Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 7: I didn't know you dance

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.”

– Joss Whedon

I slowly walk to the changing room, taking my time with each step that landed on the ground. I couldn’t get myself to skip the session no matter how much I tried.

“Walk fast nerd,” Megan walks past me. Of course, she does not lose the chance to bump me, making me fall to the ground. A few students walking by laugh at me and some even take some pictures before walking away but the few with a little bit of heart in them looked down at me with sympathy and walked away, not wanting to get involved in any type of trouble.

I wince and watch her as she walks down the hall with her heels clicking. I wonder how she manages to walk all day with that, like an ostrich.

I slowly get up from the floor and stay on my knees to pick my scattered belongings.

“Kelly!“, I hear Jay’s voice coming from a distance. My eyes widen as he starts approaching me.

I look around and see that no one is around. Luckily, everyone has classes by this hour.

“Hey, Jay,” I take my bag from the ground and stood up. He caught me off guard and pulled me in for a hug which I awkwardly responded.

“I haven’t seen you the whole day. I started having second thoughts about you being at school,” He says, chuckling.

“We just have different classes on Mondays,” I reply with a shrug and he nods.I’m so glad that he wasn’t there when Megan pulled one of her stunts.

“What do you have now?“, He asks me.

Should I tell him? Or should I skip? But I never skip. It’s going to be messed up.

“PE,” I reply giving up the idea of skipping.

“Great. We have the same class,” He lightly punches my arm.

“I’m gonna head to the girl’s room and change,” I say pointing in the direction of the girl’s changing room and walk away from him after saying bye.

As I walk, I felt a little dizzy. I stop and hold on to the wall for a few seconds before entering.Everyone’s eyes turn to me but I just ignore them and go in the direction of the bathrooms.

As I walk, I trip on something and almost fall flat on my face but my forearm blocked the fall. Instead of helping me, everyone starts laughing and a few stand around with guilty faces. I looked to the ground, avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“Clumsy much?” A girl says and steps on my hand while passing.

“Ouch!” I wince.She turns and looked at me then claps hands with her friends who are standing beside her.Most of them laugh, a few give me pitiful glances and go back to their business.

Tears threaten to fall from my eyes but I immediately blink them away and get up and enter into one of the stalls.

I change in here every time. I can’t stand them looking at me and the scars which they seem to claim as a trophy. Witches.Don’t want to give them a chance to snicker at me in addition to all they do already.

After changing, I keep my bag locked in my locker and take a deep breath, before opening the door and heading into the field where everyone is.

The coach motions at me to pick up my pace. I throw a thumbs up and start jogging. I jog for like a few seconds before I trip and fall on my face. Great timing to be clumsy. Laugh all you want.But surprisingly everyone remains quiet. I look up to see Jay walking towards me with a small smile on his face.

“Hey, Miss. Klutz, want a hand?” He asks on reaching me.

I hesitate for a minute. Why even hesitate anymore, we are out in the public eye already. Let’s just be casual“Yeah. Thanks,” I mutter and take his hands and hoist myself up.

“Welcome!“, He smiles and jogs back to the guy’s row.

“EVERYONE, 15 LAPS AROUND THE FIELD,” Coach announces.

Everyone starts jogging around, the boys run while we girls do what we do. I have never seen a girl run in this class. We start with running, then reduce to a jog and start walking at some time. But I do try to run. Just as I try to gain a steady pace, someone punches me from the back and I am about to trip but I hold myself up. Reflexes from all these years of practice. Or patience.

“Careful nerd,” Megan says in a quiet voice, ”Don’t want to get mud on that slutty little face of yours-” She whispers into my ears before jogging ahead of me “I’m so sorry!“, She spoke, loud enough for everyone to hear her and jogs off, but not before shooting me a smirk.

“Get going Johnson,” Coach yells.

I get back in track and run. After 11 rounds, I start running for the twelfth when pain shoots into my head. I can feel the heat on my head and sweat rolling down my cheeks.I hold my head with my hand. I start seeing colors dotting my eyes disappearing into black. My entire body suddenly went numb and before falling, I hear someone shout my name and that’s all I remember before everything goes black.



I need water right now.My head is hurting so bad and my heart is throbbing. Top of all, my throat is parched.I hold my head while slowly sitting up and rest my back on the headboard. It’s not worse than the pain I’m going through emotionally though.

