Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 22: Nika mall

“The Answer to the ultimate question of Life, The Universe and Everything is…42!”

- The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

I keep staring at the mirror not coming to terms with what has happened.

“Kelly, Kelly are you okay?“, I hear Livia ask through the door.

“Is everything OK in there?“, Ace’s voice follows.

With a really angry expression, I take my bathrobe off of the hanger and put it on, then unlock the door.

The first person to see me is Veronica and she just gasps. Livia’s eyes widen while Ace mirrors the same.

They just stare at me and Veronica touches my hair. Jay and Jayden came shortly after and burst out laughing. Lydia joins them.

They are so pushing me to the edge. I am resisting the urge to smack them all and yes, including Lydia.

I give them all a death glare then turn to Livia with a sad expression. How am I going to go to school with green hair? Of all hair colors, it had to be green. These idiots.

“What happened to your hair?“, Ace asks with a frown.

“Ask your two precious twins and my betraying sister,” I roll my eyes at them.

“OK... Boys what you did is un-” Livia starts but erupts into laughter “I... I’m so sorry but this is funny. You guys didn’t do the right thing but this is funny,” She laughed.

“Honey you’re supposed to punish them,” Ace says turning to her with an amused expression on his face. I know that he is holding back his laughter for my sake.

“But I’m on their side, that’s just like betraying them,” Livia says, “Look Kel, just get ready, we will see what we can do once you’re down,” She adds and everyone walks out but Ace stops midway.

“Don’t worry Kel, they wanna play dirty, then get dirty,” He smirks, “Now get ready and come down. I will tell you my plan after you’re back from school,” Ace says and pecks my forehead.

I resisted the urge to squeal but I waited until he left the room before tears blurred my eyes. He kissed me on the forehead just like he does to Lydia. There is hardly anyone to show me that type of love, a fatherly love. My own dad left me for someone else.

It used to be Julian who would love me like a brother, a best friend, and a father at the same time. He did a lot of things for me and helped me in many ways but I don’t know where that Julian is anymore.

The one that is around me all the time now is not my Julian and will never be.

I just go back into the bathroom and try washing my hair again but it doesn’t come off. So, I just clean myself and change into one of my other boring clothes and head out.

I reach downstairs, where everyone is already sitting.

“Dang!” Alex says with a whistle.

I just roll my eyes at him then take my seat beside him, which is my spot now. After shooting another glare to Jay and Jayden, I start eating after Uncle P serves me.

“What’s with the Zombie looking hair Kel? You look like a character from the Disney movie Zombies,” Alex giggles.

“If you do not shut your ugly stupid mouth you will see the worst of me,” I glare, pointing a finger at him.

“Dude! Take a chill pill,” He raises his hands in defense.

I sit back properly on my seat and stare at my food with a frown.

“OK boys how long is this gonna last?“, Livia asks with a sigh. I know she has grown tired of all this. Also everything was getting out of her hand.

“I don’t know... A week or more,” Jayden shrugs, still eating.

“A week or more?“, I ask and get off my seat, “You want me to stay with this hair for a week!” I snap.

“I’m pretty sure he said a week or more. Not just a week,” Alex corrects, completely not helping me.

“Alright now, this is messed up, you boys shouldn’t have done this,” Livia says.

“Too late for that,” Ace mumbles loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Okay look, Kelly, is it possible to skip an hour from school?“, Veronica asks.

“I have the first hour free, which I spend in the library,” I say.

“Great, You can come with me. I know just how to fix this” She says excitedly and pulls me out of my chair, without waiting for me to even finish my breakfast, “See you guys later. I’ll drop her at school.”

After we both are in her car, she pulls out of the garage and drives towards the highway.

“Where are we going?“, I ask her as she drives.

“The salon, and we’re getting a makeover for you,” She smiles “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life”

“But I don’t wanna go to the salon,” I whine.

“Too bad,” She shrugs smiling at the road.

I sit quietly in the car and watch the road for the rest of the ride. There are quite a lot of beautiful places that I have always wanted to visit at least once but never really got the chance to.

We finally reach the salon. I’ve been to one a few times and that was only because Olivia dragged me there.

“Here we are. My salon and shopping mall ‘Nika Mall’” She says pulling me in along with her.

We both enter into the salon, where I see a few people working and cleaning up.

“Hey, guys!” Veronica calls out cheerfully and all of them greet her with good mornings. Then she takes me to a woman, “Vivi, this is Kelly, Kelly, Vivi,” She introduces.

“Hi,” Vivi says and we shake hands.

“Vivi, my stupid brothers pranked Kelly by dyeing her hair green so I need you to give her a make-over. You have an hour cause she has to leave for school. Got it?“, Veronica explained.

“I’m sorry. What?“, I say and look at veronica but she ignored me.

“Got it!“, She replies. Veronica whispered something in her ear and she nods.

“Kels, I will be back in an hour ok?“, She asks and I nod.

“We have got a lot of work to do,” Vivi said and pulled me into a beautiful room.


“Woah!” Veronica says with wide eyes and a open mouth “This is not the Kelly I left here,” She says, and runs her hands through my hair.

That is also my exact expression. I was surprised to look at myself in the mirror, I look so different with the simple makeup. The dye has been removed and done for. Good riddance.

