Rosaline: Hyperactive Summer

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Chapter 2

It was summer, so it wasn't surprising or even the least bit noticeable by the teenagers that inhabited the two-story beach house that the sun had risen earlier than they had. The bright unending lights poured through the wide glass windows that lined the wall from floor to ceiling. Gazing in through the large windows was a clear view of the calm ocean, a sandy white beach, and wooden deck that extended from the house, lawn chairs and a fire ring at the center. On the opposite side of the windows were the living room and dining room. A long wooden table stretched with mismatched chairs at all edges. The living room was adorned with wicker furniture circling a glass coffee table. A large flat screen television lined one wall and a spotless fireplace lined the other.

Pops and sizzles graced the early morning air as Frankie stood over the stove, skillfully turning strips of bacon over in a greasy frying pan. The windows let in enough natural light so that the lamps hanging from the high ceiling above him were unnecessary at that moment. The stove was built into an island that was lined with dark blue granite, a counter with stools ready for anyone who wanted to eat there. He plucked the cooked bacon out of the pan and placed them on a plate on the counter. Behind Frankie stood a large metallic refrigerator, the sink, the microwave, and a variety of cabinets protruding from the wall that held an assortment of cookware and silverware.

The bottom floor also held the largest bedroom, which Frankie ended up sleeping in, and a bathroom. A staircase led up to the corridor that held the doorway for five bedrooms and another bathroom on the second floor. The bedrooms varied slightly, but each one had a hardwood floor, at least one window, a small bed, a closet, and a dresser.

Slowly, starting with Al, each of Frankie's friends made their way downstairs. The shirtless boy had already taken the time before coming down to put on his earrings and sunglasses, but left his black hair a mess. Frankie greeted him pleasantly and passed him a plate piled with bacon, sausages, and scrambled eggs. Al mumbled his thanks and began to eat.

Soon after, David arrived downstairs fully dressed and just having come from the shower. He pulled up a stool next to Al and joined him for breakfast. A minute later, Carrie wandered downstairs. She sat down at the counter next to Al after pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Would you like some sausages, Carrie?" Frankie asked, already stacking a plate for her.

"Oh, yes thank you, I love sausages," Carrie responded pleasantly.

Al quickly laughed, his mouth full of food, before becoming serious, wrapping his arm around Carrie and saying, "As do I." Then he returned to his meal, while Carrie stared at him, confused.

"Does anyone know if R-Kelley's up?" Frankie finally asked.

"I'll go see," David said as he stood up. David made his way to the door of the room R-Kelley had wandered into the previous night. He knocked lightly and whispered his friend's name, but there was no response. He knocked a little louder and tried to open the door, but it was locked, and the room was silent. David scratched his head and looked in the other rooms to make sure he was knocking on the right door. Once he returned to the ground floor he exclaimed to his friends, who were all sitting at the dining room table now, "His door's locked and he's not responding."

"Oh well, he's always been a deep sleeper," Frankie said, ignoring his absences and continued eating his scrambled eggs. They continued eating peacefully, enjoying the quiet house and light conversation, until the question arose regarding the whereabouts of Rosaline, who hadn't been seen all morning.

As they pondered this, the tall teenage girl stepped onto the patio from the beach and then entered the house through the back door. She greeted her friends warmly with a smile and a light wave. She wore a white t-shirt and short shorts, and had a canvas bag hung on her shoulder.

"Whoa, that tan's amazing," Al said, admiring her now golden brown skin.

"Where have you been?" David asked.

"I've been on the beach all morning," she explained as she set down her bag and took a seat at the table, "I wanted to get some tanning done before the crowds get here." She thanked Frankie as he handed her a mug full of coffee, and she began fixing it to her liking.

"Are you wearing the bikini?" Al asked eagerly.

"Oh my God, you want to see it? It looks so good," she said, standing up.

In front of her friends, she removed the white t-shirt and pulled off the shorts, revealing her full tan that she managed to get after only a few hours on the early morning beach. Her only clothing was the red string bikini that barely covered her well-developed features. Al gawked without shame as she stood before them, her head high and her hands on her hips.

"So, how's it look?" she asked, posing again.

"It's very nice," Frankie said.

"'Very nice?' Are you kidding?" Al shouted, "This is a gift from God." And to express his thanks, Al went to his knees on the floor, folding his hands and thanking God for this beautiful spectacle.

"What do you think, David?" Rosaline asked.

"Well, I think…"

"Haha, you think I care what a pervert like you would say?" Rosaline said snottily, "Carrie, do I look sexy?"

"Um, you look very nice," Carrie said, softly quoting Frankie.

"Ooh, you have a bikini, too, right Carrie?" Rosaline said, her eyes shining. Carrie nodded affirmatively. "Come on, get it on. We have to show the boys," Rosaline instructed. Carrie was hesitant at first, but Rosaline grabbed her wrist and dragged her smaller friend up the stairs. A moment later they returned. Rosaline, still only in her bikini, stood before Al, David, and Frankie, blocking their view of Carrie, who was wrapped up in a beach towel.

"Preeeeesenting the lovely and sexy teen idol, Carrie Connors," she announced before stepping out of the way, signaling Carrie to remove the towel and hesitantly exposing her body. Although not as well-developed as her friend, Carrie's smaller body was greatly complemented by the rainbow-patterned string bikini that graced her figure.

"Wow, Carrie that's amazing!" David exclaimed.

