Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 25: Mine

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

I don’t know, I’m scared to go to school today. You must be wondering why well... It’s because the magazine has been published.

Veronica showed me a copy of it yesterday and in my opinion, it came out good. What surprised me the most was that for the first time I actually think that I look good in a photo. My photo was at the back of the magazine. I have to admit that I looked really good. I called mom and told her about it and saved her a copy of the magazine at her request, although I sent her a picture of it.

She was so happy for me. At first she didn’t believe that it was me but she’s currently proud of herself for linking me with the Brandons.

After getting ready for school, I help Lydia with her socks and shoes and we both head out of the room. Lydia goes to Ace who is supposed to drop her at school.We are still in the apartment because according to Jay, the house has to stay empty for some time, so it can cool and stuff, I wasn’t even listening.

“Kelly, come take your breakfast quick. Time is running,” Livia calls out.

I look down at my watch and see the time as I walk to the kitchen to get my plate. I realize that its already 7:45 -15 minutes before school starts. I seem to be getting late to school a lot nowadays.

“15 minutes!” I scream, then eat my plate of pancakes really fast and start munching it like a pig.

“Take your time Kel, the world is not ending yet,” Jayden comments while I just shot him a glare.

“Jay! Eat your breakfast” Livia says, walking out to get Jay.

After finishing mine, I place Jay’s pancakes on a recyclable plate and the moment Jay steps into the kitchen, I push the plate into his hands. Before he can steady himself, I reach into his pocket and bring out the car keys. I throw it to Jayden who easily catches it.

“You’re driving, let’s go,” I say and push Jay out of the house by his shoulders, “Bye Livia.”

“Bye Mom,” Jay screamed through stuffed mouth.

We reach the car and all of us get in. Jayden arrived after washing his hands. I bring my phone out and check the time. I keep on checking the time again and again till I can see the school building from where I am.

“Are you going to eat the time or what? You have been checking it like your life depends on it. Are you that scared of being late?“, Jayden laughs.

“Yes, now drive fast,” I say. From the distance we are at right now, I could hear the bell ring, which means everyone is heading to class. As soon as we reach the parking, as Jayden slows down to park the car, I jump out of the car and stumble to stand up.

“Are you crazy!” Jayden screams, but I just ignore him and get back on my feet, then continue running into the school. I was a bit uncomfortable as I decided to stop going to school looking like a rag. After seeing how happy mom was, I wanted to give it another shot. I didn’t exaggerate with my dressing, all I put on is a white t-shirt, with high waist jeans and white kicks.

The entire hall is empty which means everyone is in class and knowing my schedule by heart, I just go straight to Physics.

“First time late, huh?“, Mr. Smith raises a brow as I enter.

“Sorry Mr. Smith!” I say, then proceeded to take a seat.

“Hey Kelly!” Someone calls out.

It’s weird to me because no one call me Kelly at school. They usually have some weird nickname for me.

I close my eye tight for a second, then turn to the voice, “Come sit with me,” She gestures.

My jaw drops and I just stare at her, this has got to be a joke.

“No! Come sit with me!” Another girl says.

“Y’all bluffin’, she’s sitting with me” A guy says.

A few more people start calling and finally the teacher gets tired of it and hits his table, “Quiet!” He orders.

“Kelly, sit at the end of the room,” He says pointing to a seat, “And why the hell are all of you so interested in sitting with her today?“, He asks exasperated.

Thank You!

“You won’t get it Mr. Stingy,” A boy calls out.

The teacher just ignores his mean comment and continues explaining the lesson to the class. Instead of concentrating like I usually do, I keep thinking about the reason to why they want me sitting beside them.

I went on thinking about every possible reason that there could be for me to be the center of attention.

The bell finally rings, pulling me out of my thoughts. Right now, I have Art. The thing I hate about Thursdays is that I have no classes with Olivia. A few weeks back, I would have missed Julian too.

Honestly, these days have been very weird because I usually go to Julian whenever I have a problem but now, I can’t do that. I don’t even want to see his face

The bell rings again, indicating that its lunch break. With a sigh, I pack my books then walk out of the class and to my locker where I meet Olivia.

