Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 20: War

“Imagine Your Life Is Perfect In Every Respect; What Would It Look Like?”

– Brian Tracy

Oli ❤- Can we meet?

Me- Sure... Everything OK?

Oli- I’ll tell you everything later, just meet me at the nearby Café

Oli-Come with Alex

Me- K but y?

Oli- Just come fast.

I turn off my phone then place it on the table and go into my closet to get something. The closet barely has decent clothes except my sweats.

I change into a white T-shirt and green baggy jeans then pick my phone and started walking out. I haven’t even talk to Alex since yesterday. Every time he sees me, he just smiles. The funny part is that Jayden is ignoring me.

He doesn’t want to talk to me or even look at me. He’s so weird.

Me- Meet me downstairs. We have to head out

Alex- You know you could just come over right?

Me- No, I don’t wanna, you come, fast.

After sending the message to Alex, I take my bag and head downstairs. As I walk, I check my purse and end up bumping into someone making their books to fall. I look up to see Jayden glaring at me then look down at the books that he was holding, now scattered on the ground.

Before I could do anything, he hits my purse and it falls. I frown at him as he is bends down to pick up his books. I use my leg to push it to the side and pick up my purse first.

“What’s your problem?“, I snap at him.

“No, what is your problem?“, He snaps back.

“You bumped into me first,” I shoot.

“No, you bumped into me first,” He shoots back.

“Hey, Hey!“, Livia comes and stands between us. I fold my hands over my chest in anger and he does the same while we both glare at each other, “What’s going on here?“, She asks.

“Elle me bousculé” He complains.

“He bumped into me first,” I say and point at him. Even though he said that in French, I understood, “And he hit my purse down,” I add.

“She made me drop my books and then she kicked it with her shoe,” He complains.

“OK, OK look, say sorry to each other and everything will be in the past,” Livia says.

What? No way I’m apologizing to him. He started it, I mean we bumped into each other, it’s not like I did it on purpose. Even if we have to say sorry to each other, he is the one to blame.

“She bumped me first so she says first,” He says.

“No, he says it first,” I counter back, “No way I’m apologizing to him first”

“No way I’m saying sorry to her first,” He says, then bolts past me but turns to me once at a distance, “I’m gonna get my revenge,” He says and walk away.

I walk the opposite way and to the door but not before hearing Livia mutter “Kids” under her breath.

When I step outside, I see Alex getting out of his car. I walk over to him. When he notices me, he gets back in.

“So... where are we going?“, He asks.

“To the café. We have to meet Olivia,” I reply, not looking at him.

“Who is Olivia and what café are you talking about?“, He asks.

“The PM Café and what do you mean who’s Olivia? She’s my best friend,” I roll my eyes at him.

He just nods, then starts the car and drives off. The café is close, so it doesn’t take us long to reach there.

The moment I step into the café, I immediately find Olivia at the farthest booth.

Mostly because she’s the odd one out with purple hair and has some smokey makeup on. We both approach her and each of us take a seat with Alex opposite her and me beside her.

Alex looks at her with a smirk on his face then whistles, “Hello, love,” He says, then picks her hand and kisses it. I fake gag at that and cringe at him.

“OK, that’s just disgusting,” Olivia says and pulls her hand away, “Now, what we came here for. Kel told me that you found out about her bully,” She says jumping straight to it.

“Yeah...” Alex replies.

“The only reason you’re here is that you know... Anyways Kel, do you remember Julian acting weird, I think there is something you should see,” She says and takes her phone out and places it where we all can see. She then hits play on a video. It’s a video taken at night and it’s not very clear, “I took this video yesterday after we left,” She says and clicks play.

There are a lot of unclear sounds in the video before Julian and Megan come into view with leaves covering them.

“That’s your problem, look we made a deal and you are not keeping your side of the deal” Julian snaps at her and she looks away with a scowl.

“You’re one to talk. Like you’re keeping your part of the deal,” She snaps back at him.

“Of course, I am. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds,” Julian says.

“Look, we made a deal to keep that nerd and the twins away so we have to do that fast, she’s pushing my buttons" Megan says calmly.

