Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 3: Mom traveled

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shuts down for ten years."

-- Warren Buffett

Today is the day. This is it. Mom is leaving tonight and Mrs. Brandon is going to come and take Lydia and me along with her. What do you think I should do? I think I should run away forever. Maybe jump into a plane and ship myself to Japan or something. There is no way out! I don't want to go. Lydia on the other hand is excited. I should just run away.

No! Then who's going to take care of Lydia? Maybe I should kill myself I could just put a bullet in my head, it's fast and painless I guess or maybe I could slit my wrist but that'll hurt, but then again, who will take care of Lydia?

I guess I just have to go through with this long sleepover with the risk of Megan finding out and killing me but I'm sure she'll go to jail for that, that's a win-win. But I won't be able to live with the beautiful satisfaction of her being away because I'll be dead.

'The nerd is dead and the Bully has gone to jail', would make a great headline.

"Have you finished packing?", Mom asks as she entered my room.

"Almost," I answer snapping back to reality. I must stop thinking about death.

"Darling, I'm so sorry. I want you to come with me but the stay is way too long", She sits beside and pulls me into a warm hug. I nod with a smile and hug her harder.

"I'm going to miss you," I say and let the tears I've been holding back fall.

I'm a not crybaby but everyone has their moments. I've never been away from my mom for longer than at least 16 hours and now I get the news that she's leaving for 8 months without us? It's just really triggering and I hate it. It's a worst feeling than knowing that I'm living with the Brandon's. It's going to be a great mess.

I have read a lot about the Brandons and I've met them quite a few times. Livia is a very beautiful and good woman. Stories about them are all over the place. How much Ace loves her that he even saved her from a huge accident which got the both of them into a coma, when they were in school. After school, they went to the same college, pursued the same career and ended up together, talk about cliche.

"I'll miss you too darling," Mom kisses my forehead and I nuzzled my face into her neck, shutting my eyes and letting the warmth dissolve in me. We stayed like that for the longest time, until Lydia popped her head into the room and her eyebrows connect.

"Are you both cuddwing wi'out me?"

We let out a laugh and mom opens her arms "Of course not Ly. We can't be a complete family without you, can we?"

Lydia runs to us grinning and enters in between us. The three of us hug, then mom gets up to pack Lydia's bag while I go back to mine.

I take all my best clothes and undergarments. I pack almost all of them because I don't have that many clothes and most of them are simple casual shirts and jeans. If these don't work out, I can always depend on my sweaters.

After packing my bags, I idly walk to Ly's room and settle on her bed.

Lydia keeps piling up things she might need. She enjoys packing a lot. Especially packing her toys. She has packed almost all of her toys. I didn't expect her to leave behind anything anyways. We talk about random things as mom packs, me, and Ly cuddled up in the bed until she falls asleep.

Mom suggests that I change my dressing sense for the millionth time. I lost count. I have never really bothered with it. I'm more than comfortable and confident in what I wear on a usual occasion.

By the time we finish, its already time. We go down and have one final parting hug. She explains that Mrs. Livia would be here to pick us up in 5 hours or more cause she's a very busy woman and some other important stuff that zoned out to. After a long be nice talk, we say our goodbyes and mom leaves with one final kiss on our cheeks. I watch the taxi go down the road until it disappeared, then I went back into the house with a sigh.

"I'm gonna call Julian and Olivia here before we leave, okay?", I asked Lydia.

"Juwie!" She jumps in excitement.

Julian and Lydia get along a lot. He's quite good with kids and in the case of Lydia, I don't even have to explain. He watches cartoons with her and plays Lego together. At some point, all she wants is Julian, sometimes she cries until he arrives. I love their bond but it could also get infuriating sometimes.

I take out my phone and text them.

Three Idiots

Lazy Bones: Come over. I have news!

Bad Baby: Coming right up

Nerd: Already out the door.

Those three words are the best words to get their attention because apart from being socially and mentally different, they have one thing in common, which is their curiosity. They're always in for some tea, no matter how bad the situation is. I never told them about me living with the Brandon's and they deserve to know.

Lydia and I decide to cook something before they arrive. She sits on the counter while I shuffle around, taking out all the ingredients I need for making pasta which is one of the things I can make best. I'm good at cooking especially baking. It's something I love doing whenever I'm free or bored.

Lydia and I talk while I cook. As usual, I make her taste test it making it seem like a cooking show and when I'm finally done, the bell rings indicating their arrival. I open the door without checking knowing that its just Julian and Olivia, who invited themselves into the house without bothering to ask.