“Hey! Let’s go eat, I’m starving,” She urges and drags me. I just laugh at her and we both walk to the Cafeteria “Julian is not in school today... He claims to be sick but I know for a fact he’s going to meet someone,” Olivia says.

“How can you be so sure that he’s not really sick?“, I ask curiously, as we walk.

“Call me nosy, but I have been going through his messages when he was sleeping and saw this a few messages from a person saved as Partner and I checked the message from whom I’m guessing is Megan. He said he’ll go and check on ’him’ and so he will not be at school,” She explains.

“He who?“, I ask, as we near the cafeteria.

“I don’t know... He didn’t mention a name,” She shrugs.

I keep my head low as we head to the line and get our food. Olivia and I start walking to our usual seats but I hear my name being called.

I turn my head to the side and see some group of girls smiling and waving at me. I turn to look at Olivia with a surprised expression.

“Come sit with us,” One of them says and the others nod.

“Hey Babe... Why don’t you ditch them and come sit with us? We’ve saved a seat for you,” A guy calls, patting on the space between him and his friend.

I look at Olivia again, who has a smile with an amused expression and a frown mixed to it. For some reason, we always have the same reaction. She laughs, I laugh, she cries, I cry.

I turn to see Alex pushing Jayden to stand up. Jayden stays standing for some time, looking everywhere but at us then he finally meets my eyes.

What is going on? I hate this attention.

“Hey... Um... Hey Kelly would you umm... Like to come and ummm... Sit with us?“, He stutters, “Olivia can come with you,” He adds..

I look to Olivia, she just shrugs.

“I can’t be rude,” I say to her, then pull her to their table with me. I notice Megan sitting by the same table. Beside Megan is Jay and on the other side Is Jayden and Alex. There are several seats empty beside them.

Olivia whispers in my ear, “I know how to deal with Meg darling over here so you sit beside Jayden,” She says and pushes me down on the seat beside Jayden.

I could feel Megan’s eyes burning holes through my head. When I look up at her, the anger in her becomes worse, but she tries to cover it with a fake smile.

“What a good day it is today, isn’t it, Megs?“, Alex teases her with a smile.

She gives him one of her sarcastic smiles with a nod. After finishing our food, Olivia and I take our plates to the trash and start heading out.

Two boys come towards us and without even stopping, they hand us a piece of paper. I look back to see the guy who handed me the paper wink at me.

“Wow Kels, you’re becoming popular aren’t you” Olivia says as we continue walking.

“I don’t get what’s happening,” I say and look at her for help.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Your photo was published on a magazine and that spread around the school. That’s the reason why the girls are being so nice and the boys are being flirty. Even Megan has never modeled,” She laughs and we reach the terrace. We still have 30 more minutes before break ends so we could have some time to ourselves.

“She will kill me, I know that for sure,” I mutter.

“Don’t be such a baby. You have me and Alex on your side,” She says with a shrug.

We decide to open the piece of paper and see what’s written.

Double date, you and your gangster friend ;) Call me ###


Double date you and your beautiful nerdy friend call me ###


“Ok, I am not a gangster,” Olivia folds her hands, “I’m a bad girl” She adds and I laugh, punching her arm.

“Alright look, I need to talk to you” She says and I nodded.

“You remember Megan’s series of unfortunate events… Or so you like to call it?” She asked and I nodded with a frown “Well…”

She went on telling me about how she and Alex planned them, that they found out her allergies and mixed something in her lotion and we the reason that she got bumped to the ground and we also the reason why she had her food dumped on her by mistake.

She also told me about the possibility of Megan doing what she threatens to do. The whole situation is funny, that’s for sure but I’m not sure that I want to get involved in messing with Megan. I want to cut her out of my life, literally.

“It’s your choice but anytime you want in on our plans, you’re always welcome” She winked.

We continue talking for a while till the bell rings indicating the end of the break.After we reach home, Jayden snitches on me about jumping out of a moving car but in my defense, it wasn’t moving much.Livia doesn’t feel the same as me and gives me a lecture about how I’d have been hurt.

I just had to listen.

He snitches too much like someone needs to tape his mouth.


Megan’s POV

This is bad. Things are not going the way I want them to. How dare she disobey me and start modeling? That too with Veronica.

Veronica has always been my star. I love her so much and always wanted to be like her.