I totally objected when they wanted to do my nails but I was forced. They threatened to dye my hair yellow if I don’t stop arguing and so I went mum.

My nails are done in a golden color. My hair is back to its normal curly self and I have a simple makeup done.

“Anyways, get changed into these,” She says pushing a pair of ripped jeans and top towards me.

I just stare at them. And look at her with a raised brow and are you kidding me look, “You want me to wear this?”

“Duh,” She rolls her eyes.

“No way in hell I’m wearing this!” I complain.

“Look Kel, this is not your choice. You have to wear whatever I give you cause you had promised me to go shopping last time but never showed up. You owe me,” She says, referring to the time she asked me to go shopping with her.

I told her to go and that I will meet her at the mall but I ditched. I left her there waiting for me, but I never showed up.

Fine, but the hands, I’m not wearing it like this, I need something to cover my hands,” I say with a sigh. She calls Vivi again and tells her to get me a cardigan to wear on top. After she comes back, I take them and walk away into the dressing room to get changed.

After changing, I walk out and awkwardly stand in front of her. She studies me from head to toe then walks towards me.

“Gloss” She extends her hand. Vivi hands her the gloss. She applies it on my lips and lets me go. Do they even realize that I’m going to school, not a party?

“What’s the time? I have to leave for school,” I ask.

“It’s umm... 12 pm,” Vivi answers, and my eyes widen.

“What! Nika what were you thinking? I missed a class and now its lunch... Take me to school,” I urge and pull her out with me after taking my bag.

“You are such a nerd” She giggled.

I’m already an hour late. I missed Art. I knew this was a bad idea. I never liked the idea of going to the salon.

We get into the car and she starts driving with a smile, “Today is gonna be a good day,” She mutters.

We finally reach the school. Without waiting to say goodbye I open the door and scram out waving my hand as I run through the school doors. Completely forgetting the fact that I’m not wearing my usual clothes I open the door to the Cafeteria and walk in.

Everyone’s eyes are on me. My eyes widen as I look around and see the girls looking at me with surprised expressions. Even the boys’ eyes are on me. The important part is Megan’s expression, her face is red, boiling with anger.

I’m not gonna like this.

The twins are sitting beside her with open mouths. A few places away from them is Alex, looking at me from head to toe with a flirty expression.

A boy whistles from the side with a smile then shoots me a wink when I look at him.

“Kelly!” Olivia calls out, walking towards me with Julian trailing behind her, “Woah! For a minute, I didn’t believe it’s you,” She says and hugs me, pulling me out of the cafeteria.

“Dang! The hotness is too much,” Julian winks at me with a flirty smile. I give him a fake smile.

“I have tried as hard as I could to get you to wear something like this and suddenly you have changed,” Olivia pouts.

“Trust me, I didn’t want to. The twins dyed my hair green as a prank, which is why I was forced to go to the salon with Veronica to get the dye off. Turns out she had a plan of getting me a make-over,” I say with an eye roll.

“I have got to start hanging out with that girl,” Olivia smirks.

We go back into the cafeteria with me keeping my head down. We take our usual seats which we rarely use because we usually spend the break at the terrace.

As we eat, I notice that quite a lot of people are talking about me and pointing at me. Its annoying if you ask me. To top that, I can feel Jayden’s eyes on me the whole time.

Then, Julian, I wonder why we still hang out with this guy. “Why is he here?“, I ask Olivia when he walks away to get his dessert.

“Act as normal as you can with him Kel, cause we have to keep him before we find out what he’s hiding and expose him and Megan,” She explains.

“You think we can do anything about Megan?“, I raise a brow and she nods. The moment Julian comes back, we immediately change the subject and try to include him as much as we can.

After the bell, I get the books for my next period. Jayden has been looking at me like his life depended on it. He hardly even blinks now.

Olivia thinks that he is crushing on me. Crazy right? I know!Why would a guy like Jayden have a crush on a girl like me? That’s just dumb and idiotic. Pfft. But then again, I can’t say no to that.

Jay told me that I looked pretty at PE. It’s funny how they all find me pretty when I’m wearing makeup and all these but I’m never pretty with my natural face.

I finish changing back into the cloth I came with from my PE clothes, then walk out of the changing room. As I walk out, two guys come in front of me and stop me. I give them both a fake smile and try to walk past them but they block my way again.

“Hello beautiful,” One of them says with a smirk and touches my face. I move back and walk in another direction but they keep following me.

“You know... I never really noticed your beauty till today,” The other one licks his lips.

They continue shooting comments and I continue to walk in random directions. After I finally get tired, I find myself in an empty corridor. So, I take a spin to run away but one of them catches my arm and slams my back on the wall.

I use the technique I was taught at Karate class.I knee the guy who grabbed my arm and make him fall, then punch the other guy. The other one gets up fast, so I punch him again which makes him fall. I take both their heads and hit them together and let them down on the floor. I pick my bag to walk away but when I look up I see Jayden standing there, with wide eyes.

Caught in the act.

“How the heck did you just do that?“, He asks.

With a deep sigh, I walk up to him and pull him by his hand to the car where Alex and Jay are waiting.

“I do karate remember” I mutter to him.

“Your sight makes me forget everything” He commented, which I didn’t bother replying to before we get in the car and leave.

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