Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 8: Hello!

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

“I didn’t know you dance,” She says.

My eyes scanned the talking pag that stands before me. I was tempted to shoot a funny remark but choose to keep it to myself and ask a serious question instead “What are you doing here, Megan?“, I stutter.

“Sup Nerd,” She smirks and takes a step forward and shuts the door behind her.

I take a step back with every step she takes forward until I hit the wall“You thought you could hide this from me?“, She asks as she slowly covers the space between us and grabs one of my hands and digs her nails into my arms.

I wince and used my other hand to cover my mouth, preventing myself from screaming, “You thought I’ll never find out that you’re living with the twins?“,She presses harder. Tears start spilling out of my eyes as she pinches into my skin,“You thought you could slowly steal them from me and I’ll never find out?“, She pinches harder. What does this witch want? Date both of them? Psycho witch.

“You think you are so smart,” She digs her sharp nails inside. Blood starts appearing on the spot where her nails are. Tears are falling from my eyes from the pain but I would never cry in front of this witch.

“You guys need anything?“, Jay butts in, pushing the doors open.

Her eyes widen, and she immediately takes her hands off me and turns to him with a smile.I silently hope he doesn’t see my red eyes but he does.

“Why are you crying, Kelly?” He comes to my side. I hide my bleeding hand and turn to him with a fake smile.

“I was just-” I start to say but Megan beats me to it.

“We were talking about emotional stuff,” Megan hides her hand.

“Oh... Aww don’t cry Kel”, Jay chuckles, pulling me into a side hug. I give a fake laugh and nod at him.

“Anyways as I was saying, do you girls need anything?“, He asks purely oblivious to whats happening.

“No. I was just leaving. I only came here to see how she’s doing,” She smiles devilishly at me.

Jay nods and bolts out leaving me alone with her again. She turns to me and takes my hand, then pressed hard on the wound, but instead of wincing, I fought to keep a straight face and looked right into her eyes.

“You, are gonna keep your distance from the twins,” She says, then releases my hand and walks away, swaying her hips. I resisted the urge to pull on her heels and make her fall or maybe even push her down the stairs. Let’s see how long. I go fetch my first aid kit.

What kind of crazy person would expect me to stay in the same room without interacting with anyone. She will learn her lesson someday.I use a ball of cotton to clean the blood and take out the sanitizer.As I am about to spray it, Lydia comes into the room. I hide my hand behind my back and smile at her.

“Hey baby, how are you?“, I peck her cheek, which she responded to with a giggle.

“I’m fine. Why is the fust-aid box open?” She pushed away with a pout, eyeing me, then her eyebrow connect before she speaks again “Are you hurt?“, She pouts looking between me and the kit.

“Of course, not Ly. I’m fine”, I smile and caress her cheeks.

“Goals!“, Jay giggles and plops on the bed “How are you feeling?” He asks securing Ly’s hands in his.

“Way Better” I smiles and use my other hand to roll down the sleeves of my wounded hand, making sure that he didn’t see my wound.

“Anyways, your car is here and... Your PS4!“, He keeps a bag with the box of PS4 near the bed, grinning like a fool. He picked it up again and placed it on the bed, unconsciously making his muscles flex. My face lights up to the sight of my console and after adoring it for a while and making sure that it’s all fine, I tell him to set it with the TV, which is in my room. I watch him place a table under the tv and the Ps4 on top, then he started connecting the wires like a professional. He sets it, then I choose FIFA from my CDs so the two of us can play.

We start the match with me choosing Real Madrid and he, PSG.

Of course, we had a little fight about who will choose Real Madrid. We both wanted it but I forced him to give it to me by playing the sick card. I have been playing fifa for about 3 years now and because I didn’t have any other friends to play with, apart from Julian, I thought I played like an expert but hes way beyond my level. Julian has the best moves and he moves around swiftly, like he’s playing physically. He doesn’t strain the controller to move around, he holds it in the calmest and careless way, yet he always ends up winning.

I was 14 years old when I started learning. He taught me tricks and how to be the best and I concentrated so well that sometimes I even defeat him.

“Hey! How’d you do that?!“, Jay exclaims, then spin his head and looks down at me with a grin.

“I learnt from the best,” I smirk, shooting him a wink.

Lydia giggles and makes herself comfortable leaning on Jay’s back, who so happily accepts her actions. She tries to get on his neck, but he grins and pushed her leg off his shoulder and suddenly, but slowly back flipping her over his head, making her scream.

“Who taught you?” He asks, holding a laughing Lydia in his arms while she tries too pull out of his grip while laughing.

“Julian,” I reply with a smile, a short slideshow of our moments of hims teaching me, capturing my mind.

“Julian seems to have taught you a lot of things,” He says smirking. Was he insinuating something else? I’ll never know.

“Hey, kids,” A manly and hoarse voice says from outside, gaining my attention.

I look to the side and see the one and only ,Ace Brandon, standing at the door. Ace Brandon is excessively good looking. Don’t get me wrong, but that’s the truth. He’s the founder of the Brandon empire and the father of the twins of course. He owns a lot of firms around the world and most of all, he’s a very nice man. He stood at the doorway, wearing a white shirt, and a loose grey tie hung over his neck. He has his coat hung on his arms and hair slicked back.

