Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 29: Fire

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

― Stephen Chbosky

My legs get lifted off the ground and I get caught in a net like an animal, making me scream at the top of my lungs.

“Help!” I scream as I try to get myself out of the stupid net.

What’s happening? How did I get here? What was I thinking by coming to this freaky place in the first place? Is this all Jayden’s surprise?

Who I’m I kidding, this is stupidity. What type of mental problem does this guy have? The first thing I’m going to do when I get out of here is reject being his girlfriend. He’s crazy and needs help.

“Anyone around? Jayden, if this is one of your stupid pranks then stop it,” I scream again.

I hear footsteps; when I turn in the direction of the sound, I see them two walking towards me. What are they doing here? I thought Jayden was the one who planned all this. Wait, Jayden texted me to come here and then Megan and Julian come instead of him.

Come to think of it, Jayden was the only one who was against Lydia and I staying at the mansion. He broke the pipe to my room and made me break my back. He made the move at the fair and kissed me. He had the photos of us kissing but it somehow ended up in Megan’s hands.

Even though all the options are weird and dumb, it still all leads to Jayden being guilty. I guess he isn’t what I thought he was.

“Surprise, surprise,” Megan smirks, walking to stand in front of me with Julian beside her, and he has his hands in his pocket.

“Julian! Megan! What are you doing, let me out of here,” I screamed, pulling and moving around, hoping for the net to cut.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, poor little Kelly in a net,” Megan pouts; then she and Julian break out into laughter.

These people are stupid.

“Please, let me out I will do whatever you say,” I cry.

This is messed up. I can’t believe she could stoop so low. Bullying me was one thing, but what is happening now? Is she going to end me once and for all?Even though I’m not loved by many people, I know my death will hurt my family and a few from the Brandon family.

“Oh, my dear love. I have loved you for so long since we were young but you were blinded by Julian,” Julian said, “Julian, Julian, Julian!! Everyday Julian! All you could ever say was Julian and I’m so tired of his name,” He added.

Does he hate himself to this point?

Ok, I have had a weird bunch of people around me, I guess.

“So, you hate your name? You know you can always go to the court and legally change it,” I suggest with a shrug forgetting my current position.

“You...” He starts charging towards me but holds back and folds his fist, trying to calm himself, “I think you deserve to at least know the truth before you die,” He smirks.

Before I could even see it coming, he reaches to his neck with his right hand and peeled off what seems to be his skin. Ew.

My jaw drops to the ground as I watch his face change from Julian’s to Raymond’s. Julian’s face dropped on the ground and when I tell you that I’ve never been that surprised in my life.

Raymond, my cousin. He is a total weirdo if you ask me. He was always handsy with me.He is actually the only cousin I have that even talks to me for more than two minutes. He would flirt with me which goes to the level of annoying. He is my cousin, for God’s sake. I would just shrug him off every time. He came back into my life after my father left, talking about how much he hated my father for leaving me and my mom in such a position but eventually he pushed everything too far by trying to force himself onto me.

That happened about 2 years ago, on my birthday when I turned 16. Julian saved me, it was one of the most difficult time of my life, I don’t know what would have happened if he wasn’t there. My mom was pissed, she slapped him 5 times before kicking him out of the house. She told everything to his mother, who didn’t do much because she already hated my mom aand her entire blood line, just like my fathers patents hated us.

“R- Raymond? You’re Julian? All my life has been a lie?“, I ask, surprised.

“I’m not Julian, I just became Julian,” He replies as if it is a thing to be proud of.

“Wait, let me get this straight, so you changed your face to Julian’s because you find him hot and you want to look like him?“, I ask him, clearly disgusted at his revelation.

“You’re so stupid and clueless Kelly,” He says, walking closer to me, “I have liked you for so long, I flirt with you and ask you on a date but you always take everything as a joke. All you could ever think of or say was Julian. It was getting so annoying which is why I did what I had to do to get my place,” He added.

“But you only get your place in my heart as Julian, not as Ray,” I say. I can’t believe the nonsense he is spouting right now.

He hesitates for a minute, glaring at me, “Shut up” He snaps.

“This might sound weird but she’s right,” Megan shrugs.

“I’m tired of seeing you fall for other people and not me. First Julian, now the twins. You don’t even spare me a glance,” He says.

