Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 23- New Plans

“Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying. That’s not just a catchy slogan. It’s the very essence of successful investing.”

- J. Paul Getty

Alex's POV

This is horrible, everything that is happening to Kelly is horrible. It’s not logical, it’s stupid and dumb. How could she fall for something that stupid?

There is no way a hospital could cancel someone’s medication only because another person said so. Even if that were to happen, they’re not the only hospital in this world, I’m sure dad won’t have any problem helping. Why doesn’t she get it?

She can’t just sit back and let Megan toss her around only because she’s scared. I understand that he mothers health is on the line but it’s not right.

I have to do something about it without her finding out and I think the only person that could help me in this little stunt of mine is Olivia seeing as her other piece of shit of a friend, Julian is a betrayer.

“- so should emotions play a part in our ethical judgement?” The teacher asked.

I was fast to raise my hand as I wanted to give an answer and ended up blushing and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed when everyone turned to me.

“Yes, Alex, would you like to give us an answer?” The teacher said and I nodded.

“I do believe that emotions play an important role in our lives as almost every action we make involves a hint of emotions but they should play a role to a certain limit because there are times that it messes with our judgement and makes us make the wrong decision… For example, I see someone I hate falling into a cliff and handing on with only a branch. I have the option to walk away or to help em so If I follow my emotions ill let him fall but if I follow logic or reason, I save em” I explained.

“Brilliant example Mr. Brandon” The teacher said and everyone clapped. I could help but smile.

Psycologie class has always been my favourite due to the way it tests the knowledge of a person. It was one way for my father and I to communicate because we love challenging each other.

The class went on for another 30 minutes, then we were finally released to go out of the class. It’s the last hour so I went straight to the gate, where I saw Olivia, probably waiting for Rapunzel.

“Hey…” I greeted, standing in front of her.

“What’s good?” She looked up from her phone. I could help but admire her violent nature. She has beautiful brown eyes and the light shining on it makes it every better. The irritation in her eyes was clear so I cut straight to the chase.

“So I have an Idea to help Rapunzel but I’m gonna have to discuss with my dad first” I asked and she just frowned at me, like I’m crazy “I meant Kelly”

“She told you not to tell anyone and you already want to tell your dad?” She snapped.

“No, I’m not telling him. I’m asking him a question hypothetically” I replied and waited for an answer but when she doesn’t answer, I continued “So can I have your, you know, number, or even instagram for when I get answers”

“Get lost” She sneered and turned her gaze back to her phone. I chuckled, then saw the twins coming out, with Kelly trailing behind them and decided to go to them, after screaming a bye to Olivia who didn’t even bother glancing at me.

I met Kelly halfway, cause she wanted to say bye to Olivia while we all loaded into the car, throwing our bags into the booth. The ride home was the same as usual, they stopped in the garage and I walked down the block and went home.

The kids were already there, bouncing around the house in their uniform, with our new house help Karen chasing them. Mom and dad were probably still at work because their room is empty. Mom is working at a firm which she just joined as a junior partner. Her goal is to eventually grow and become a name partner, maybe even open her own firm when Brianna and Anika grow up.

I’m currently following her footsteps and studying to become a lawyer because I absolutely love her job. I went to my room and took a shower then changed into something comfortable. Later that day at dinner, I decided to ask my question.

“Dad, quick question”

“Hmm,” He replied.

“So hypothetically…” I started

“Hypothetically” He repeated.

“You own a hospital right”

“I already own a hospital” He frowned.

“I know! Just listen” I whined and he nodded “So you own a hospital and lets my friends mother is your patient right” He nodded “So eventually I start hating this friend of mine and I tell you to stop helping his mother, and you love me so much and would do anything for me then will you lose your license?” I asked.

“Why are you asking me that? Ask your mom, she’s the lawyer” He replied with a shrug and I turn my gaze to my mom, who’s feeding the kids.

“Well it depends on the situation. I you’re refusing treatment to someone only because you’re told not to, without a legal reason then you might get sued” She replied, completely uninterested in the conversation “But no one is going to take action unless the persona that it happened to decided to take action” She explained and I nodded.

