Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 4: What do you want?

"There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self"

-- Aldous Huxley

"Hey, mom, Who's this?" I hear a voice say, making me freeze.

I turn to find it to be Veronica. Veronica Brandon. She is the eldest daughter of the family. She has everything. The looks, body, and personality. Her beautiful grey eyes shine the room and her smile reflected, making it brighter. She has her brown hair in curls and wore a white crop top, with blue sweatpants and has black crocs on.

"Hey Nika, this is Kelly' She pointed at me, "-and that's her sister Lydia" She pointed at s snoring Lydia, who's still in Julian's arms "-and they are going to be living with us for a few months," Livia explains.

She nods walking over to me and gives me the cheek hug, La Bise. I awkwardly do the same, trying to meet her pace without making it seem awkward.

I find this type of hug weird. It makes me think that the person is going to kiss me or our lips will touch by mistake. I'm not trying to be weird or anything but what are the odds that we mistakely kiss?

"Hi, I'm Veronica," She smiles.

"Kelly," I reply in a soft voice with a smile. She nods at me and looks over my shoulder, landing her eyes on a blushing Julian. She walks over to him with a smile and extends her hand but barely manages to respond to the handshake, due to Ly, who's sleeping in his arms. I signal him to hand over Ly to me which he does.

I'm surprised that Lydia is still sleeping. She is being passed around but she hardly even stirs in her sleep.

"Let me show you her room," Livia gestures for me to follow her. We walked down the long hallway and up the stairs. My eyes studied the long Aisle with very limited lightning in there and snapped back to reality, when we stopped in from of a pink door. I have a feeling that this is her daughter's room.

She opens the door, revealing a beautiful room which is as big as mine. It has a lot of pinks in it and also has a picture of a small girl.

"This used to be Aria's room," Livia gives me a weak smile.

Aria Brandon was a cheerful kid. I have met her only once in my entire life and also heard a lot about her. She was so beautiful and social. She died at the age of 7 due to reasons which the family choose to keep a secret. The day of her death, was all over the news. Livia was about to pass out from crying. The Brandon Empire was closed for 2months.

When the company started functioning again, Ace didn't show up at the office. Instead, he came to our house and told mom that she's going to be in charge until he feels better and can work again. That was the only time I ever met him and it happened 2 years back. Lydia was only one.

"Mrs. Brandon, you don't have to give her this room. Lydia and I can share a room," I say, suddenly feeling shy.

"First of all, call me Livia, secondly, it's really fine. I had told the maid to get this room cleaned for Lydia so you really can't decline," She says and gives me a gentle push towards the room.

Lydia's bag is already inside so I lay her on the bed and change her into her pajamas It's only 7 so I'm sure Lydia will wake up later in the night. After placing a kiss on her forehead, I close her room and walk back downstairs. Veronica and Julian are hitting it off.

"I've seen a lot of them," Julian exclaims and when he sees me entering, "Oh Kelly, you're back. Is Lydia comfortable?", He asks, all at once.

Veronica and I burst out laughing, "Yes Julian, She's fine. I have a feeling you love her more than I do," I smile and he nods as if it is the most obvious thing.

Veronica, Julian, and I chat for a while longer, giving us a chance to get to know her better, she's a really fun and caring person. The conversation went from topic to9 topic, full of laughter and smiles. At some point, Julian asks the question I've been willing to ask.

He asks her where Jay and Jayden were. She just shrugs and answers that they are probably at a party as if that's the most normal thing, before changing the topic. We talk till it is late and Julian has to leave so he was dropped off by Veronica's personal chauffeur. Veronica accompanies me to my room which is 2 doors away from Lydia's.

Once we reach the room, she tells me to set my room however I want since I will be here for a while. I thank her when she leaves, then studies the room, which is the size of mine and mom's room combined. I have a huge window that is facing the sunset and a huge queen sized bed. Along with that is a walk in closet and the bathroom alone is a size of my room. The room in general has a very dark vibe, just the way I like it. After changing into my pajamas, I tiptoe into Ly's room.

Usually, when we travel, mom always packs Lydia's old baby monitor and I did the same. I know for a fact that she'll wake up in the night so I place one in her room and go back to my room to sleep.

