Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 21: Prank wars

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling

It’s been three days since Jayden and I started pranking each other. After he did the whole slime prank on me, I took my revenge by throwing a stink bomb into his room. I posted it on YouTube just as he did mine.

The slime was the worst honestly because there is still some slime on my hair, it’s still not fully out but I’m sure, one more wash and it will be gone.

He managed to get Lydia and Jayden on his side and I have Anika, Briana and Alex on mine. He then decided to prank me again by making me eat tacos full of pepper. It was really mean. My mouth was burning for a whole 30 minutes and my throat, don’t get me started.

Now it’s my turn and my plan will only work if I wait till Jayden leaves his room.

“Everything ready?“, I ask in a whisper to Alex and he nods. I then turn to the twins and gave them a thumbs up to which they reply with a grin.

I take a deep sigh and walked out of my room to Jayden’s. I knock and wait until I hear him say come in.

“What do you want? To apologize? Did the spice finally get to your head?“, He smirks.

“You wish,” I rolled my eyes, “Livia wants you to go to the store. She told me to call you for her,” I add.

This time, we gained the support of Livia. To get Jayden away from his room, we have to send him out so we made her create a huge list and send him to the store to get everything. It was hard to convince her but with the twin’s charms, she agreed.

“Mom wants me to go to the store? Weird, she always sends the driver,” He mumbles more to himself.

“Whatever, I’m leaving. I just came to deliver the message,” I say and turn to walk out of the room. The moment I get out, I give an evil laugh and rub my hands, just like in the movies. Just for dramatic effect, I’ve not gone crazy yet.

“What are you doing?“, I hear Jayden’s voice from behind. I jump at it.

“I-I Was laughing,” I manage to compose myself but with that stupid reply.

“About?“, He raises a brow.

“About how funny you look,” I say and walk to my room and shut the door.

“What’s wrong?“, Alex asks with a frown.

“Nothing. Is everything ready?“, I ask and grab the list of the things we need and recheck everything.

Cameras √

Spray paint √

Wall paint √

Glitter √

Dolls √

Pink Bed Sheet and cover √

Pink varsities √

Pink pillowcases √

Pink shirt and Jeans √

Makeup √

Photos √

I grinned evilly then place the paper on the table.

“Anika, go check if Jayden has left,” I tell her and she leaves with a nod. Anika comes back sometime later and says that he’s gone, giving us a green light to begin.

I take a few of the stuff and Alex takes the rest of them as we head to Jayden’s room and shut the door“Let’s get to work,” I say.

We start by placing cameras all around the room, to record what we did then take all his stuff and put them in a black bag. Anika and Briana replace his regular clothes with pink t-shirts and jeans which I gave them.

Alex changes the covers of the bed and the pillow while I start by removing his posters and photos out of the wall and start spray painting the wall.

Alex and the kids joined me to paint the wall sometime later, which takes us about 30 minutes to finish. I take the spray paint to paint something but the door opens suddenly.

My eyes widen and my breath hitches in my throat, “Jayd we could...” Jay says and stops mid-sentence when he sees us, “Oh no you didn’t,” He mutters and looks down at Lydia who is standing beside him.

He immediately brings out his phone and starts to fumble with his phone but Alex snatches his phone just in time and pulls him into the room and I pick up Lydia like a bundle.

“Ahhhhhh... Let me go,” Jay screams. I make the twins hold Lydia while I help Alex pin Jay on the wall with Duct tape.

After all that is done, we do the same to Lydia and tape their mouths.

“I’m sorry guys, but I have to. You’re on Jayden’s side which means we are on opposite teams,” I shrug as we continue decorating the room. The twins replace his perfumes with makeup.

I put up a posted of a girl art on the wall and then we started sticking my photos around the room. This is probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I also took the last few minutes to sketch all our faces on the wall as cartoons.

“You really are talented” Alex commented, making me smile.

The room looks so perfect, amazing, and girly. The room is full of all my photos and everything pink makes it all the more perfect, for revenge. If this were my room, I’d throw up every day.

It’s already evening so he will have no other choice but to sleep in the room and anyways it’s a school night.

“All done,” I smile. Then we packed everything and get the hell out of the room. He’s got a great surprise for when he returns home.

We all head downstairs and chill like never before. A few more minutes later, Jayden comes in holding a lot of bags filled with grocery. I try as hard as I can to hold back a laugh and so do the others.

