Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 6: Sketch

It’s Monday. Apart from being the day that everyone hates, it’s also probably the day that I lose my life. That cup of rotten tomato juice for a woman is going to straight up castrate me when she finds out that I’m living with the Brandon’s.

I had to somehow ditch going to school with the twins in their car. So, I texted Julian last night before I slept, asking him to pick me up.

After a short warm shower, I put on my daily boring clothes and strolled out of my room, taking my bag and glasses piled up in my arms. I stop by Lydia’s room and see that she’s ready, sitting on her bed, when I notice someone wearing the house help clothes, beside her closet.

“Kewy!“, Lydia shrieks.

The woman turns and notices me, then broke into a smile “Hey, I’m Cherry,” She waves with socks in her hand. It took that as a chance to study her. She looks like she’s in her early 20s, with a petite figure. She’s probably smaller than I am and she has her hair tied in a bun as she wore a black and white cleaning uniform.

“Hey,” I wave back and help her put the socks on Lydia’s feet.

She and many other helps didn’t come yesterday because it was Sunday “Thanks,” She smiles putting away the remaining clothes in Ly’s closet.

“How’s my little munchkin doing?“, I ask her.

“I’m fine,” She grins playing with my hair.

She informs me that the driver will be taking Lydia to school, so I wave her goodbye and make my way downstairs. As I enter, I see Livia, the twins, and Victoria in the dining room bringing out their choice food to the table

I keep my gaze low and walked over to them. “Good Morning,” I mumble. Who knows, maybe the ‘snapping’ guy would bury me in cheerios if I sound cheery.

“Good Morning Kelly, come and take your breakfast,” Livia smiles.

“Good Morning” Veronica and Jay smiled, at the same time. Jay and Jayden are looking as handsome as they have always been. Jay’s hair is layed to the side as usual and Jayden’s hair on the other hand is a complete mess and I definitely didn’t miss the dark circled under his eyes which surprisingly doesn’t look bad on him.

I take a seat beside Veronica and opposite Jay. I kept my head low but when I look up, Jay and I met eyes, and he sends me a reassuring smile, and I smile back“You’re going to school like that?“, Victoria askes, surprised and I just nod wondering what is wrong with my clothes. “We need to go shopping and get you more cute clothes” She beams. Yeah, cute clothes. No thanks.

I nod, knowing that will never happen. I always agree but keep coming up with excuses to ditch. Olivia knows it. How can I forget that I’m living in a house with models and hot guys?I swear a lot of girls would kill to be in my place but too bad I can’t even brag about it, all because of Megan. If she finds out that I live here, she will kill me. Not that I mind putting her in her place. But then again, I don’t like to get my hands dirty by playing in a ditch…If you know what I mean.

“Which school do you go to?”Jay pops the question, earning a look of disbelief from me.

Are you kidding me? We have been in the same school for almost 9 years but they have never noticed me, oh thank my stars “What do you mean? She’s been in the same school as you since kindergarten, you guys never talked?“, Livia frowns. Yeah, they were busy looking in mirrors to see if they were perfect. Sorry, I don’t even see them paying attention to girls.

“Really? I have never really seen you,” Jay says, a frown forming on his face.

“That’s because you always have that Megan girl surrounding you,” I mutter under my breath, earning a chuckle from Veronica.

She then points at me with a nod, “I like you more now,” She spoke in amusement.

“Sorry what?“, Jay asks.

“I said, I’m not the social type,” I look away.

“Ok, well... We can go to school together,” He offers.

“No!“, I say, a little too fast and cringe. “I-I mean, Julian has already offered to pick me up. He must be on his way,” I complete, awkwardly.

Just as he is about to respond to my phone buzzes. I excuse myself and open the voice mail, which is from Julian.


Julie: Hey Baby Girl, I’m so, so, so, so sorry but I can’t pick you up. Olivia doesn’t want to set foot there. I owe you one?

Me: It’s Ok. No prob

What do I do? If Julian is not picking me up then who will? I will have to go with the boys.

Wait, I have my car!How can I forget?“What’s wrong?” Livia asks once I return, “You seem worried,” She adds.

“Julian ditched,” Victoria says eyeing me.

