Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 5: Carpenters don't fix pipes

"Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much"

--Erich Fromm

I groan, then take my phone from the side table and solve the puzzle to turn off the alarm that says, "Get off the bed sleepy pants!"

I set it like that way. The worst part is that to turn it off, I have to solve 5 math puzzles. In the state that I am when I wake up, I can't even comprehend that I'm alive.

After turning off the alarm, I get off the bed and make my way into the bathroom for a shower. Usually, I would eat first and then shower. But now that I'm not home, I wouldn't want to be that stinky mess in their house.

I enter the bathroom and strip out of my clothes, luckily there is already a towel inside. I get into the bathtub and turn on the shower, only to low scream, because the water is too cold. I forget that I have to wait.

Leaving the shower on, after setting it on hot, I go out of the toilet and take my phone and open Wattpad. I still have to complete the story "Must Date The Playboy" which I started a few days ago.

After completing a whole chapter, I check the shower to see if it's hot, but it's still not. My shower does not take this long to turn hot. Instead of waiting any longer, I just go to my bag and take out simple sweatpants and a loose white shirt, and drag my feet to Lydia's room but to my surprise, it's empty.

The bed is made, her clothes are arranged in the closet and... She's not there. I go down the stairs with a frown but sigh when I spot her sitting in the living room, watching a cartoon with Jay, at least that's who I think it is.

"Good Morning Kelly," Livia smiles from the kitchen.

"Morning," I smile back.

"You haven't showered?" She frowns.

Great, I must be stinking so bad.

"You're not stinking," She replies reading my face.

"Oh," is all I manage to say, my cheeks redden a bit when I realize that I thought out loud, "The water is not getting heated," I explain.

"Really?" She asks and I nod, "Jayden, can you go and check what the problem with her shower is?" She asks.

"Pourquoi Moi?" He snaps in French. I would have admired him speaking French but he seems to be angry at the thought of helping me. Not so pleasant anymore.

I wonder how he knows French and they lived in France for a year but then it hits me. His parents know French. He must have learned it from them. Great! Now he's going to start screaming, so loud that even Mom will hear it from Kenya.

Wait, Mom? I wonder if she reached her destination, I mean it will take longer to go all the way from New York to Kenya.

"Because I want you to do it," Livia snaps back.

You go, woman! Show him who's boss.

He groans, but stands up anyway and bolts in the direction of my room. I just follow behind him with my head looking down. I keep walking, but then mistakenly hit something... or someone. I have bumped my head on his back. Why would he even stop so suddenly?

I'm so dead!

"Can't you watch where you're going?" He snaps. Is there an end to this?

"I'm sorry," I whisper. I want to laugh in his face, but that's not who I am.

He rolled his eyes and walks into the bathroom, while I follow him. This time I watched where I was going. I'm not ready to jump into a dog and car fight with him. He stopped by the shower and turns it on.

"The shower is perfectly working... Why did you waste my time for no reason?" He turns to me.

"Um-" I'm forming words again.

"Will you please talk fast? It's not like I'm gonna eat you," He rolls his eyes.

Where is Jay when I need him?

"I know the shower is working but it not getting hot," I speak fast.

"Well, then bath with the cold water," He snaps.

"I can't. It's cold. I'll freeze to death," I snap back.

"Then freeze. Then at least there will be one less witch in this world," He shoots.

My face falls to a bored expression when he commented, but I just shook my head with a sigh. This is so useless. What else did I expect from him?

"Will you please, just fix it?", I sigh.

"Whatever," He rolls his eyes. At least he turns to the tap to fix it instead of leaving the room.

I'm now really resisting the urge to punch him hard on the face. I swear. No, I'd rather karate chop his head off.

He curses every second, then hits some part of the pipe. I wonder if he knows what he's doing. As he goes on hitting the pipe, it starts making some weird noises. I go to stand beside him, with a frown.

"What is that sound?" I enquire.

"How am I supposed to know?" He shouts, clearly annoyed by me. This guy has anger issues seriously. I shouldn't have been fooled by all those videos.

"I taught you knew how to pix pipes, or taps," I say.

"Do you think I'm a Carpenter?" He shoots back. Ok, he isn't smart as I had assumed.

"Carpenters don't fix pipes genius, plumbers do," I retort.

"Thanks a lot, smarty-pants," He rolls his eyes. Yeah, keep doing that, you'll be smart someday.

"You're welcome," I shoot him a sarcastic smile.

"Mec , tais-toi," He glares.

I open my mouth to make a smart remark but stopped when the shower head pops open and everything happened in slow motion.

Cold water splashes everywhere, catching both of us off guard. The shower head hits me hard on the chest, making me fall. But luckily I drag him down with me and we both fall.

I wince in pain as my head hit his muscular arm, but due to his strength hitting his arm is no different from hitting the ground. The water keeps splashing around and falling on our faces but all we both did was groan in pain. The ground is already wet and the cold water is annoying.

