Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 30: Baby girl baby boy

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

― Stephen Chbosk

“Julian!” I scream, opening my eyes. The light around blinds my eyes and when I adjust to the light, I see that I’m in a white room.I look around and notice that I’ve been connected to a monitor and several other tubes, I don’t know what for.

I want to move my hand, but it is being held down. That’s when I see Jayden’s head on the edge of the bed, his hand holding mine.

I want to push him off of me, but I don’t have the strength for that now. My body is aching in all of the wrong places. His hair is ruffled and his clothes look dirty. I finally yank my hand out of his grip but end up waking him.

“Kel-” He starts but I cut him off.

“Where’s Julian?“, I ask, eyeing him but he doesn’t answer, “WHERE IS JULIAN?“, I ask again, in case he has gone deaf; that’s the way he is reacting, like he can’t hear me.

“Kelly, you should rest,” He says, pushing me back onto the bed.

I manage to pushed him off of me, then pull away the cords and stand up.

“Kelly! What are you doing?“, He snaps, frustrated with the way I’m behaving, but I take a run at it when I see him press the button to notify the nurse.

He follows me out of the room but I don’t give him heed and run towards Olivia when I spot her by one of the benches, her face buried into Alex’s shoulder.

“Oli!“, I call out, and she snaps her head towards me. She gets out of her seat and runs into my open arms, “Oli, what’s wrong?“, I ask, concern lacing my voice.

“Julian,” She cries harder. Jay and Alex are looking at the both of us with worry etched on their faces but Alex stops a nurse when he sees her rushing by.

“What happened to Julian?“, I ask.

All I remember is being in a fire and Julian and Raymond at the edge of the cliff. The cliff. I remember them both falling off the cliff before blacking out. Or am I being delusional?

I thought I could reunite with my friends at last. But why? Why me? Why do I have to be the one to suffer? Why do I have to be the one to get bullied? Why do I have to be the one to lose everything? Why? Why am I being tested so badly? Why am I losing everything?

I see Olivia’s parents running towards us with Ace and Livia trailing behind them. What has happened?

“Olivia! Kelly, what’s happening? Is Julian Ok?“, Melanie, Julian’s mother asks.

Olivia gets off of my shoulder and looks at aunt Melanie and starts crying engulfing her in a hug”Mom,” Olivia’s voice comes out in a whisper.

I don’t even know what is happening here anymore. I just look around frantically hoping someone would give me the answer.

“Kelly... You alright?“, Livia asks, placing her hand on my cheek.

“What’s going on? Is no one gonna tell me?“, I ask.

Jayden opens his mouth to answer but gets cut off by a doctor, who is by now near Melanie and Olivia.

“Mrs. Landon,” The Doctor says, “Would you like to see the patient one last time, before we take him for autopsy?“, The doctor asks. Aunt Melanie freezes in the spot, only her tears falling. Olivia answers yes and goes on to inform her father who is at a good distance from us, by a bench, with his head in his hands. Olivia’s parents have taken care of Julian since he was a kid because his parents died in a car crash. They never gave him a chance to complain and at times, he’d call them Mom and Dad.

“Bu- But yesterday you said-” She choked “You said he was stable” Aunt Melanie spoke

"I know, and we're very sorry but his condition suddenly worsened and we couldn't save him" The doctor replied.

My whole world comes crashing down when I heard the Doctor’s words. He isn’t talking about Julian, or is he? My Julian won’t leave me just like that. He said he would always protect me. He can’t just leave. Not without me.

Aunt Melanie drops to the ground and everyone goes to catch her except Jayden and I.

I don’t move from my spot. I keep mumbling the same words ‘this can’t be true’ over and over again, until Jayden’s hands landed on my shoulder.

I don’t even have the mind to push his hand. One minute I’m standing, the next I’m falling down. But Jayden catches me before I touch the ground and pulls me into a hug.

I let him hug me and stand with my hands on my sides. The only thing on my mind is, ‘Julian can’t be dead.’