I have to do something to stop this. Kelly cannot become a model. Its already so hard for me to handle her since she moved into the Brandon Mansion and now, all this?

I cannot take this anymore. I have to do something about all this and I think I only have one option.And on top of that, Jayden has become more attached to her. He has always had a crush on her since she stepped into the school but he liked her from afar and I always knew it.

He was about to approach her once but I lied to him by telling him that she said she hated him and think that he’s a total Asshole. He didn’t like her since that day and would get angry whenever he sees her.

“Meg,” My little brother Archer calls, dragging me out of my thoughts.

“Yes, Archie,” I say and help him sit on the bed beside me.

“Meg... I wanna go play with Lydia. Can we go to Jay’s house?“, He asks.

No! Why is everything going wrong?

This is not what I planned. I wanted him to hate Lydia. She dares to have a crush on my little brother. I know my brother is so adorable and cute that everyone loves him but I want him away from Kelly’s family.

I don’t want him anywhere near them. They could do things that could hurt him too. Just like Kelly hurt me.

“Are you telling me you like her?“, I ask. He smiles at me and nods.

What is with kids these days? I mean he’s only 5 and Lydia is 4 and they already like each other. Archer is not supposed to be this way. I want him to grow up and be successful.

Archer was never able to get the love of a mother, all because of Kelly and her stupid family. Since the day her father stepped foot into this family, we have been having problems. My parents fight all the time and they forget about us.

I knew very well that it was because of her father because I have seen him and my mom together almost every day but I was young and couldn’t say anything. Then, Kelly joined our school and since that day, I started hating her too.

My friends started talking to her. She stole my friends from me and her dad stole my mom from us and that’s exactly why I started bullying her.

Years passed by and I was never able to talk, about the whole cheating thing, with my dad. And finally, when I was 14, I snitched on my mom. That made things worse and mom fell sick, but then we found out that she was pregnant with Archer.

At first, my dad was starting to believe that Archer was not his son so a dna test was done a year after Archer was born and it proved that he was my brother. But our mother was gone. All that she left with us was a letter.

Dear Cam and Megan,

I love the both of you very much and I really wish that you would move on with your lives, but I realized that this is not really where I belong. I belong with Donald. He gives me all the happiness I deserve and I wanna spend the rest of my life with him.

I’m leaving Archer in your care and I want you to take care of him and make him the best and honest person in the world.

Please forgive me but... I have to do this.

I love you

Love Angela

“Megan!” Archer whines bringing me back to my senses.

“What!!” I ask startled.

“The bell is ringing,” He says just as the bell rings again.

I rush to the door and open it, revealing Julian or should I saw Raymond.

“Ray, I’ve been waiting for you come in,” I say letting him in and close the door behind him.

“What? You made me wake up from my nap I was taking after a long drive,” He says and sits on the chair. Archer pokes his head from the next room and looks at him.

“Archie, go to your room and play. This is just my friend,” I say and usher him upstairs, “No running!” I shout and he slows down, “Anyways look, things are going out of hand. Kelly is getting out of control now,” I explain.

“What do you mean?” He asks, sitting upright with a poker face.

“Kelly is getting fame. Today in school everyone was chanting her name like she’s a goddess. She somehow started modeling,” I explain.

“We have to do something about that but she’s been ignoring me and I don’t even know why” He says and starts thinking but I just shake my head.

“That’s it. Enough of thinking, we have to do the last option we have. We have done everything we could,” I say.

“Eliminate her,” He says, at the same time I say, “Create problems”

“What do you mean eliminate her? Why would we kill someone? I might torture her but I would never think of killing anyone,” I say, “I think we should just create problems for her, like accuse her of stealing or having drugs in school or something”

“Maybe you can’t do it, but I will. I have tried as hard as I could, I try every day to get her to like me but she doesn’t even turn my way” He says running a hair through his hair, “If I’m not getting her, no one does,” He adds, then gets off the couch and out the door, slamming it shut.

Should I be worried? Should I save Kelly?

I got her into the mess, but she was the reason for all this to start. Her father ruined my family and how could they just live happily with so much ignorance.Even though I wouldn’t dare to kill even my worst enemy, should I just let her die like this?

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