Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 9: Are you suicidal?

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

― Abraham Lincoln

School is horrible. Megan has started bullying me more than she usually does and as usual, no one comes to my aid.Every time Jay talks to me, I get tortured but I can’t ignore him, he’s the only one who treats me like a human apart from Julian and Olivia.

She dug her nails into my neck last time which was hard to cover with makeup because the spot was bleeding and it turned red. Olivia had to help me. She and Julian, as usual, tried to convince me to report about her to the school, but I can’t. She has control over me.

Once, Julian reported her to the principal. Of course, the principal wouldn’t believe me until I confirm the suspicions.Megan found out about everything and the rest is history that won’t be retold.


I was walking down the halls of the school to go to the principal’s office when I suddenly got pulled into a room.Before I could scream, hands were wrapped around my mouth “Shut up” I heard a voice I could recognize anytime.

I stayed calm, knowing that it’s useless to try and fight. She released me and forcefully spun me around “Listen to me nerd, you better not say anything to the principal, if not, I won’t hesitate to speak to my dadand all your hard work will be ruined” She snapped and I furiously nodded at her, with fear.

“Good, now get out,” She pointed towards the door. I took slow steps to the door and made my way to the principal, thinking of an excuse to get out of all this.

I knocked on the door then after hearing, “Come In,” then opened the door and met eyes with Julian. He came to my side, as we both stood in front of the principal, waiting for him to speak “Where’s Ms. Leaky?“, He asked.

“I’m here,” The door opened again, revealing Megan.

“Great, so I was told that you, Miss Leaky have been bullying Miss Johnson for a long time,” He enquired.

“What? How could someone lie so bad about me?“, She faked tears.

“She is faking it, sir”, Julian said.

I swear. How does she even do this? The fake tears. How does she force them out? It looks real, yet fake… if that makes sense.

“What do you mean?“, She muttered, wiping the tears.

“Look, you both can’t decide all that. Let’s ask Mrs. Johnson for answers”, He turned to me, “Miss Johnson, you don’t have to be scared, you can tell me the truth and I’ll see what I can do”

“She... ” I started and turned to Megan. She gave me a death glare and raised her brow with a nod “She... She did... She did nothing,” I said, and shut my eyes.

“What? Look, Kelly, you don’t have to be scared, we’re here for you,” Julian made me face him.

I could see the sadness in his eyes and all I wanted to do was hug him and cry for hours. All I wanted to do was tell them the truth and make it all stop but I couldn’t. I had a way out right in front of me but the moment I go though it, I might lose my loved ones.

“Yes, Ms. Johnson. You can tell us the truth.” Mr. Brown encouraged.

I sighed turning to him “No, she’s not bulling me, sir. I’m fine.”

“I’ve been falsely accused,” She started crying again.

“Mr. Landon, we cannot accept the fact that you lied,” He principal shook his head at Julian, who didn’t bother saying a thing and kept his eyes on the ground.

I’m so sorry Julian. I had to do this. I didn’t mean to do all this.I touched his arm and gained his attention, then gave him an apologetic look and he just nodded at me with a sigh“Sir, he deserves punishment for lying about me,” Megan added. I wanted to punch her. Wasn’t making me lie about him enough hearth break for him?

I wanted to beat her to death. She’s a monster.

“Mr. Landon, you have to serve in the cafeteria with the chef for 3 weeks as a punishment,” Mr. Brown spoke in a low voice.

With that we all headed out of the office.


I have always felt bad about that day. Every time I remember it, I have to feel the pain.I have apologized to Julian a lot about it but he keeps saying it doesn’t matter and he’s probably annoyed with my multiple apologies.

One thing that has bettered over the days is that Jayden has become nicer. He treats me like a human now. We have talked a few times at home and even played games together.

Today is Friday and I didn’t get bullied that much. Jay isn’t here and I had to come here with Jayden, who didn’t bother approaching me in school. At all and I couldn’t be more thankful. After school, we’re heading to Ace’s brother’s house and spending the weekend there which I hope won’t be awkward for me.

I walk out of school and start heading to my car when I remember I came with Jayden so I had to leave with him.Right as I turn, I see him standing behind me.

“Hey,” He smiles.

“Hey... ” I reply adjusting my shoulder strap.

“We’re directly heading to Uncle’s house,” He says.