"What's going on-" I hear Livia's voice say. She comes to my side to help me sit up.

"Are you okay?" She asks, concern laced in her voice.

I nod unsure. She helps me sit up, but I wince loudly.

"I think I broke a bone," I whisper more to myself and lay back on the cold ground.

"Yeah, you broke mine," Jayden rolls his eyes, "Thanks a lot, mom. I'm fine too" For a guy who lacks in the brains department, he sure can hear well.

"Just, help me take her to the bed. You can whine later," She retorts.

He sighs, then picked me up Bridal style, and walks to the bed. After nearly throwing me on to the bed, he walks back into the bathroom

The water stops flowing sometime later, and Jayden goes out of the room. Livia brings me breakfast in bed and tells me to rest. After eating, I drift into a deep slumber.

What a great first day and first impressions. I wonder how the rest of my stay is going to turn out. I believe that him and I are going to get along just fine.


What is it about this house? Why is it always some noise that wakes me up? Well, apart from this morning.

I stir a little and slowly flatter my eyes open. My sight isn't clear, so I had to rub my eyes and blink multiple times, then tapped my nightstand to get my glasses and put them on, letting my eyes slowly get adjusted to the light. I'm not blind, I can see without the glass but they make me feel a little but more confident.

"Hey, be careful," Jay's voice springs into my ear and just then, he's seated beside me. Oh, you're welcome to sit on my bed, Papi.

"Hey," I give him a lazy smile. The pain I had on my back has ceded, but not fully.

"Hey," He smiles back, "Mom told me what happened, so I called the plumber. How is your back?" He asks, amused.

Well, at least he knows that Carpenters don't fix pipes.

I'm used to the boys by now. They were stars when I didn't know them but now that we're living in the same house they're just teenage boys my age. No biggie, at-least not after what Jayden pulled this morning.

"It's reduced," I simply answer looking around to see if my room is clean. He nods.

"Sir, the tap has been fixed and everything is working just fine," The plumber says.

Jay excuses himself to walk the plumber out and. I take my phone from the nightstand to check the time check the time: 3:07. I have got less than an hour to get ready for karate classes.

Our teacher is strict about punctuality and whoever is late has to take 30 laps of press-ups. I'm always up for some exercise but I don't think I'll survive that with a broken back.

I push myself off the bed and enter the bathroom. Just then I realize something.

Who changed my clothes?


"Kewy!" Lydia cheers as soon as she sees me come down the stairs.

"Hey Ly," I open my arms wide and she jumps into my arms, "How's my little munchkin doing?" I ask her in a cheerful tone.

"Fine!" She pecks my cheek.

"You both are adorable. Hashtag sister goals," Jay says and turn his phone off.

"Did you just take a picture?" I enquire.

"Nope, I took a snap. Sister goals," He smirks.

I roll my eyes with a smile, then let Lydia stand on her feet.

"Are you going somewhere?" He gestures to my bag.

"Yeah... I have karate lessons to go to," I reply as I fumble with the straps.

"Darling, you think you can go for karate in that condition?" Livia asks. Since when was she here?

On second thought, she's right. I have a broken back... I guess. And with the intense workout we do, I don't think it'll heal fast "I don't know... I mean... I never missed a class," I say thinking of the options I have.

"I don't think you should go... But you can do whatever you think is right," She says and walks away with her freshly made cup of tea.

"You take karate?", Jay asks, as soon as Livia walks out of sight.


"Amazing, what belt?", He asks.

"Brown," I reply, proudly.

"That's amazing", He smiles.

He opens his mouth to say something else but then the bell rings, so he excuses himself.

"Hello," I hear Julian's voice say.

"Here we go again," I mutter to myself.

Don't get me wrong. I love him and he's my best friend but he tends to embarrass me and himself every time he sees someone he's a fan of, he's not always around someone he's a fan of. He's a really cute geek and at some point it gets annoying.

I rush to the door. "He's my friend, Julian," I butt in.

He nods with a smile, then turned to Julian, "Hey, I'm Jay"

"I know," Julian replies.

Are you kidding me? I know? That makes him sound like a stalker.

"I mean... I'm a fan," He corrects immediately.

Thank God!

"That's Great," Jay gives him a genuine smile.

I see Julian reach into his bag to bring something out and knowing for a fact that he's going to ask for an autograph, I get up to stop him.

"Jewie!" Lydia comes running and hugs him. He twirls her around and pecks her cheek.

"Your sister is so loveable," Jay whispers in my ear.

His whisper slowly flowed through my ear, making me shiver. The air he breadth down my neck alone kept me frozen. The fact that he's so close to me gives me chills. His lips are lightly touching my earlobe and his hand is touching mine. What is he doing? Ever heard of personal space?

"Yeah, she is, isn't she," I manage to reply.

"Yeah," He grins "Why are you still standing there? Come in."

