Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 26: My birthday

“Play by the rules, but be ferocious.”

– Phil Knight

Ok so, Today is my birthday and I know for a fact that Lydia told everyone cause I heard her screaming about it yesterday morning.

Its already morning and I already took a shower and Lydia is still sleeping so I wore a shirt and skinny jeans which is all I had.

My entire wardrobe was changed by Veronica. Of course she took advantage about the fact that all my cloths are ruined.

Speaking of cloths, what surprises me the most is that Megan didn’t do anything to me after being in the magazine. She didn’t utter a word to me. Instead she ignored me the rest of the week. That’s so unlike Megan and I really think that she’s planning something big. Bigger than all that she’s ever done.

After changing. I walked out of my room and went to the living room, where Livia is sitting with Ace.

“Good morning” I said, cheerfully.

“Morning Kel” They said in unison and looked back to the tv, taking a sip from their tea. I take slow steps and sit on the couch then put on a one minute alarm on my phone and named it my birthday then place the phone on the table beside them and walked away to the kitchen and immediately hid, then look at them.

A few seconds later, the alarm ringed and Ace took the phone and looked at it, then place the phone back on the table.
Ouch that hurt. They don’t care.

“Who are we hiding from” I hear a voice whisper behind me, which frightened me. I jumped a bit, then turned and say Jayden, his face a little bit to close too mine. Who am I kidding, it’s excessively close to mine.

“N- Nothing” I stuttered, looking him into the eyes. My lips felt drier than they already are, so I folded them into my mouth and licked then open it again, but that is the moment I realized that I did something wrong, cause his eyes drifted to my lips then immediately back to my eyes.

“Sure?” He asked with a smirk, knowing that he’s having an effect on me. And I nodded.

Someone coughed from the background, then Jayden immediately stepped away from me and we both faced Jay.

“Sup lil bro” Jayden said, wrapping his arms around Jays shoulder.

“I’m not your younger brother” Jay said, and pushed Jayden’s hand off.

My taught right now is if they remember that it’s my birthday. They should be wishing me right now, instead of fighting like they always do.

“Pfft, we all know I’m a minute elder” Jayden rolled his eyes.

“No you’re not” Jay fought back.

“Yes I am” Jayden said “Fine ! Let’s ask mom and we’re gonna have Kelly as proof. Let’s go” Jayden added then they pulled me with them.

“Great way to start my birthday” I muttered as we reached Ace and Livia.

“Mom, who’s elder ? Jay or me ?” Jayden asked.

“Why ?” Ace asked..

“We just wanna know” Jay shrugged.

“Well... Jay is 25 seconds elder than Jayden, otherwise you’re the same age” Livia shrugged.

Jay started cheering while Jayden stands there, scowling at Jay.

“Ok,” I butted in “I’m sorry to interrupt but, do you know what day it is today” I asked with a smile.

“Umm...” Jay brought out his phone “It’s Sunday” He said and put the phone back into his pocket.

“No... It’s someone’s birthday” I said.

The door to my room opened and Lydia came out, yawning and then walked straight to Ace and he picked her up, placing her between he and Livia.

“Good morning darling” Livia pecked her head. But Lydia is too sleepy to even reply and she just rubbed her eyes.

“Goo Moning” She muttered in a cute little sleepy voice.

“Morning Ly” Jay said.

“Morning” Jayden replied.

“Good Morning baby” I said, with a smile and look at her while she looks back at me with a smile. My smile grew when she opened her mouth to say something.

“Kelly, go give her a shower and brush her teeth” Livia interrupted.

I pouted, then took Lydia in my arms and headed to the room.

I don’t know why, but I’m the type of person that would noy ask for a gift on my birthday and if a person forgets my birthday, I prefer to just let it be and let it go than remind the person. I know its stupid, but well... That’s how I am.

“Lydia, do you remember my birthday?” I asked her, in which she just hummed back in response.

What is wrong with everyone? How can they all forget overnight.

After giving Lydia a shower, Ace informed us that we will be going back to the mansion today.

We all took our break fast and started packing then took a lunch break. After Lunch break, we continue with the rest of the stuffs, around 5pm, we have to get everything ready. They already got a mini truck that will carry the bags and all heavy things.

Everything got packed, then Ace, Livia, Jayden and Lydia got into the car.

“Ok, Kelly. We’re gonna leave you with Jay to pack the rest of the things” Livia said and we both nodded.

Which are only the bed covers, kitchen stuff and all.

“K then, we will see you there in some time, you guys head out” Jay said and helped them close the door. We watch till the car is out of the driveway then he turned to me “Now we have to get everything down” He said and I followed him into the elevator.

The elevator dinged, indicating that we’re in our floor then we walked out and entered the house.

“Let’s start removing the covers. I’m gonna start with my room so u start with yours. We have an hour to complete everything” He said and I nodded, then walked away to my room.

I started by removing the covers of the bed of course, then folding them then I went to the toilet, then to the kitchen where Jay helped me.

We washed the dirty dishes and cleaned them, then put them all into the box.

After everything is done, my cloths were already wet, and so are Jays.

“Thank God mom kept this bag with stuffs for the both of us. I taught it won’t be needed but seems like I was wrong. I took mine out and I’m going to change, here are yours” He said, handing me a bag.

“Mother knows all” I said with a shrug then went to one of the empty rooms. Inside the bag are a pair of blue jeans and blue t shirt then there’s body spray and perfume.

I changed into the cloths, then met Jay outside, smoothing his perfect hair. I helped him carry the boxes down, after loading the box’s into the car we both got in and drove off.

“Finally going back home” Jay said with a sigh.

“I know right” I replied, glued on my phone where I’m talking with Olivia. She is usually the third or fourth to wish me after Mom and Lydia.

Believe it or not but even Megan wishes me every year. Of course she’s faking, every time she comes to our house and wishes me happy birthday, to get into the good side of my mom. Have you ever met a person as cruel as Megan cause I don’t think there is anyone like her.


Me: What’s wrong with everyone ?

Oli: Why ?

Me: Don’t you know what today is ?

Oli: Its Sunday


Oli: Right... It is well... Mom is calling me Ttyl

With that she logged off.

Why is my life like this ? Why doesn’t anyone member? Wait !

Maybe its like these cliché stories and movies that no one wishes the birthday person Happy Birthday because a surprise party is being planned. Maybe they are planning a party for me.

“Jay...” I said and he hummed “Its my birthday and no one remembers. Even mom didn’t call and Olivia didn’t too” I said, looking down.

“What!? I taught your birthday is on June 2nd” He said and I nodded.

“Yes it is” I said.

“But today is June 1st” He said with a frown.

“What?” I raised a brow at him “Today is June 2nd” I added.

“No its not. Its June first. Check my phone” He said and I nodded, then take his phone that is placed and check the date. It is indeed 1st but how? On Friday I was writing May 31st for the dates, does that mean it was all wrong ?

“You’re right” I said and place his phone back then sigh. So I was just being paranoid which is good. For some reason since I started getting bullied, every day was hell. The only day I ever enjoy was my birthday cause I get attention from my friends.

We finally reached the house, then Jay told me to leave everything in the car, the guards will do it. I nodded, then we both went. He already have a key so he just opened it and we went in.

The house looks so clean and is surprisingly decorated “It’s for a birthday party that will be held for you tomorrow” Jay said into my ear and I nodded with an ohh.

They are planning a birthday party for me huh. I wonder who will come. I take another step in, then Jay close the door and the lights turned fully off, leaving us in a really dark house.

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