“Yeah, but that’s not a problem,” I contemplate nervously, “I have my car”

“Darling, I’m sorry but your car isn’t here yet. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll tell the driver to get it for you later,” Livia says and heads down the hall, pressing her phone to her ear.

Why do I have to go through all of this?

“Seems like you’re stuck with us,” Jay smirks.

I’m hoping for Jayden to make a scene right now babbling about how stupid it is to consider me as human. I am ready to take it all if it means I don’t travel with them but to my dismay, he’s too knocked out to even join our beautiful conversation.

“Yup,” I say uninterested, popping the ‘P’.

I reluctantly finish my breakfast not that it is not delicious, but this scenario has ruined my mood. We head to the garage and are met with three beautiful cars. Jay asks me which one to take between the three options. Lamborghini, Mustang, or Mercedes.

I don’t choose the Lamborghini because I know that with the speed it attains and because Jayden is driving, he will drive as fast as he can to make me suffer. Also, I don’t want to be squished between two guys in a two-seater car.

I look between the other two and choose to Mustang. I’ve been quite interested in cars and for some time now, I’ve been intrigued by Mustangs.

We all pile up into the car and Jayden reverses out of the garage. The moment we reach the road, I realize that I have brought the Samsung instead of the Nokia.

Today is not my day.

I don’t have the choice of going back, given Jayden is driving. I just let him drive, Rockstar by Post Malone is bursting through the radio and the two boys bobbing their heads and rapping along. I couldn’t help but notice Jayden’s sudden change of mode. I like this song, but I’m amused that Jayden has good taste in music. I sigh quietly and choose to listen.

“All my brothers got that gas and they always be smoking like a Rasta,” They sing along.Later the song ends, Icy Girl comes on.

I open Snapchat and cover the camera and started recording a short 3 second video. After its finished, I put a Bitmoji on the screen and write Icy Girl, then put it on my story.

“What phone is that?“, Jay startles me.

“Oh, it’s a Samsung,” I answer and put it back into my bag.

Jayden giggles and Jay snorts,“I know that. Let me rephrase it. What model is it?”

“Galaxy S8+,” I say feeling like a fool.

He nods and continues singing along to the song. I suddenly realize that we are closer to the school. I can’t arrive at school, with them.

Rumors would go around and I am not ready for all that attention yet. In fact, I hate that. I don’t even have to go into what Megan would make out of this.What do I do?Think Kelly Think. You have to do something.

“Stop the car!“, I shout, but Jayden doesn’t.

“What’s wrong?“, Jay asks looking around.

“Just please stop the car!“, I plead. He opens his mouth to say something but I beat him to it, “Please.”

He sighs, then convinces Jayden to stop the car.

“Now what?” Jayden snaps. Oh, he’s back to being the whiner that he is. But I have time to deal with that later, not now.

“I have to get out here. Y-You guys can head to school, I have something to do here” I make up a stupid excuse that even Ly wouldn’t believe and reach for the door.

“We can wait for you!” Jay says out of concern.

“No, I would like to walk. I’m free for the first period so I have to buy a few stuff,” I lie.

“Oh... Ok,” He nods. I get out swiftly and wave at them or Jay in particular because Jayden still hasn’t landed on earth yet from when he soared up with irritation.

I start slow walking until the car is out of sight and then start speed walking to school.

By the time I reach the school, the bell has rung and the hallways are empty except for a few who have free periods like me. I head towards the library after making a stop at my locker.

I didn’t lie about the fact that I’m free for the first hour. Even though I’m free, I go to school early and study in the Library.

“Hey, Mrs. Rose,” I greet the librarian.

“Hey Kelly, I thought you aren’t coming in today,” she says.

“I woke up late,” I lie.

I have to start keeping count of the lies I say after moving to the Brandons’. Up until now, it’s 2.

“Oh, alright,” She nods and goes back to her work.

I walk to a random shelf and take out a book. I stare at the book for a while until I realize I’m holding it upside down. I can’t focus.I hope I don’t run into the twins today. It will be easy when it comes to Jayden, but I have to disappear around Jay.I share PE with him.

I know for a fact that he will notice me now that he knows we are in the same school.He’s would want to talk to me. So, I have to consider skipping, for the first time.