“Aren’t we supposed to go home and meet the others first before heading over to your Uncle’s.”

“I know that but they left without us, so we’re on our own. Your luggage has been taken care of,” He explains as we head to his car.

I’m now used to all the looks I get when I’m with the twins. Some envied and some were jealous but either way, it wasn’t very appetizing too me. They’re humans, just like I am and I’ve stopped failing about them over social media.

He opens the door for me, then rounds the car and gets in while I get into my side but my only issue at the moment was closing the door. It opens upwards and pulling it down wasn’t working… Or, I’m not strong enough.

I turn to him and give him an awkward smile then try again but it doesn’t budge.I am busy thinking of ways to pull at it when suddenly Jayden’s face profile is in front from mine as he pulls at the door. I am so stunned that I let out a hiccup.He turns and looks into my eyes. His beautiful green eyes meet mine. Our faces are so close that if I move forward a little, our lips would touch. Abort mission. Stop thinking of nasty things!

His face reddens and he immediately falls back into his seat “This is gonna be a long ride… It’ll take us 5 hours to get there” He mutters more to himself than me.


5 hours in the same car with him? Talk about awkward.

I nod and try looking out but the silence kills me, so I take out my earpiece.Is it rude to put on earpiece when in the car with someone? What if he tries to talk to me?I set the earpiece back in and start using my phone.


Oh great!

Life is just great.

We’ve only been 2hours through the ride. I was on Instagram and after a while, the service got lost so I started playing some games and now, my charge is Low!

“Do you have a charger?“, I ask and he nods. He reaches into the glove box and brings out the charger while still having his eyes on the road, then he connects the charger to its spot and I connected my phone to it, then balance my phone in a tiny compartment at the front. I decide to sleep to make us both feel at ease.


So, here is the thing. I have been trying to sleep for over 30 minutes but I’m still talking, ain’t I? That is because I never went to sleep“Can I ask you a question?” Jayden speaks startling me out of my thoughts.

I turn my attention to him and respond with a nod.

“Did you ever have an abusive boyfriend or dad?“, He asks.

Where is this going?

I stared at his side profile for the longest minute, watching his jaw clench once in a while, then sighed and decided to answer the question “No, I never had a boyfriend, and my father wasn’t abusive. Why?“, I ask with a frown.

“Are you suicidal?“, He adds.

Anger shot through my veins and suddenly, all the tiredness is gone and I find myself snapping at him “That is just rude. Who do you think you are allowed to ask me such questions?”

“One, you did give me the permission to ask. Two, just answer the question, and I’ll tell you why I’m asking,” He says, still keeping his eyes on the road and shooting short glances at me.

“No, I’m not suicidal,” I snap at him, “Now, tell me why you’re asking,” I add.

“Then why do you have those scars?“, He asks.

Scars? Does he know about my scars? How does even even know that I have scars? Olivia was right. I should have locked my room every night before sleeping but I thought they weren’t harmful and everyone was innocent.

How does he know about the scars Megan gave me?Who told him? Where did I go wrong? Has he been sneaking into my room when I’m asleep? “How do you know about my scars?“, I stutter out a reply.

“I just do. And last Monday, when you blacked out and Megan came to check on you, what did she tell you?“, He asks.

“What do you mean?” I frown.

“Look, I saw you, alright? After she left, after we played games and finished eating dinner I saw you crying in your room. Next time you want to cry secretly, try shutting your door and I know that there is no one else in the house that could make you cray and that lease Megan because she’s the only one who visited and she can be rude. Hell, she is one rude person.”

“It is nothing that should concern you,” I say and look away from him.

“Look, I know I’m being nosy-” He starts, but I cut him off.

“Yes, you are. You’re being very nosey and you should stop! Now,” I snap.

I don’t want another person to take part in my burden. Julian and Olivia are enough.I agree that I might have been very rude and he’s only trying to help, but I don’t need help. I can handle this on my own, I don’t need his help. I don’t want what happened with Julian to happen to him too.

“I’m sorry,” He sighs and looks at the road with a sad expression.Ugh! I hate this. I hate it when I snap at someone and they give me some sad expression, it just makes me feel so bad and annoyed. And guilty.

“Look, I’m didn’t mean to snap at you and I’m sorry for that. I just... ” I trail off.