“That’s because I haven’t ever liked you that way, and also because you forced yourself on me! Who does that!? Are you out of your goddamn mind!? I’m your cousin for gods sake!” I reply, cringing at him. This whole thing turned from emotional to funny.

“She’s your cousin!?” Megan shrieked “You tried to rape her? How come I never knew that?” She asked, looking between us “You told me that she was your ex girlfriend and that you still loved her” He his Raymond on the chest, who barely moved.

“Ok, look, Kelly, I cannot see you with anyone else except me so I really have to do this,” He completely ignores Mgean and looks down.

Does he really think he could kill me? I don’t get this man. He is not mentally stable.

“Where’s Julian?“, I ask.

“I wanted to kill him, but on second thought, he is useless anyway,” He replies, walking to a corner.

“But If you had mercy on him, then why not me?“, I ask with a pout.

“Because, if he is dead, how is he gonna witness your murder and slowly die out of grief,” He says, with a smirk as he walks towards me, holding a big white bottle type of thing.

“Oh, that’s vile,” I’m just stalling this as much as I can. From the way Oli messaged me, I could tell she would come help.

“I’m done here! This has gone way out of hand Ray. Not only have you lied to me, you’re saying too many stupid things. You were supposed to convince her to give you a chance, not threaten to kill her. Ugh! Let her go and l’m leaving too” Megan says out loud.

I know Julian would never betray me like that. The love and care he has for Lydia and me cannot just drain overnight.

Raymond opens the bottle, then starts going around, and spilling it on the ground. The smell of kerosene hits my nose. Fear takes over me when I realize what he is up to. I wish he would just shoot me in the head; I’d be dead in a minute.

“Raymond, I’d do anything you want. Just think about it, what good is this going to bring us? Megan, help me,” I cry.

“Ray, what are you doing?“, Megan asks. I don’t think she realized the gravity of the situation until now.

“I’m getting rid of the only problem in my life,” Raymond said.

“We didn’t plan this. You gotta be kidding me now,” Megan laughs nervously.

Wow, I can’t believe she’s actually taking my side and defending me, but then again, after all that’s she’s done to me, I don’t think she’s any different from Raymond.

“Raymond don’t do this,” Megan shouts and takes the bottle from his hand.

With every passing minute, I get more and more nervous. I can’t keep up the façade any longer. I look at the door constantly hoping Oli would come through it anytime.

Megan and Raymond are in the middle of a ‘who keeps the bottle’ fight. I hope they just fight the whole night away.

“Get away from me!” He snaps and pushes Megan onto the net beneath me. She gets soaked in the kerosene, “You wanna save her? Then die with her,” He shouts at her and takes out a matchbox from his pocket.

“Raymond, Raymond stop, we work together remember” Megan, says walking closer to him, “Don’t light it,” She warns. Me? I’ve gone into complete shutdown mode. I just stare at the matchbox but my thoughts are elsewhere. Why do I have to be in this situation? Do I really deserve all this? Who have I even harmed?

“Goodbye Kelly. Megan, you’ll be missed,” He says with a smirk and proceeds with lighting the matchstick and dropping it in the kerosene.

“Ahhhh,” Megan and I scream In unison. The fire spreads fast.


Third Persons POV

Raymond drops the lit match on the ground with a smirk. Feeling so proud of himself that he is able to get rid of Megan and Kelly at the same time.

He never really liked Megan, the only reason he ever agreed to work with her was because he knew she could help him get rid of the girl who has had his heart for a long time. She never supported the idea of killing Kelly.

He takes one last look at them and walks out of the place as fast as he can. But what he doesn’t see coming is the door that was pushed open, pushing him to the ground. Before he could process the hit, a punch is being thrown at him by Julian.

Olivia and Alex get out of the car and ran towards them. Alex is the first to notice the fire. He goes straight to them.Megan’s no more on the ground; she’s supporting herself on the rope from which the net hangs. Kelly, on the other hand, is sitting very close to the fire because the net is closer to the ground.

“Alex! Alex help,” Kelly cried out and tries to move the net farther from the fire.Her eyes are red shot, her lips and body are trembling, tears pouring out of her eyes like a running tap.