"Sup?" Olivia says.

"Hey Baby Girl, What's the news?", Julian asks entering, keeping his shoes on. I eye his shoes warily and I think he caught it because the next thing he does it remove them.

"Juwie!" Lydia claps her hands from the kitchen. She's still seated on the counter trying to reach the floor with her toes but is she moves any further, she might fall on her face.

"Hey Ly!!" He rushes to her and picks her up, hoisting her over his shoulder, "How's my princess doing?" He asks, tickling her on the stomach.

She giggles and waves both her hands at Olivia, who waves back. I honestly find the sight of Lydia and Julian adorable. It always makes me swoon whenever I see a guy who is good with kids, but this is just Julian. He's always making me swoon with the little things he does.

"So, what's the news?", Olivia looks up from her phone.

"I'll tell you but first, you guys sit. I'll bring out the food," I shoo them towards the couch.

After I set the table for us all, we all sit and fill our plates. Olivia sits beside me while Julian sits beside Lydia is on her high chair bib and everything in place, so he can feed her.

"So, care to tell what's going on?", Julian raises a brow with his mouth full. Not the vibe that he tries to give off.

"Mom twavewed," Lydia says looking equally funny as Julian.

Gee thanks Ly.

"What?" Olivia looks at me confused.

Unlike Julian, she struggles with kids and trust me when I say you can't trust your kid with her.

Once, mom asked me to babysit Lydia when Olivia and I had a sleep over. I went to the bathroom and by the time I came back, Lydia was holding a lighter trying to figure out how it works. Luckily, I came back early.

"Your mom is traveling?," Julian asks his concentration fully on his plate.

I nod, "She left like 30 minutes ago," I smile sheepishly.

"So, you both are gonna be home alone?", Julian asks hopefully. I know what he is thinking. Gaming and I wish that was the case because gaming all-nighter with him are amazing.

"That's a first," Olivia giggles making it clear that she likes this situation. I shake my head at her thought smiling lightly.

"We won't be home alone because we'll be living with the Brandons," I say suddenly feeling upset.

"What?", They say in unison and I nod with a down turned mouth, and looked up to study their expressions. Julian has a short smile playing on his lips, with widened eyes, as he gaped at me. Olivia on the other hand had a look of disgust. She cringed at me, then turned her face back to her food.

"The Brandons. Livia Brandon and Ace Brandon the parents of JJ," I explain.

"Amazing!" Julian exclaims.

"Not really," Olivia scoffs rolling her eyes. At this rate, her eyes are going to be stuck like that.

As I had mentioned before, she hates the twins. Especially Jayden. Whenever she see's them, she goes the other direction. She never told me why and I'm still trying to figure that out but it's not my biggest priority at this point.

"I know," I reply looking between them with a sigh.

I listen to both of them as they expressed their opinions on me going to the Brandon house. Julian is happy and excited but Olivia is very hesitant about the whole situation. She suggested that we live with them instead but I know very well that it won't work out.

They have a full family there and they're all Italian. I don't think that I will be comfortable living with people that speak a language that I don't understand. I would end up thinking that they're insulting me every second.

"Alla fine della giornata, non è la nostra scelta" Julian told her, as he fed Lydia some orange juice. I've always loved it when they speak Italian, it suits them so well, especially when they're angry and they're accent changes.

"Nessuno ha chiesto la tua opinione" She replied, not even bothering to glance at him.

"You don't always have to be such a b-" He spoke, but stopped and glanced at Lydia, who just giggled and opened her mouth, for another load of food.

"On the bright side, I will be closer to you guys yeah" I sheepishly spoke, trying to lighten up the air.

"Hm... Atleast" Olivia nodded.

We talk for a long time while eating. Olivia took every chance she got to insult Julian because she's apparently mad at him for taking away her new water bottle, claiming it as his. After we are done, Olivia helps me with the dishes in the kitchen while Julian plays with Lydia in the living room. Throughout our session in the kitchen, she starts ranting telling me to make sure that my room door is always closed because she doesn't trust the twins and that they're most likely to be dogs.

After two hours, I asked them if they are going to leave but they say they'll stay till Mrs. Livia arrives, which is good for me... And Lydia of course.

We start watching 'Herriot The Spy: Blog Wars' on TV. Olivia and I already have watched it before but Julian and Lydia haven't which is why we are using it as an excuse to watch it again.

As usual, Lydia falls asleep halfway through the movie. Julian pauses the movie and takes her to her room, then we three watch it until the end and but Mrs. Livia still hasn't arrived, so we randomly pick channels and make comments at everything because time seems to be going slower than usual. We finally settle to watch Catfish: The TV Show for time pass.

