Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 28: Trap

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

― Stephen Chbosky

Alex’s POV

I stare right at Julian who is staring back at me with a smirk playing on his face. That stupid smirk on his face is really pushing me off the edge.

“Well, would ya look what the air dragged in,” He smirks and walks towards me.

“Its not said like that, it’s...” I open my mouth to correct but stop, “Never mind”

Beside him is Megan, who is trying to smirk as best as she can. God. Awful people. “You know, I always found you cute until you started sticking your nose in my business,” She says.

“What is your deal with Kelly and why do you even mind her?“, I ask.

“Because she’s always getting in my way,” She screams in anger.

“So, what you’re trying to say is that Kelly is way smarter, more beautiful and is always a step ahead of you in everything?“, I asked with a smirk.

“Alex...” She says, lunging at me but gets stopped by Julian.

“Calm the hell down Megan,” He shouts at her, “Now, where did you tell Kelly to meet us?“, He asks.

“Julian, you? Seriously? She trusted you more than anyone,” I added

Kelly is about to meet them? This is bad.

I’m sure they have planned something. I have to find out about it and save Kelly.

“What are you gonna do to Kelly?“, I ask them.

“Oh, Little boy, you know so little,” Julian smirks, “Oo that rhymed.”

“No, it didn’t,” Megan and I say in unison.

“Whatever,” He rolls his eyes, He clap his hands and two men come out from another room, “Take him away, I don’t want him ruining our plans,” He orders and they start coming towards me.

The moment the two guys are beside me, I try to throw a punch at one of them which he easily dodges and gets hold of my fist. I try again but he dodges that one too.

“I really shouldn’t have been skipping my karate classes to hang out with my friends.”

“Disgrace,” Megan hisses at me.

“Let’s get there before she does, if not our plans will get ruined,” I hear Julian say as they start walking away.

Each of the guys take one of my hands and pull me up that my legs are not touching the ground anymore. They start walking, with me trying to get out of their grip.

“You can’t get away with this Megan,” I scream before they throw me into the room literally like a sack. Screw them.

I immediately get up and start hitting the door with all my strength. What are they doing? Like seriously, this is clearly kidnapping.

“I’m so gonna sue them when I get out of here,” I mutter to myself then try to kick something out of anger but end up falling on my butt.

“So, they got you too?“, I hear a voice say making me jump, not really helping my present position, “Trust me there is no way out. I have tried everything.”

I look around to see the silhouette of a guy sitting on the ground. I walk towards time but taken aback when I realize who it is.

“J- Julian?“, I ask in disbelief, “If you’re here then what are you...” I point outside, “You have a twin?”

“NO!” He gets up, “That’s Raymond. He’s Kelly’s distant cousin, her family disowned him years ago. He’s from her fathers side”

“Then why does he look like you,” I ask, completely confused now. Julian just shrugs and looks away.

“Guess he finds me attractive that he decided to change his face into mine and get girls,” He adds, attempting a smirk. The moonlight is bright no cap.

I just stare at him in disbelief then shake my head, “That sounds stupid even in my head. And when I hear you say it, it’s not even stupid; much more that that. But Kelly is in danger right now, so we must find a way somehow. We’ll talk about this later.”

“What do you mean Kelly’s life is in danger? The whole reason Ray is doing this is to get closer to Kelly, then why would her life be in danger?“, Julian asks.

“Julian, in case you didn’t know Megan has been making Kelly suffer a lot more than usual. Jul- I mean Raymond is making Megan bully Kelly more so that he will be her Knight in Shining Armor,” I say, rolling my eyes, “Now where is that stupid girl?”

How is she even going to save us from here?

“What stupid girl?“, He asks.

“Olivia... She came with me but I made her stay in the car. She’s supposed to come to our rescue,” I say with another eye roll.

“Watch your mouth. That’s my cousin you’re talking about,” He gives me a warning which I don’t really take seriously, “And stop rolling your eyes. At this rate, they’re gonna get stuck like that.”


Olivia’s POV

Where is that idiot? I’m sure he must have gotten himself in trouble.

Should I go in? Maybe I should go in and check on him.

Nah, let me just wait. He must be having a good chat.

I place my legs on the dashboard and lean back on the seat, making myself comfortable. I take out my phone but curse when I realize that there is no bar.

“Well if you had been more careful then this wouldn’t have happened,” I hear a voice say.

I immediately take my legs down and look in front of me, to see Megan and Julian walking to the car they came in.

“On the bright side, … got Alex,” Julian says with a shrug. I couldn’y clearly hear them but I know Alex is in trouble.

Great, just great! He just had to get himself in trouble.

Julian, that jerk. Kelly trusted him, loved him and shared everything with him but he didn’t even think twice before deceiving her and teaming up with Megan.I mean if he really did love her, he could have just told her that he likes her and boom they could be together but he just had to do it this way and lose all our trust.

Referring to him as my cousin leaves a bitterness on my tongue.

I immediately duck my head and hide under the dashboard, so they don’t see me.

I wait until they start the car and leave. Then I get out of the car and start walking towards the building.

I slowly open the door and peek inside to see two men. Abort mission.

There has to be a way for me to get inside, but how? An idea clicks into my head. I run to the car, take out my purse and grab my pepper spray.

I hide it in my pocket and walk towards the door.

I knock on the door and wait. A few seconds later, one of the men opens the door. He looked down at me and frowned.

“Get out of here young girl” He growls.

“Wow, rude much?“, I ask “Look, I have been walking for 2 miles with no water or anywhere to go so please help me. At least give me some water,” I fake tears.