“Hold on!” Alex screams and starts looking around; Olivia is running around searching for anything that could be of help. Finally, she notices the rope end when she hears Megan’s scream.

“Alex, over there,” She points at it to Alex.

Without wasting a second, he runs to the rope but the rope is already on fire inching towards Megan.

Alex curses and screams at Oli, “Find something sharp.”

He and Olivia begin searching the boxes. Megan is in danger of falling into the fire anytime now. Oli continues searching while Alex gives up and decides to jump straight into the middle of the fire.

He moved all the way to the back, then ran and jumped as high as he could. His white shirt caught fire, which he immediately took off and tosses away. He doesn’t like the idea of saving Megan but he can’t just watch a person burn, even if it’s his worst enemy. He scoops Megan up into his arms and looks around the now grown fire, then instead of jumping, he moves back and slides through the fire, which only caused his pants to catch fire but lucky for him, Olivia was ready with a sack and immediately used it to pat the fire out of his clothes.

“Oh man! This was my favorite shirt” He mutters as he looks down at his clothes, earning a glare from Olivia who is trying to nurse Megan.

Alex turns to Kelly, just in time to see the net starting to burn. He decides to jump in again but Julian jumps in before him, barely making it to the middle and falling onto the fire itself, earning a scream from Kelly. The fire is slowly burning the net, which helps him cut it in a swift second using the knife he got from Raymond’s pocket and helps Kelly get on his shoulders and runs out of the fire. He’s clothes are on fire, just like Kelly, but that’s the last thing on his mind now.

After fighting with Raymond, his entire body is aching and his leg is bleeding, making him limp “Julian!” Olivia cries out when she sees him. He walks out of the fire with Kelly and a broken leg. Once he is outside, he places Kelly on the floor and stumbles and Olivia uses the same sack to completely covers him while Kelly tries to pat the fire out of her dress.

As soon as the fire is out, Jayden runs into the scene, with Jay trailing behind him, the stare at the fire for a second before their eyes fall on Julian “Julain?“, Jayden says, patting his cheeks. Olivia is rooted in her spot, staring at a motionless Julian.

Jayden takes the bottle of water that Alex has just brought in from his car and sprinkles it on Julian’s face. Julian opens his eyes slowly, adjusting himself to the light and he looks around, “Kelly,” He says when he sees her worried face.

Raymond, who was beaten to a pulp by Julian, lays just outside the door leaned against a corner.

Olivia looks around and sees that the whole building will soon be consumed by the flames.

“Guys we need to get out of here before it burns down. I’ve already called the cops,” she informs as she gets to her feet.

Jayden carries Kelly bridal style and outside the door and Alex did the same for Megan and Julian limps out with the support of his cousin. Jay follows from behind them.

When everyone are almost outside, Raymond blocks them“It’s funny how you guys think I will let you escape after all the work I put into this,” Raymond says, dragging himself towards them. He takes the scarf off Megan’s face and cringes when he sees the burns.

“Yikes, that’s too bad,” He shakes his head and covers it again.

Jayden tries to control his anger and tightens his grip on Kelly, in case Raymond decides to attack them. Jay ran in front of them and threw a punch at Raymond, who stumbles back, but gains back his strength and chuckles

Seeing that they are tired, Raymond pushes Jay, who is the only one outside the door, into the building and pulls the door to lock it from outside. But, the sound of the sirens stops him and he runs outside. Julian runs after him, mustering up as much strength as he could. There is no way he’s gonna let the jerk who put the life of his friends in danger escape. He goes after him and when Raymond stops for a moment to take in his surroundings, Julian attacks him from behind and makes him tumble onto the ground.

Raymond struggles against him. All the commotion around them makes Kelly come back to her senses. She takes in her surroundings and shakes herself out of Jayden’s grip. Jayden tries to help her but she swats his hand away and followed Julian’s scream. Jayden who didn’t expect that just stays rooted in his spot, confused as to why she behaved that way.

Kelly gets on her feet at once, noticing Julian and Raymond fighting. She cries, realizing that Julian is back alive and tries taking a step forward but finds herself too weak to walk.

“Julian,” She calls, but he’s so into the fight that he doesn’t hear her.

Both Julian and Raymond are lunging at each other and by now they are near the edge of the cliff “Julian!” Kelly cries out, terror and shock in her voice.

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