“Kewy!“, Lydia who was sitting by a pile toys comes bouncing towards the bed once she sees that I’m up. She jumps on the bed and hugs me which makes me wince.

“Kewy, are you owkay?” She asks, with concern in her cute little voice.

“Lydia, can you please go get me water?“, I ask and rest my head again.

She mumbles an okay and runs away screaming, “She’s awake!”

I put my hand out on the nightstand and feel for my phone. I grab it and look at the time.4:56. I guess I wasn’t out for that long.

Lydia comes back. She has her hand wrapped around Jay’s pinky while he balances a glass of water in his other hand.She has taken quite a liking to the twins.

“Hey, Kel,” He says.

I try smiling and end up wincing.

“How are you feeling?” He sits beside me and hands me the cup of water. I sip from it slowly.

“I have a splitting headache,” I rest my head back.

“Really?“, He asks and pressed his palm on my forehead and neck, “You don’t have a fever.”

I just manage to shrug with a goofy face, “I never said I have a fever.”

“Okay, smartass, you get to rest. I’ll get you the medicine,” He helps me lay back on my pillow and guides Ly out of the room and backhands the switches on the way out.

I shut my eyes and try to sleep but all I can think about right now is about Megan. Yeah, I love her so much that I want to strangle her at times but I’m not violent. That girl is pretentious and she is going to make me suffer for everything that happened today. I’m so tired of being sacred too but I can’t help it, there is nothing I can do. Jay comes back sometime later with Panadol and a plate of sliced up bananas.

“I hate bananas,” I groan.

“Too bad, you have no other choice. You haven’t taken anything and you will need this to ease your headache,” He shrugs and hands me the plate.

I take one and pop it in my mouth pretending to chew it. But he doesn’t seem to buy it. So, I end up eating the entire plate. Then he gives me a cup of water and a pill.I take them and smile at him in gratitude.

“Thanks for taking care of me,” I tell him.

“You’re always welcome,” He pecks my forehead catching me off guard. “Now I’m gonna go back to Jayden. Gotta shoot our video,” He says and bows out dramatically.

“K, bye,” I wave at him, more like shoo him away from the drama and take my phone from my nightstand and open Instagram.

I scroll through it, which sort of makes my headache worse so I open tik tok instead. Like it can ease my headache. But aren’t we all fanboys and fangirls?

I wait for a few minutes then search the JJ twins and reload the page. A new entry pops up. I like it and comment as usual.I do the same ritual I do every time they post something new.

I haven’t posted for quite a while on my art account, so I slowly get up from the bed and take out my Artbook from my bag. I flip through the pages and take a picture of my incomplete drawing.

I will complete it and post it again. I do that sometimes, it’s like a sneak-peak.

“That’s a beautiful drawing,” A voice startles me.

“Oh... Thanks?“, I reply to him, shooting him a smile.

Wait! He doesn’t have the highlight on his hair, which means this is... Jayden.Did he just compliment my drawing? Is this a step to our new friendship?What am I thinking?

“What?“, He frowns.

“Sorry, I taught you were Jay,” I say and look away from him.

“Oh... Can I see your drawings?“, He asks.

Should I give them to him? I never show anyone my drawings, except Olivia, Julian, and Lydia.I have made a portrait of each of them before. “Sure” I nod and hand him the book.It’s the new book mom gave me. I just started using it so it only has like 5 drawings.

“You’re an artist?” He asks and I nod, “Your drawings are beautiful, you have more?“, He asks.

What’s going on here? What is he up to? Is he up to something?“It’s a new book, that’s why I only have a few, my old one is in my side drawer,” I reply and point at the drawer, “You can take a look if you want.”

He nods and takes out the book.

He smiles when he reaches a certain drawing and I frown, wanting to know which one it is.I get up and go beside him, making sure to put a safe distance between us. What if he suddenly bares his teeth and bites my head off? Gotta be careful here.

“Lydia,” He grins and I smile with a nod.

His phone buzzes and he looks at it then excuses himself. As soon as he leaves, I throw the book on the bed and jump around in joy.I do a little victory dance which gets cut short when someone knocks on my door.

I turn with a smile on my face. I stumbled just as my heart drops several miles into neverland. Hell Neveland ain’t shit my heart disappears into thin air.

“I didn’t know you dance.”

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