After placing the book back on the shelf, I start working on my presentation for one of my classes on the desktop I usually use.The topic is, ‘How Wifi Improves Lives’. From a general point of view, I could write on and on about Wifi and how it improves life, but this being a presentation, I have to limit everything, which is a tough task for a person who always writes beyond the expected number words.

The bell rings indicating the end of the first period. I wave goodbye to Rose after saving the presentation on Google Slides, then lead my way to my first class, which is art.Art has always been my favorite subject. I always top the class but no one cares except the teacher.

I enter the class and get seated at my usual seat.I earn a few glares and I hear some of them whisper about my clothes, but I could care less. It’s now normal to me since I’ve faced it for about 4 years now, why not for another year or two.

“Good Morning students” Mrs. Corden greets everyone as she enters.

A few of us greet her back while the others just ignore it. She hands us all a piece of paper and announces that it is today’s topic. Normally she shows us how to do something. Last time it was sketched method so now we are supposed to do it ourselves.

She had spent almost 2 months teaching us how to sketch so I’m guessing today is a surprise test.I look at the paper and stare at the three options, dumbfound.

“Is this a surprise test?“, Someone asks.

“Yes,” Mrs. Corden answers while stacking a few stray papers.

Sketch any one of these celebrities.

1. Nate Garner

2. Jay/ Jayden Brandon

3. Hrvy

Is she serious? I mean I know that most of us here are good at drawing, but not everyone knows all these celebrities. Well, I don’t.

First of all, I don’t know Nate Garner, second, I’m not very sure about how Hrvy looks, all I have now as the last option is Jay/ Jayden

I’m in a dilemma over which one to draw so I decided to sketch both. I finally finish my drawing, sign, and write Kel_Art under it.

I submit my work on the teacher’s table and sit back on my seat. Soon everyone submits theirs and the bell rings signaling the end of class“Before you guys leave, you should know that five of the top arts from here will be posted on the school wall” She announces.

No, no, no! Why does this feel so planned? It’s like the universe is hell bent on ruining my life.

I run after the teacher and stop her, “Mrs. Corden! I have a request.”

“Sure, what?“, She smiles adjusting the stack of paper in her hands.

“Mrs. Corden, even though my art makes into the top five, can you please not let anyone find out that it’s mine?“, I plead.

“Why?“, She frowns, “You are one of the best artists in our school. Why don’t you want people seeing your art?”

Because Megan will kill me if she finds out I’m interested in the twins.

“I’m just not very comfortable,” I say trying to make a convincing conversation.

Finally, she seems to be convinced enough. I take it as my cue to leave before she asks me any more questions. I haven’t prepared answers for additional questions.I text Julian and Olivia, telling them that I won’t be at the cafeteria today.

Three Idiots

Nerd: What do you mean you won’t be at the cafeteria?

Bad Baby: Where are you going to? We can join you

Nerd: Yeah

Lazy Bones: Seriously, you guys can go enjoy I have no problem

Bad Baby: But we do. We won’t be able to enjoy without you

Nerd: Or knowing that you are not enjoying


Lazy Bones: Fine! I will be at our secret spot... The terrace

I hit send and make my way to the top of the building. No one comes here because of the effort they’d have to put to climb the stairs.I usually come here to get away from Megan and to have a peaceful lunch without drama.

I get seated against a wall and begin sketching on the new book my mom gave me. A little later, Julian and Olivia arrive.

“Sketching, as usual,” They both sit on either side of me.

“Here is your food,” Olivia says, placing a tray in front of me.

I thank her and we start eating, chatting about random topics. They ask me why I decided to eat here so I tell them about my scenario with Jay. He is not good for my survival. No cap, I appreciate his friendliness, it’s amazing and I’m loving it but he should at least be a little bit embarrassed of being seen in public with me.

After the bell rings, we head for class. I have Spanish with Olivia as usual. She sits beside me and tries to cover me from Jayden’s sight. Yeah, with her size, I think one of my hands will be hidden.

For the first time, I notice that Jayden has been stealing quite a few glances at me. I try to ignore it by averting my gaze but our eyes meet at times. Awkward.

If Spanish with Jayden was hard enough, I have another thing coming – PE with Jay.

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