Catfish is an inspiration for me to never have an online boyfriend. I once taught of getting a boyfriend from a dating site since I can't have one in real life but changed my mind when I watched catfish. I do have friends online, from my art page. Not that we converse much but we do talk about painting and stuff.

We're watching the episode of a guy who thinks that he's dating Katy Perry. It's dumb. Why would a famous person waste her time talking online? I mean, it could be possible but I don't think so. If I every get a chance to speak to speak to an actor, I'd completely change both my hairstyle and dressing style.

As we all laughed to how silly the guy sounds but froze when the bell rang. We all fall silent and the only sound coming from the television. My heart fell to the pit of my stomach and that's when I realized that there is no going back. She's here

"She's here" Julian squeals. I try to grin through my nervousness and walk towards the door signaling Julian to turn off the TV. After taking a deep breath, I open the door. A beautiful middle-aged lady who of course is Livia, steps in.

"Hello... Kelly?" She asks, pushing her brows together.

I nod with a smile and shake her hand. "Livia Brandon," I reply, pulling the 'n'.

"The one and only," She grins.

"Please do come in," I say leading her to the living room.

She enters and looks around meeting eyes with Julian. I sigh knowing that he's going to embarrass himself. The guy has a huge issue when he gets excited or nervous, it's a habit.

"Hi, Julian. I'm Kelly's friend and that is my cousin Olivia. I'm a huge fan of your family and your twins Jay and Jayden and your daughter Veronica and your husband Ace I love them all." He rambles in one single breath, "I mean, not like loving them, I think you're all cool" He blushes.

I walk over to them and pull Julian by the back of his shirt, dragging him along with me, after explaining to Livia that we're going to get my luggage's. Julian tries saying that he'll keep her company but knowing that it is a bad idea, I rejected but Olivia comes to the rescue and gets into a conversion with Livia.

I go into my room and take my luggage down the stairs. It's quite heavy but I should be thankful as Julian is picking both Lydia and her luggage at the same time.

Julian might be a nerd, but he's a cute nerd honestly. I won't lie that at some point, I did have a little crush on Julian but never told him because I don't want to lose what we have now.

I reach down and meet Olivia and Livia who are halfway in a conversation about fashion. I just roll my eyes at Olivia, who winked at me, then I sit beside Julian who is holding Lydia against his shoulders and pinch her cheeks.

"She's still sleeping," I whisper as he nods grinning at her.

"Kelly?" Livia is looking in my direction, "Are you guys ready? Shall we leave?", She asks and I nodded. We all headed outside and I see Bentley waiting for us outside. I took a step back, to get a better look at the car in front of me, they looked at Julian and Olivia, who have the same expression as me. I've seen one but never been in one.

I snapped out of my trance when her driver hops out of the car and loads our bags into the trunks. When all the bags are in the car, I turn to Olivia and Julian then hug them both, "I'll miss you guys a lot," I say.

"Dude, you're not going away. We'll see each other at school," Julian rolls his eyes but still hugs me back.

"You both can come if you want," Livia offers.

"Really?" Julian's eyes widen grabbing the chance.

Here we go again.

Olivia declines, saying that she has work to do but Julian is already near the car, ready to hop in. We all load into the car, Julian seated in the passenger seat with a sleeping Lydia in his arms while Livia and I sit at the back. Honestly, the ride to their mansion doesn't take long. I have already seen this mansion before online.

"Wow," Julian breathes as he steps out of the car. I gape as we followed behind her into the mansion. The closer we went, the more royal it got. The lights got brighter, the building got bigger and I spotted more guards around.

The royal looking doors were pulled open by the guards, who nodded at Mrs. Livia in respect, and she does the same. I smiled at them, expecting a smile back but they bother just nodded in seriousness and the moment we stepped into the hall, they pushed the door close.

I felt royally cool, unable to wipe the smile off my face but I bet I couldn't be happier than Julian, who's grinning ear to ear.

I glanced at the chandeliers that were placed on 4 different corners of the room, making it bright. One end is the living room, with news playing on the huge tv and the other end is a dining room. A huge dining with over 12 chairs. I'd say 30 but that'll make me sound crazy. I feel like an old rotten piece of apple, placed with newly plucked apples.

"Hey, mom, who's this?", I hear a voice say, making me freeze.



Heya! I hope you enjoyed the chapter, they're finally in the Brandon Mansion, It's getting to the interesting point innit.

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