“I’m not telling you not to bully her, but I want you to keep it private. Make sure no one is around or finds about it, stop doing it so openly. After all, by bullying her you will make her sad and I will be able to hold her in my arms. Very soon, she’ll be mine,” Julian says with a smile.

“You’re sick. How can you like that girl? She doesn’t even look better than a baboon,” Megan rolled her eyes.


“Hey! Watch your mouth” Julian snaps at her “Now we have one problem in our way. That stupid Alex,” He adds, staring into space.

“Hey! I’m not stupid” Alex whines.

“Whatever, I don’t care about that bastard you want Kelly, and I want the twins so if that’s what we really wanna do, we better work honestly,” Megan says with a sigh.

“Good, now I will leave before anyone suspects. Olivia is smarter than you can think. We will think of what we will do to Alex another time,” Julian says and starts walking in the direction of the camera and it goes off.

No! This can’t be real, it has got to be fake.

As far as I know, Julian will not do this. This is not Julian. It must be someone else. So many thoughts are running through my head. What does this mean? Julian likes me but has no problem with me getting bullied? That doesn’t even make sense.

He would always be the first person I run to whenever Megan does something, and now he’s teamed up with her?How could he even betray me like that? I know Julian more than anyone else and I think that the guy is not Julian. I hope so, at least.

“So, Julian is not what he shows and says he is,” Olivia says, “I can’t believe he’s my cousin,” She mutters.

“No, this is not true. It’s not Julian and even if it is, it must be a prank,” I say shaking my head, “Maybe he has a plan to trap Megan,” I add.

“No, it’s not possible, even if it’s true, he would have told us,” Olivia defends her case.

“Hello, you guys, all that is important and cool, but what’s more important right now is that I’m their next target,” Alex raises a brow at us.

“He’s right. He’s their next target and we have to do something to stop whatever it is from happening,” Olivia sighs, “Look, Alex, just stay away from Julian. That will keep you safe for a while till we figure out what to do, just pretend you didn’t see anything ok” She suggests and he nods.

They both talk about something and order for all of us while I just sit quietly and think to myself.

How and why would Julian do that? I trusted him more than I trusted anyone else, then why would he do that to me? I’ve always been closer to him than to everyone else. Even Olivia knows that him and I are closer then why would he do this to me.

He’s got to be up to something, what other reason could there be?

I don’t know but I’m still finding it hard to believe that it’s Julian. Julian would never do anything like that, would he?

“OK, it’s getting late, we have to leave. You want us to drop you off, Olivia?“, Alex asks.

I look at my watch and see that the time is already 4:24 pm.

“No, I’m fine. I can walk,” She replies as we head out. I hug her and say bye. She shakes Alex’s hand and he walks to his car. “Kel, please take care of yourself,” She says and I nod.

Alex and I get into the car and drive off. The ride home is very noisy. Alex blasts the entire car with a song and on top of that he starts singing along.

The song’s name is Freaky Friday by Lil Dickey and Chris Brown. I honestly loved the song the first time I heard it and I have to admit that it’s amazing but it didn’t help in lifting my mood from what I just found out.

He stops the car in front of the house and I get out waving him goodbye. After ringing the bell of the house, I take my phone out of my bag and check the time again.

Cherry opens the door to let me in.

“Kewy!” Lydia cheers and runs towards me engulfing me in a hug.

“Hey Ly!” I pick her up and pecked her cheek, “How are you doing?“, I ask.

“Fine!” she says and starts wiggling out of my hold, “Kewy! Jayden has a surprise for you. Come with me,” she says and starts pulling me towards the stairs.

Does Jayden have a surprise for me? That’s new.

Maybe he’s gonna apologize for what he did this afternoon. What can I say, he has to apologize, after all, he was the one who started everything.

We reach the door to my room. Lydia moves and gestured me to open the door. I smile down at Lydia, then take a deep breath and opened the door.

The moment the door opens, I feel something very heavy and sticky on my head. I slowly reach my hand and touch it and see that it is a very sticky green slime. It rolled down my hair to my shoulder and on my back before hitting the ground.

I come back to my senses when I hear Lydia and Jayden laughing.

Jayden is sitting on the bed right in front of me, holding their vlogging camera and another camera kept to his left, recording.

“I told you I will get my revenge,” he laughs.

“You want war? you get war,” I say boiling in anger.

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