The bed is so comfortable that I'm not sure if I'll be able to wake up early tomorrow. Luckily tomorrow is Saturday. I do have a karate class but it's in the evening at 4. I do karate and boxing. It's something I'm good at. I've been doing it since the age of 9 so it just runs in my blood now. I have the power to beat the hell out of Megan, but I don't want to be stamped with school violence. So that's that. I nestle under the covers and drown in the darkness till sleep takes over me.


I take my pillow and put it over my face, trying to block out the stupid noise but it does nothing in barring the noise. I wonder how it works in movies. Lame technique by the way. I finally sit up and look around to see where the annoying sound is coming from.

My eyes widen when I realize that it's Ly's baby monitor.

I take my phone from the table and jump off the bed. I rush to her room and find Lydia by the door. Her eyes are red and puffy due to crying, so I scoop her in my arms and try to calm her down but she doesn't stop crying.

One, she's crying so loud and two, there are people in the house, not just us, which I hope doesn't get me in trouble. I take my phone and dial Julian's number. He's the only one who can keep her quiet. He picked up after 5 rings.

"Hey, Baby Girl..." He groaned, in a sleepy voice "- Wait, is that Ly? Why is she crying? Is she alright? Do I have to come over?" He goes on.

"Julie please talk to her and no you don't have to come," I say, then put the phone on speaker and pushed it to Ly's hands "Ly, its Julie," I whisper.

"Hey Ly!", I hear Julian say. She immediately takes the phone from my hand and I turn on the video call.

"Hi Juwie," She waves at him with a smile.

"Hey!! How's my princess doing?" He coos back at her.

"I'm good," She replies.

"Why was my princess crying?", He tries to pout.

"I had a bad dweam," She answers then goes on to explain it to him, about being stuck in a dark forest. I completely zoned out throughout their conversation, slowly falling asleep, but walk up when the both laugh..

Julian is just so sweet and so good with children. I know for a fact that he'll be an awesome father when he grows up. I swear if I fall for this boy again, it's not going to be my fault

I open my mouth to yawn but close it immediately when I hear footsteps passing by the room. I tell Lydia to wait on her bed while talking to Julian, then I walk out of the room and look to both sides. It's dark so I just walk in the direction of the living room.

When I reach the stairs, I see the kitchen light on and hear the sound of water and a few whispers. I tiptoe down the stairs to the kitchen, and hid behind the wall and peeked.

"Mom?", I hear one of the twins' voices which makes me stop in my tracks, "Why is there a baby and a teenage girl in Aria's room?"

"That'll be Kelly and Lydia. They are living with us now... For 8 months," Livia says filling a glass with water.

"Mom, you know that I don't like anyone being in Aria's room, right?", The same guy replies.

I tiptoe a little bit closer and peek deeper into the kitchen. I see one of the twins who I'm guessing is Jay, courtesy of the highlights in his hair, sitting on the kitchen counter and using his phone while Jayden is talking to their mother who is facing the other side.

"I know. It wasn't easy for me too to give her the room but we can't just keep that room vacant forever. That makes me more miserable," Livia replies.

"You can't do that!" Jayd whisper screams.

"Keep your voice low Jayd, they might hear us. And I can do just that," Livia glares at him, giving him a pointed look.

"So? Let them hear. I don't care. Better if they hear us and allow themselves out," He replies and turns away from her gaze.

I hate the fact that I'm the reason a mother and son are fighting. This makes my stomach clench. I wipe away the little tear that fell from my eye. I want to walk away but I can't seem to do that.

"Bro, why are you making a big deal out of this? You haven't even met them yet, don't judge yet. Who knows, the girl might be cute," Jay winked at his brother a playful smile on his face.

That comment makes me smile. I mean, he hasn't even seen me, yet, he calls me cute. I have been called cute by Julian multiple times but it doesn't even count.

"It is a big deal. Our sister's room is now occupied by an outsider," Jayden shouts in Jay's face. Livia shushes him again and walks to the sink.

"Look Jayd, we must at least try to move on," Jay says with a sad smile.

"Move on? Jay, are you even hearing yourself?" Jayden asked in disbelief. He shoved his brother and stormed towards me after muttering, "They are gonna turn our house into a hotel very soon."