“It’s OK... I understand I might have triggered you. I’m sorry,” He smiles through clenched teeth.

I return his smile, then lay my head on the door. 15 minutes later after staring out the window, I finally fall asleep.


“Kelly,” I hear a voice say, as someone shakes my shoulder.

I slowly open my eyes to meet the green ones of Jayden.

“What?“, I ask as I rub my eyes.

“We’re here,” He says, in a soft and gentle voice.

Is it just me or is his face glowing brighter than it usually does? Yeah, it’s just the sun that’s shining on his face and his hair. His eyes are a brighter shade of green and his brown hair has turned hazel.

“Oh,” Is all I manage to say and get up. We both got out of the car. I take my school bag with me as we head to the door of the big house.

Is this some sort of a palace?

This family is loaded, not just them, even their relatives. I don’t know what good deed I did to deserve this but ok. I’ll take it with pleasure.

Jayden presses the doorbell. We wait for a few seconds before it finally gets opened by Ace.He seems to have changed his hairstyle. He looks different from the last time I saw him. Instead of his regular slick hairstyle, his hair is longer and cut from the middle, laid on each side. His eyebrows are shaped differently and he’s completely shaved his beard, which I personally think that he looks better with.

“Jayden! My man, how are you doing?“, He hugs him and pats his back.

OK... These two have a weird Father-son relationship. They met this morning. “Hey uncle A,” Jayden replies with a smile.

I look at them dumbfounded. Why in gods name would you call your own father your uncle? Why? Just Why? Have they lost their minds or have I lost mine?

“You must be Kelly,” He turns to me and extends his hand.

I thought we met. We spent a week in the same house, did he lose his memory or did I lose mine?I awkwardly shake his hand, sending him a short frown. I turn my gaze to Jayden who is struggling to keep in his laughter. Just as we meet eyes, he erupts into a fit of laughter.

“Are you OK?” Ace asks him with a frown, “I’m starting to think you have serious problems”

I laugh at that comment and decided to add min “I’m starting to think y’all have serious issues” I laughed, earning an amused expressing from the both of them.

“I’m just laughing cause she thinks you’re Dad.”

“Thinks he’s dad? So, all the time I’ve spent with you guys was a lie? Ace isn’t your father?” I ask, disbelief in my eyes, “You have all been lying to the world?”

They look between each other and laugh like what I just said wasn’t serious then Ace stops and turns to me and smiled, “I’m Alec, Ace’s twin”

My eyes widen as I nod in realization.Ace has a twin brother who I somehow never knew about because I wasn’t an internet freak. I guess I didn’t do my homework well but it wasn’t my fault that there are no twin photos around the house.

He invites us both in as my eyes fall on a beautiful African woman setting the table “Honey, they’re home” Alec announces. The woman’s face brightens as she walks over to us.

“Jayden! I missed you so much” She hugs Jayden, who wraps his arms around her petit figure. No cap but that body is snatched! She is an African woman with brown eyes, she has short black hair like Mom’s, which is tied, leaving a puff in the back.

“Aunt B! Still as beautiful as always,” Jayden kisses her cheek as she giggles in reply.

“Careful there, young man,” Alec pulls Jayden off her, “That’s my wife you’re flirting with,” He wraps his arms around her shoulder.

She just rolls her eyes before turning her gaze back to me, “Kelly, right?” She asks and I nod, “I’m Bianca, nice to meet you,” She says, giving me a short hug. She walks into the kitchen when she hears a sound coming from there, indicating that whatever she put in the oven is finished.

Lydia comes running down the stairs and hugs me, “Ly, how are you?“, I ask and peck her cheek.

“I’m fine,” She gives me a toothy smile, “I made new fwends.”

“That’s amazing,” I smile at her.

She nods and says that she’s going to play, leaving Jayden and I, “I’m going to get a few things. Just go up the stairs and you might meet Jay in the 5th room” Jayden says and takes off.

I nod then started walking up the stairs with my bag dangling from my wrists and spot Jay at the end of the hall beside a door. His face lightens up when he sees me.

“Hey, Kelly!“, He walks over to me and does a deep bow, “How was school, it must have been so boring without me” He winks.

Little does he know.

“Yeah,” I say. We start talking animatedly for a few minutes when suddenly he freezes and turns to me.

“Would you like to meet my girlfriend?“, He smirks.

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