I shake my head and Jayden releases his grip, “J- Julian is not dead. He can’t be dead. Where is he?“, I ask.

“Kelly please...” He starts, but I give him the ‘not right now’ face and he points at the room behind us.

I bolt into the room and see my Julian, laying on the bed, completely lifeless. He must be trying to prank us. He loves pranks anyways.

As I walk towards him, my mind drifts to the time when he said he would play dead to prank us some day.



“You know Kelly... I don’t think you love me enough,” Julian says with mock hurt written on his face.

“Oh really?“, I raise a brow at Julian, who is sitting on the chair with a pout and folded arms.

“Ugh, you guys make me sick” Olivia rolls her eyes and turns her gaze back to the tv.

Julian decides to ignore her, “Yeah, you never hang out with me,” He says to me, as I finish cleaning Lydia’s mouth.

“Juwie, Juwie,” She giggles and tries to stand up but falls on her butt, again. She’s only 1.

She gets up again and stumbles her way to Julian, who picks her up and starts blowing raspberries on her stomach.She laughs and giggles a lot, trying to push his face off but doesn’t succeed till he stops.

“And you love Lydia more than me,” I reply.

“Nope... I love you both equally,” He says and started tickling my sides which makes me laugh too.

“Shhhh... I’m trying to watch a movie here,” Olivia throws a pillow at us with a scowl.

We laugh at her and she ends up turning off the TV with a not so happy smile.

“You know what... I have made up my mind. I want to see if any of you actually love me which is why I’m gonna go to the hospital and fake my death. Then we’ll see who actually cares,” He explains.

“Yeah... That’s exactly how you prank us. By telling everyone beforehand,” Olivia says, shaking her head.


I take his face in between my hands.

“You’re such an idiot you know. You told us that you are gonna fake your death 2 years ago and you’re doing that now?“, I asked with a chuckle, “Wake up. We know that you’re pranking... You’re scaring aunt Melanie, get up,” I add and hit his arm lightly.

I wait a few more seconds, but he still doesn’t move.He’s so god at playing dead.

“I’m seriously not joking right now Julis, aunt Melanie collapsed,” I say, “Julian seriously, please wake up,” I say, this time my voice is cracking.

I stare at him again for some time, waiting for him to wake up.

“Julian please say something, you’re scaring me here” I say, and shake him, my vision getting blurry.

I can see Jayden looking at me from the corner of my eye.

“Julie, what will I tell Lydia if you don’t wake up?“, I ask and poke his cheek. My face is traced with tears, I can’t stop them.

My mind drifts to the conversation I had with Julian long before everything went haywire.


“Awww that baby is so adorable,” I squeal, looking at a baby in the park with a little 9 years old Julian beside me. We left our parents to take a walk together.

“I know right!” Julian replies, then we run to where the mother is holding her and trying to pacify her.

“You baby is really adorable,” I say, “Can I touch her cheeks?“, I ask.

“Thanks, and yeah sure,” The woman replies and holds her towards us.

“I wanna hold her” Julian said.

“No, I wanna hold her first,” I whine and pout.

“No, me first,” He tries.

“Me, first,”.

The woman left out a tired chuckle, clearly tired and finally spoke up “Stop! Here, you both open your arms and you can hold her at the same time. Here, sit” She says and shoos us towards the bench. We both sit excitedly and she places the baby in both our little arms.

“What’s her name?”, Julian asks while caressing her hair.


“Ahhh she’s so cute, aren’t you Luciana?”, I ask giggling at her. She gurgles a reply. Adorable.

“You guys are adorable” The mother says looking at us.

“I know!” Julian giggled “We’re best friends, when we grow up our kids will be best friends like us,” Julian replies, then cradles the baby in his arms and hands her back to the mother.

“Thanks for this,” Julian says and scrunches his face into a smile at the baby, “Bye, Luciana.”

“Welcome. Hope you’ll have a bunch of them when you’re older,” She says. We wave her bye and walk away.

“You wanna get ice cream?“, Julian asks, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.