He stops in his tracks when he sees me standing there, but rolls his eyes and goes past me, shoving me with his shoulder. I stumble back a little bit but manage to keep myself steady. This is just the beginning before everything gets worse. He's going to bully me secretly in the house. He'll probably even team up with Megan, to make my live much more miserable.

"Kelly?" Livia exclaims startled. I jump a little, then sigh, "Did you by any chance hear anything he said?" She asks, as she walks back into the kitchen and I follow her.

I keep my head low, not daring to make eye contact with Jay "If I were to be honest, yes, I did," I say sheepishly.

She sighs and turns to me, "I'm so sorry Kelly. Jayden and Aria were inseparable and he is not over her death," She says.

I nod, "I understand".

"Well that's not true," Jay snorts into his glass of water. Gross.

I turn at him with a raised brow.

"What? it's true," He shrugs then walked over to me and stretches out his hand with a smile, "I'm Jay."

Ahhh. Is Jay, Jay Brandon saying hi to me? Is he going to shake my hand? Amazing!!!

"Kelly," I blush a little, shaking his hand.

"Kewy?" Lydia comes walking into the kitchen.

Thank you, God

"Yes?" I walk over to her and pick her up

"Kewy, Julian said he's going to sweep and he said I sh'ou tell you goo'night for him" She explains with difficulty and grins when she sees Jay, "Jay!!" She exclaims.

Am I missing something? Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold up... Say waaa? How does she know Jay? I look between the two of them as Jay comes and takes her from my arms and pecks her cheek.

I wish I was her right now.

"How are you doing Lydia?" He asks her carrying her with a little jump in his walk. She replies by telling him she's good. I decide to cut in.

"Do you both know each other?" I ask puzzled.

"Yeah. Your mom had brought Lydia to dad's office quite a few times, we met there, didn't we baby?" Jay asks her in a goofy voice. I just nod not knowing what else to do. Livia excuses herself saying she's going to bed.

"Well... I guess I should probably take Ly to bed," I say pointing upstairs.

"Right. Nice talking to you and Ly, we'll hang out in the morning, okay? For now, go to bed," He tells Lydia.

I smile at the sight. The famous Jay Brandon is good with kids? Nice.

He places her on the ground and she walks to me. I take my phone from her hand and lead us both to her room. Ly falls asleep in the midst of me narrating a story. So, I decide to go back to my room and sleep the day out. I'm tired of all that happened today.

I grab the knob of my door but stop when I hear voices. I decide to go check it out before I sleep. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

I follow the voices which lead me to a door that has a warning sign that says 'Do Not Enter'. I slowly stick my ear to the door so I can hear carefully.

"Seriously bro, the girl is beautiful," That I'm guessing is Jay. I know him as the nice one but not the type to be interested in girls.

Was he talking about me? Did he just call me beautiful? Is he serious? Am I dreaming?

"I don't care," Jayden replies.

"You know, her little sister is Lydia. They are Rebecca's kids," Jay informs.

Do they know my mom? Who am I kidding? Of course, they do. She works in their father's office. They know everyone but me. Ugh! Flip you Megan, I could be best friends with them right now.


"You should be nice to them."


"Dude, why are you just humming and nodding? Talk."


"This is getting on my nerves."


"You know what? Never mind. I'm leaving" Jay says and I hear footsteps coming closer. My eyes widen and I step away from the door walking 5 steps away from it. Just then the door opens to reveal Jay coming out of the room.

I act surprised. "Oh... Hey... again," He smiles genuinely.

"Hey..." I smile shyly.

"Who's it, bro?" The door opens wider, and Jayden comes out. I freeze and just look at him while he glares back at me, "What do you want?"

"I.." With that, I stop. I have no more words that have been coherently arranged with letters of the English alphabets. So, yea... A B C...

"You should probably go to bed. It's late," Jay says in an attempt to rescue me. I nod and fast walk to my room. "Dude, you scared her," I hear Jay say to his brother, followed by a shove.

I get into my room and lock the door, just as Olivia instructed, then take a deep breath and sit on my bed. I really need to get rid of my nosy self. Taking my phone from the side table and checking the time, I realize that I really need to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.



I'm not gonna say anything cause I'm bored. Just finished a few sketches for my internship. I had to sketch 55 building so yeah. I also have a research, but that can wait. I'll go back to watching 'Suits'

Au revoir


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