Jay and Lydia are still locked in the room so this is gonna be way more hilarious that we planned for.

“OK, I still have no idea why you had to make me go buy all this when you could just order them in,” He says to Olivia as he places the bags on the counter.

“Thank you very much Jayd, you may now go,” Livia says and pecks his cheek. She is one good actor.

We all watch as he goes up the stairs. We look at each other and exchange cunning smiles.We all wait patiently for him to reach his room. Alex installed the camera somewhere around the hallway so as to see his entire reaction.

“Kelly!!!!!!!” He screams.

We all start laughing like minks. After some time, we see him walking down with an angry expression, and Jay and Lydia trailing behind him. I giggle and watch as they approach us.

“How could you?“, He snaps, “You turned my room freaking pink,” He adds.

“Way to state the obvious Sherlock,” I grin.

“You’re so gonna wish you didn’t do this cause I knew you were planning something big, which is why we already got our next prank on you ready,” He says and walks away with the other two.

I give Alex and the twins a high five. Then, Alex goes to get the cameras in the room. We have been posting all this on the twins’ YouTube account.

Alex comes back to my room sometime later and we edit the intro. After adding some effects, we laugh at the funny parts. The funniest part is when he screams my name.

We forward to the part where we decorate the room.

After everything is done, we decide to just watch TV. I spend the rest of the day watching Henry danger and Game shakers which have caught my interest recently.

Lydia is also ignoring me like the others. Bu it’s really cute when she gets caught looking at me and looks away with folded arms and an angry face.

I have to admit though, I’m having so much fun right now than in all these years.

“Dinner!” Livia calls out and everyone shuffles to the table.

We all sit and no one talks or looks at anyone.

“What’s wrong with you kids?“, Ace asks with a smile.

“It all started with Jayden and Kelly bumping into each other and it turned into a whole prank war, now Lydia and Jay are on Jayden’s side and Alex, Anika, and Briana are on Kelly’s side. Today, Kelly painted and exchanged Jayden’s room into a girly room and pinned up Jay and Lydia on the wall with duct tape just like photo frames” Livia explains in one breath with an annoyed look directed at us.

“You turned Jayden’s room pink?“, Ace asks, looking at me with a frown, and Jayden turns to me with a smirk.

“Y- Yes,” I stutter.

His face breaks into a smile, “I’m definitely on your team,” He laughs and reaches to fist bump me while I do the same, sticking my tongue out at Jayden.

“Dad!” Jayden and Jay say in unison while I just smile.

“What? I thought everyone gets to choose a side,” He shrugs and shoots a wink at me.

Ace is a good person and a good dad. I wish I had that type of relationship with my dad. Or better, I wish he came back at some point but hey, who cares.

“Alright honey that is not fair. I am on my baby’s side,” Livia says.

“But you are supposed to be on my side,” I pout.

“Sorry Kel, but I have to support Jayd,” She shrugs.

The rest of the dinner goes is a lot of fun with us making fun of Jayden and him screaming at us to stop. After dinner, we go back to our rooms. Jayden reluctantly goes to his room after Livia convinces him to spend one night with the pink walls. He accepts only after she promises him to get it re-painted tomorrow

I say good night to everyone, then head to my room and get into my sleeping clothes. Though instead of sleeping, I keep thinking about that Jayden said.

“You’re so gonna wish you didn’t do this cause I knew you were planning something big, which is why I already got our next prank on you ready,” He said and walked away with the other two.

What did he mean by he already planned something and that I won’t like it? I hope it won’t be that bad. I know him, he really has no filter.

I don’t know when I fell asleep.


I wake up to my alarm ringing and drag myself to the bathroom. My eyes are still closed: I’m can’t even hold myself up in the shower.

I stand under the water and fumble for my sponge in my half-asleep state and soap myself up. Then I reach for my shampoo and apply it lazily and wash up.

Usually, water stops a person from feeling sleepy, but I still feel like going back to bed and sleeping but the problem is that I can’t skip school. The hot water is to blame for.

I reapply the shampoo and rinse the lather off.

After scrubbing my body again, I wash and wrap myself in a towel then look at myself in the mirror. I come face to face with my image, but is that really me.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” I scream.

A/N: Hey guys, I just wanted to get some feedback on the name of the book, I was thinking of changing it to 'Brandon'...?

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