The rest of the dinner passed with the kids rambling about something that happened in school. After I was done, I headed back to my room and decided to stalk Olivia. I surfed through the web and found nothing so I decided to search for Kelly. It was then that I realized that Kel.Art is Kelly. It all makes sense. Her skills in art and the art account. I tried using her account to find Olivia but couldn’t because she follows too many people so I used my last option, Julian.

I searched his name and immediately found him. Using his account, I found her under the name “mindyourbeeswax”. Her account was public and when I tell you her pictures are dope. I though it was going to be some crazy account but she has amazing photography pics and the images she posts are all dark but professional. I don’t know how long I spent stalking her but it was long, then I finally decided to message her.

Me: Hey… It’s Alex. I talked to my dad and I found out that there is no way Megan can do what she threatened to do to Rapunzel. We can easily solve this, as long as she cooperates

I sent the message and waited for as long as I could for a response, until I fell asleep


My eyes flutter open and my neck ached due to my sleeping position but worst of all, sweat completely covered my body so I got up to turn on the Ac. It’s still dark outside so I have to go back to bed at some point. After using the bathroom, I came out to a cool room and fell on the bed then remembered the message I sent to Olivia and immediately checked for a reply.

My breadth hitched when I saw that she replied. I immediately opened the message, ready to reply.

Mindyourbeeswax: Hmm K.

I sat for a while thinking of a cool way to respond. I never in my life ever thought that I’ll simp this bad for someone but I’d be lying if I say that she’s not worth it.

I looked at the time on my phone 12:47, could she be awake?

Me: So, you wanna meet up sometime to discuss the plan?

I stared at my phone for a while and squeaked when it said seen. I immediately left the chat and waited for a response. The smile on my face was big when she finally responded.a


Mindyourbeeswax: Meet me at the rooftop at lunch tomorrow

Me: Sure!

I smiled down at my phone and sighed, throwing it to the edge of the bed. I decided to complete a few home works due in a few days so that I won’t have to work later before eventually going back to sleep.


I’ve been waiting so restlessly for lunch break to come and it’s finally here. The boys keep stopping me. I know that she’s the no bullshit type so I’m quite confident that she wouldn’t wait for me if I’m late. She’s not waiting for me and that’s for sure.

“Look, I’m going to the bathroom alright” I said getting up, only to get pulled by Prince, a new close friend I made since I got here.

“I’ll come with you, I need to wash my hands anyways” He said, getting up.

“No,” I said and they all turned to me with surprised expressions.

“This dude is going crazier day by day” Jayden commented.

“You can go straight to the bathroom, I need to stop by the principals office to collect some documents for my dad” I lied.

“Aight” He patted my back and we both walked out of the cafeteria together but headed different directions. As soon as he got out of sight, I ran. Literally ran up the flight of stairs until I reached to the top. As I pushed the door open, I was panting intensely.

She is standing at the edge of the building, staring at the buildings around us. Even though she’s just standing, she looks like a model. Her hair is flying due to the breeze and man she’s just gorgeous. This might sound like a lie but she literally spun around in slow motion. Or maybe it’s my eyes,

“You’re late” She said.

I breathed again, then leaned on the wall for support, before heading towards her “I got caught up by th-” I started, only to get cut off by her gorgeous voice.

“I don’t care. Tell me your plan” She dismissed me.

“Right, so I asked my mom and she said that there’s no way that Megan’s dad can cancel Rapunzel’s mom’s health care. I mean he can but her mom can also choose to sue but I don’t think that’s needed when she can always transfer to my dad’s hospital” I explained.

“I just want to teach that melodramatic baboon a lesson. She thinks she’s amazing” Olivia commented, rolling her eyes, then she looked me in the eyes. I swear I almost dropped “Look, let’s keep this between us because I can guarantee you that Kelly won’t be on board for this but I have another idea”

“I’m listening” I smiled.

“Let’s drive her crazy” She said. I pretended to understand but the real fun was when she explained her idea to me.

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