“Let’s call Oli”


“Julie, you promised me that we will grow up together and our kids will be best friends like us,” I say touching his hair.

No reply.

“We were supposed to get married on the same day remember?“, I add and tears came pouring out.

The door opens and the others come in.

“Please Julian, wake up... Please,” I cry and lay my head on his chest, “Please,” I sob, “Please.” By this time, my voice only comes out as a whisper.

This can’t be happening. He can’t leave me alone in this cruel world.


“Hey baby girl!“, Julian says through the phone, making me smile.

“Hey baby boy!“, I retort back.

“I’m not a baby boy. I get to call you baby girl but you don’t,” He replies with a groan.

“Whatever baby boy,” I let out a chuckle.

“Imma get you back... Oh wait, I already did,” He says.

“How?“, I ask, smiling at myself in the mirror.

“I ate your ice cream. Take that,” He says.

“You didn’t,” My jaw drops and my phone dings with a message. I have received a photo of the ice cream. One has Julian and One has Kelly written on it but they are both empty, “Don’t ever talk to me again, I hate you,” I huff and end the call.

I know for a fact that tomorrow he will buy me twice the amount, so I place my phone on the night stand.


Julie: I love you too bestie��

I smile at the text he has send me, but don’t reply. I want to, but he deserves it.


“Julian... When I told you that I hate you and that you should never speak to me again, I didn’t mean it,” I say softly.

“Hello, we found this in the patient’s possession. It says… ‘For Kelly’” The nurse says, handing Olivia a piece of paper.

“Thank You,” Olivia replies and gives me the paper.

I sniff and wiped my tears, then unfold the paper and start reading.

Hey Baby Girl !

And no, you still can’t call me baby boy. How are you doing? I don’t even know if you’re actually gonna receive this but well... I gotta take my chances.

If you receive this on your birthday, before or even after then... Happy Birthday as I know that I might not be able to say that to you, maybe never...

Kelly, I just want you to know that I love you and I always will. Even though you’re reading this when I’m gone or when I’m there, I will always be there to watch over you.

Tell everyone that I love them. You all will always be in my heart. I know it will be hard for you to tell Lydia that I’m gone so just tell her that her Julie has gone up but will always watch over her no matter what.

Of course, you know that Ray kidnapped me if you are reading this. Kels I really love you. You will always be my number one best friend (No offense Oli) ;) and the first person I will approach when I’m in trouble because I love to trouble you and my first love. I might not have mentioned this before but I always had a crush on you and only you.

It hurts me that I’m not gonna be able to hold you and keep you safe whenever Megan is around but Kelly... I have one wish. I want you to tell your mom about the bully. I know this will be very hard for you but I think it’s time everyone find out.

I don’t want you to suffer anymore Kelly. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t have you suffering. I’m sure you can start by telling Jay and Jayden.

Oh yeah, and speaking of Jayden, I know you like him and I think you should hold on to Jayden. He’s a keeper and I know he will be able to keep you safe.

Not as safe as I can of course ;)

Bruh! I hardly got them to give me this pen and paper cause I’m so bored and here I am, writing a letter that you probably won’t even receive. I will just keep it in my pocket. *Chuckles*

I want you to move on with your life, I want you and Jayden to give me godchildren, even though I might not be able to meet them. Name the boy Julian and tell him stories about me... jk, but tell him stories about me in the night to scare him. Hahahahahaha

I know, I know, you’ll miss me. I will meet you in heaven. Again, I love you.

Stay safe <3

Yours truly


The moment I finish reading the letter I cry harder. He’s gone, he’s really gone.I hold the paper to my eyes and cry.

I’m never gonna be able to hug him and tell him my problems or listen to him rambling about how boring his life is or about how he hates Megan.I’m never gonna be able to see that beautiful smile of his or listen to him and Olivia argue about how much they hate each other and it’s all because of Raymond and Megan.

I hate him, I hate Megan and I will never forgive them. I will never forget this day and I promise to complete Julian’s wish. I will make sure Megan pays for what she has done. I will make sure she gets what she deserves.

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