the meantime, I log in to my pre-installed apps.

I take a picture of my new phone and added it to my story on Snapchat, then I do the same on both my Instagram accounts - the fan page for the JJ twins and my art account.

My fan page which is called JJ_Fans has 15k followers and my Art page called Klen_Art has 24.56k followers.

As I continue to work on my new phone, I get a notification that The JJ twins have posted on tik tik.

I immediately watch it. As usual, I'm always the first to like it. I only miss sometimes, but 95% of the time, I'm the first to like and comment. I watch it over and over again and commented, then waited for sometime, before I reload the page three times until another one pops up. I keep reloading again and repeated the same process, until their three videos were uploaded.

I am familiar with their routine by now. They always post three times at the same time so I'm used to it now.

I save the three videos on my phone then search for another video that people did with the same song as them and save the three different videos too. I open my video edit app and compare each of their videos to another which has the same song.

After I post the three videos, I log out of Instagram. Within a moment of posting those, I have already got 5 likes. The average I usually get is 10,000 likes.

I reset the old phone, making it brand and switch it off. I should remember to give it to Julian later.

The rest of the day just passes by with me on the phone, going down only for dinner.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Hey y'all, I hope you're enjoying so far!

How much do you hate Megan on a scale of 1-10

I'll try and update everyday so stay tuned


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