"Thanks," Julian mutters and enters the house, with Lydia still stuck to his leg.

"So, you're here to hang out with Kelly and Lydia?", Jay tries to start a conversation. Well, I'd say that it's a dumb way to start a conversation. What's up with these brothers?

"I came to pick Kel up for our Karate class," He explains.

"Oh, you do Karate too?" He asks, surprised. I think he's judging us right now. Just whatever.


"Which belt? I do know that Kelly has a Brown Belt."

"Same. I do have a Brown belt... But I'm 3 stripes ahead of her," Julian brags.

"Yeah, brag all you want," I roll my eyes.

"I'm not bragging. I'm stating a fact," He smirks.

"Whatever," I shoot him a sarcastic smile.

"Jay I have a new... " Jayden's voice is what we hear before he appears through the doorway. He freezes when he sees Julian.

Julian gets up from his seat and extends his hand to Jayden.

"Hi... I'm Julian."

My heart skips a beat. If Jayden ignores Julian's hand, I'm going to dislocate his shoulder. That little gesture will make Julian believe that he's done something wrong and he'll probably go into depression mode for a whole week. He hate's it when someone is angry at him. That's how him and I became friends.

To my surprise, Jayden takes his hand. Is he putting up a front?

"Hate to say this but Kelly broke her back this morning" Jay spilled the beans.

I shut my eyes and pulled my lips into my mouth then fist my arms, to let the anger in my soul sink in. I want to slap him for revealing but at the same time, he's just too cute to get slapped. Am I being a little too violent in my head? That's probably because I am but I don't want to make a mess out of anything.

"What? Are you okay amore?" Julian asked, letting his italian accent flow.

Hold up. Did he just call me Baby? Is that even normal? Usually, it is baby girl, but just Baby is just awkward. But he doesn't seem to notice it or cares for that matter.

"I'm fine... Just a little bit of pain on my back," I smile at the same time Jayden sees this as the time to escape from the room.

"I think you should stay and rest. We don't want you to break in half now, do we?" He jokes.

"Ha ha, next time warn me before you try making a joke."

"Very funny" He shot me a fake smile, then continue speaking "You never missed it. I'll tell him you're sick," He pecks my forehead and walks out after kissing Lydia goodbye.

"Is he your boyfriend?", Jay asked.

"He's my best friend," I correct him.

He looks amused for a second and excuses himself to go to Jayden. After a good rest till the evening, I feel so much better now. So, I wander around and finally settle with watering the plants in the garden. Soon enough I'm joined by Ly and Jay who seem to have been playing hide and seek.

Our little party of three moves to the living room watching cartoons and bickering back and forth about nothing in particular. Turns out Jay is a science nerd. He loves science and anything connected to it. He knows a lot about space and stars. A hot nerd. I hope I didn't say that out loud.

Just as they leave, my phone buzzes on the nightstand. I roll off to that side of the bed and grab my phone only to find a message from Olivia.

Three idiots

Bad Baby: Hey Kelly, are you alright? Julie told me why you couldn't come for lessons today. Want me to come and check on you?

Nerd: Oli in the Brandon mansion? That'll be fun

Lazy Bones: ��That would be amazing but I'm ok. You don't have to come.

Nerd: Aww � Fun killer

Bad Baby: Are you sure?

Bad Baby: P.S shut up Nerd!

Lazy Bones: Yes I'm sure!

I really can't imagine Olivia here. She'd rather die than come here, but it's good to know that she's ready to step into the house for me.

I walk out of my room and go downstairs where I spot Livia in the kitchen alone, moving around and getting ingredients to make tea.

This is my chance.

I walk into the kitchen and greet her. I go for grabbing a cup to get myself some water. She beats me to it mouthing 'I'll get it' and gestures to the stool.

"So, how's your back?", She asks as she hands me a cup of water.

"It's better than before," I smile and drink the water.

I place the cup on the counter and look around awkwardly. I know I'm fiddling with my shirt.

"What do you wanna ask?", She laughs looking at my fiddling hands.

"What??", I try playing dumb.

"You wanna ask something, don't you?", She raises a brow.

My face burns a little, but I take a deep breath and decide to ask her.

"Do you... By any chance know who uh... Changed my uh... Clothes," I look at the ground, ignoring her gaze.

"Was that what you wanted to ask?", She giggled, "Well... You don't have to worry. I told Cherry, our maid to change you out of the wet clothes," She explains leaning on the counter.

Phew! I mean it's not a good thing that someone changed my clothes but I was thinking for a second that maybe... Just maybe Jay did it "I'm surprised I didn't wake up," I frown at the glass of water.

"The pills I gave you to ease your pain must have put you into a deep sleep," She shrugs and starts tidying up the counter. I offered to help, which she rejected so I nod and make my way back to my room, after muttering a goodnight.

I finally got my answer... Now I'm sure I can sleep peacefully.




So far, how much do you like Jayden or hate him.




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