I know that’s probably the lamest excuse you’ve ever heard but well.

“Fine, there is water back there. Go take it,” He says pointing to a place and begins to shut the door.

“I’m sorry, but it’s dark. Can you please accompany me at least?“, I ask, “Please,” I bat my eyelashes.

He thinks for a while, then sighs and informs the other one that he’ll be right back. I follow him as he walks ahead of me. I take out my pepper spray then tap on his shoulder.

The moment he spins around, I spray it on his face.

“Ah!” He groans and starts rubbing his eyes. As he moves back, he trips on a stone which causes him to hit his head on the floor and faint. I looked down at him for a second then sighed.

I hope he’s not dead

When he fell, I heard a jingling sound, so I run and check his pockets and come up with two keys looped together. I secure the keys in my pocket.

“Hey, you!” I hear the other guy scream.

“No!” I mutter to myself when I see him running towards me.

He’s quite muscular but fat honestly.

When he is near me, I throw him an unexpected punch. “You’re gonna regret doing that,” He growls.

He raises his hand to slap me but I beat him to hit and spray him. He starts screaming, hands immediately finding his eyes. I use the distraction to knee him where it hurts the most and run away leaving him on the ground.

I run into the building and find a door which seems locked, “Alex? You in there?“, I ask, hitting the door.

“Olivia, yeah. Open up” He replies.

“Oli,” I hear a familiar voice.

Who else have they held captive here other than Alex? Is Julian really that evil?

I try one of the keys but it doesn’t fit. I opt for the second one and the lock opens with a click.

I look inside to find Alex and Julian. Julian? Hold up. Let me get this straight. So, if Julian is here, then who was that guy? I’m in too much of shock.

“Julian?“, I say not believing my eyes.

“Oli! God, I never thought I would say this but I missed you so much,” He says and hugs me.

“I don’t get what’s going on here,” I say as I wiggle out of his hold.

“That, will be explained to you later but we have to leave now,” Alex says the last part louder just as Julian pushed me down.

I turn around and see him holding a stick that one of the men was holding to hit me. I crouch then slide from under him and punched his head from the back. Julian swings his leg onto his face.

It would have been way funnier if that had happened in slow motion.

“Let’s go,” Julian pushes us out of the place as he comes behind us and locks the guy inside. We then head to the car but Alex stops and glances at the guy that is unconscious.

“Wow Oli, I really did underestimate you,” He winks and gets into the front in the passenger seat with Julian while I sit at the back.

“So, if you’re Julian, then who’s that jerk?“, I ask.

“Ray,” He easily replies.

“You mean Raymond, like the really hot, good looking Raymond who’s Kelly’s cousin?“, I ask and he nods, “Why the hell would he sacrifice his beautiful face to look like you?”

“We have to find out where Kelly went to be able to save her,” Alex interrupts.

“What do you mean, to save her? She said she’s going to meet Jayden,” I reply and the car immediately came to a halt, making the tires screech while we fall forward, “You really need to take your driver’s test again. Your license was a mistake,” I snap at him with an eye roll.

“Where is she going to meet Jayden?“, He asks me.

“She texted me telling me that Jayden told her to meet him in this unknown place,” I explain and show him the address.

“That’s where the old chicken factory is. Let’s just hope they are not planning on turning her into roasted chicken,” He jokes. One look at our faces and he goes silent, “Alright. No more joking.”

“Tell Jayden to meet us there. I think it’s time he sees the true color of his dear friend,” Alex says, making me roll my eyes. I text Jayden and tell him to meet us there.


Kelly’s POV

“Thank You,” I thank the cab driver and pay him and turn to look at the mysterious place he has brought me to. I hope it’s the right place. When I googled it, it showed the same place.

Why would Jayden ask me to meet him here?

“H- Hello?“. I ask in a loud voice.

No reply.

I try again, and walk further.

What am I doing? First of all, its dark and quiet, the lights in the place are on and I can only see an old building.

I should probably text him.


Me: I’m Here

I send the text then look up and study the place. It’s a huge building and has an old and rotten sign on it; the letters are not clear. Even though I’ve lived in New York my entire life, I’ve never heard of this place.

The building is ugly (no offence building) and has a lot of cracks in it. It’s very dirty, also there is a huge pile of garbage at the very end of the wall. Only when I notice the edge of a cliff that I realize I’m uphill. Great.

I don’t find this romantic at all, where is this place? It’s honestly giving me the chills. Is he mad?

My phone buzzes; I unlock it and see a message from Jayden.


Jayden: Enter, I have a surprise for you ;)

Me: You sure? It looks scary

Jayden: Trust me

I release a deep breathe that I didn’t know I was holding and walk towards the crappy door.

I use one finger to push it open, scrunching my face in disgust. I’m really gonna need a sanitizer after this and what type of person will call a girl he likes, to a place like this?

I poke my head inside first, and see lights on and then a board that says ‘Stand Here’ Pointing to the middle of the room. The paper is placed on a net typ of thing so reaching there is probably going to be bumpy. There are boxes around and it’s all just so empty.

I hesitated but then walk to the place where I am told to stand but before stepping on the rope, I spun around “I think I’m good” I told myself, then pulled out my phone.


Me: Listen, I’m good. You may come out now, I don’t need any surprise.

I sent the message, then looked around again, waiting for him to appear. My phone dings again and I looked at the message that has just come in but then it dings again and another message is delivered.


Oli: Kelly don’t go to the place. It’s a trap!!


Jayden: Surprise ;)

Before I could even process what’s going on, I get pushed from behind, my phone drops and I suddenly feel like a captured animal.

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