“Hey Dad,” Jay grins, still holding Lydia, only bothering to shoot a short glance at this model of a father that is standing at the door.

I land my feet to the ground and got up, pulling my sports shorts as I walk towards Ace, with a nervous smile and my left hand wrapped around my hip out of habit. I looked down until I reached him, then looked up and smiled at him, extending my arm “Hello,”

We do a firm handshake.

“Hello Kelly,” He replies, “I finally get to meet you again. The last time we met was long ago and you were still young. But you’ve grown into a beautiful young lady,” He smiles and releases my hand.

“Ace!” Lydia cheers and jumps off the bed running to him.

He opened his arms to her and she hugs him. He picks her up and pecks her cheek, his smile growing wider.I wish I was Lydia! She gets so much love and care from everyone while I just get handshakes and bullies. I know I shouldn’t be like this but I’ve never managed to overcome this feeling. I’ve always felt left out everywhere I go. Even though I start looking at the brighter side of thing, there is always Megan ready to ambush anything and everything I do, there has to be something I can do about the Megan situation.

“How are you little one?” He asks her, pushing the few stands of hair that cover he face and tucking them behind her ear.

“I’m fine!” She giggles.

“That’s great! Now, are you gonna let Ace go and change into something more comfortable cause I’m sure I must be stinking so bad, then we can talk, alright?” He asks in a childish tone, shaking his head as he spoke.

“Yes!!” She answers.

He sets her down and walks away to his and Livia’s room, while I go back to my previous position on my bed. Jay and I continue playing FIFA for a while and after five rounds, I am at the lead with a 3:2 ratio. As we’re about to start our sixth game, Jayden barges in.

“What are you guys doing?” Jayden asks as he sits beside Jay.

“Playing FIFA. Kelly is an amazing player, you wanna try playing against her?“, Jay asks extending the controller to Jayden.

“Sure!” He takes the controller and faces the tv. I watch as he moved the console like a professional, choosing his players. But I didn’t have to worry, as mine was already set. He sure is full of surprises.

“Jayden!“, Lydia cheers and wraps her arms around his neck from behind, making him lean forward, with a chuckle, but I didn’t bother turning my head away, as I could see them from the corner of my eyes.

“Betrayer!“, I accuse Lydia, turning, only to stick my tongue at her, but Jayden was already looking at me, and he chuckled at the sight, sending me a wink, before turning his head back to the game. I do the same, letting the warmth on my face slowly fade.

Is he flirting?

“Really? Well I’m team Kelly,” Jay sits behind me, weighing me down by placing both his arms on my shoulder.

The game starts.


“That’s it! I’m not playing this game anymore,” Jayden complains and tosses the controller on the bed.

“Losers!“, Jay and I shout and laugh at Jayden and Lydia.

“Whatever,” He rolls his eyes and turns to Jay, “Let’s go. We have to film our YouTube video”

“Right,” He nods at me and gets off the bed, “You know, today’s video is special cause we are going to shout out to one of our fans,” He says.

“Really? You chose who it is?” I ask curiosity getting the better of me.

“Yeah, there is this page on Instagram, JJ_Twins. She has the most followers and is one of our biggest fans so we are sending a gift card of Spotify,” He says.

Oh, come on! But at least it’s only a gift card. JJ_Twins is the fan page I have for them. Couldn’t they choose anyone else?

“What?“, I dangle my legs off the side of the bed and stare at them wide-eyed.

“Yeah... Is there a problem?“, Jay frowned.

“No,” I reply too fast.

“Alright,” He winks and walked away.

What do I do if they find out that I own the page? Should I just delete it? That will not work out.I can just give it to Julian in the meantime and get it back from him once all this shout-out and gifting are over. After thinking the idea through, I take my phone from the side table and open messenger.


Lazy Bones: Julian, I have an offer for u

Nerd: Hey baby girl, Sup?

Lazy Bones: I’m giving you my JJ_Twins account password and you will keep it as the owner for a while until I want to take it back.

Nerd: Really!?

Lazy Bones: Yeah... So

Nerd: I’d love to have that account but I won’t be able to manage it like you do

Lazy Bones: Meaning?

Nerd: I mean, I don’t have time to always post right on time or be the first to vote and comment and all that stuff

Lazy Bones: I can be the one sending u the videos.

Nerd: But I don’t wanna

Lazy Bones: Plz

Nerd: No... I don’t wanna sorry!

Lazy Bones: Plz

Lazy Bones: Hello?

Lazy Bones: U there?

Lazy Bones: Julieeeeee

Lazy Bones: U can’t ignore me forever.

I sigh and throw my phone on the bed and turn on the tv, switching the source. Nickelodeon comes on where Henry Danger is going on.

I place the remote on the nightstand and Lydia and I start watching until we are called downstairs for dinner. The rest of the day wasn’t anything memorable. We just gradually settle in our beds and drift off to sleep.

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