"R-really? Thank you," Carrie mumbled, blushing.

"Really, you look gorgeous," David added.

"Yes, it truly suits you," Frankie said, smiling.

"Well of course, I picked it out after all," Rosaline said, smiling and sticking out her chest as she gave herself all the credit for Carrie's good looks. "Oh, Carrie you look so cute. All the guys will be lining up to meet you."

"R-Rosaline…" Carrie started, but a figure quickly darted past her from behind. Al, standing like an Olympian posing for a sculpture, posed with his empty fist extended before himself. Carrie had a confused look on her face. With a light pat, her bikini top fell to the floor. Carrie began to scream, but was cut off, even before the boys had a chance to look, by Rosaline's soft hands covering her exposed breasts.

"Don't worry, I got you covered," Rosaline said from behind Carrie with a smile. Carrie, blushing, brought her hands up and placed them over Rosaline's.

"Al, what was that for?" David asked angrily.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I am, after all," Al said making another heroic pose, "the string-pulling champine!"

"I'm not gonna lie, that was kind of a dick move," Frankie said.

"Heh, sorry Carrie," Al apologized.

"It's okay, I guess," Carrie muttered, tears forming in her eyes.

"Here," David said, as he picked the rainbow bikini top up off the ground and handed it to the girl.

"Oh thanks," Rosaline said, sticking out her hand to accept the article of clothing, accidentally leaving Carrie's breast exposed. With wide eyes and a beet-red face, Carrie quickly snatched Rosaline's wrist and placed her hand back over her nipple. Rosaline snickered and began to tease her friend. "You know, Carrie, I didn't realize your boobs were so big. They sure are soft," she said in a sensual voice as she began to rub the smaller girl's breasts. Carrie's face turned another notch redder, and the glasses-wearing girl ran up the stairs, not able to take any more. "Wait, Carrie, I was only joking," Rosaline said, laughing as she ran after her friend.

David gave an angry glare at Al, who quickly and coolly responded, "Yeah, I know. You are welcome." Al smiled as David face-palmed.

"Ah, Carrie's going to need a minute," Rosaline said, smiling as she stepped down the stairs.

The group had continued eating until Carrie finally rejoined them, once again fully clothed. It was then, surrounded by four of his five companions, that Frankie loudly set his glass cup down on the table, successfully getting everyone's attention.

"My friends, we have an issue," he said gruffly, "the car repairs severely drained our financial resources."

"So, can't we just ask our parents for more money?" Rosaline said, her mouth full.

"Most of the money collected for this trip came from the donations by our parents. Does anyone think they'll be willing to pay more?" Frankie asked. His query was met with silence. Suddenly, with a slight buzz, the automatic curtains began to fall over the windows, darkening the room.

"What the hell?" Al muttered.

"David, could you please get the lights," Frankie said. David got up, complying with Frankie's request, and stood behind the larger boy afterwards. The darkness and the single lamp above the dining table created an eerie feeling.

"I believe that since we all got into that little mishap yesterday, we should all work together to get the money we need to continue our vacation," Frankie said, perching his elbows on the table and folding his hands so that they covered his mouth.

"How much did the repairs cost?" Al asked.

"Around three hundred dollars, and they are only temporary, I'd like to see more complete work done later on," Frankie answered, "I feel the best way to do this is to alter our plan to evenly divide the housework around here. Instead, three of us will do chores and three of us will get part-time jobs."

"Which three?" Carrie asked hesitantly.

"I think the best option would be to have you, Al and David get jobs while Rosaline, R-Kelley and I work around here," Frankie suggested.

"What? I don't want to spend my summer working," David started to argue, but after catching a glimpse of Carrie he thought, This could be my chance to spend some serious time with Carrie without Rosaline interrupting. I can't let this chance go. "Actually, I think it would be a great idea," he said, smiling.

"Well, Carrie and I won't stand for this," Al said, pulling Carrie closer to him, making the shy girl blush again. "It's not my car; if you can't drive responsibly then you should pay for your own mistakes."

"You're full of crap, Alphonse," David argued, while Frankie sat patiently across the table from Al, "You're the one that just had to go talk to that gang of ne'er-do-wells, remember?"

"You also said you'd be willing to help pay if Frankie got a fine," Carrie mumbled softly, still up against Al's bare chest.

"I have never said something so ridiculous," Al argued, releasing Carrie.

"How about you, Carrie? Do also reject my proposal?" Frankie asked calmly.

"No, I don't mind getting a job, although I'd probably be bad at it," she confirmed, holding a hand to her concerned face.

"Yes!" David exclaimed, "Looks like you're the odd man out, Alphonse." He peered over at Al as if ready to shout "checkmate."

"Aw, Rosaline, help me out. Huh?" Al turned towards where he thought the bikini-clad girl had been sitting the whole time. "Where'd she go?"

"She left several minutes ago," Frankie answered.

"It figures. It's unnatural for her to be quiet for so long," David said.

"How can someone so lively just walk out without us noticing?" Carrie asked herself more than anyone else.

"Anyway, Al, what if I was to begin revoking your privileges to the use of my car, forcing you to A. Walk to school everyday next year or B. Get a ride from your grandmother?" Frankie asked seriously.

"Um, well, sure Frankie I'd be happy to help you pay off your car repairs. You don't have to ask twice," Al said with a forced smile.

Okay, this is it, Rosaline thought as she walked down the beach with her canvas bag over her shoulder. I am a new woman now; the restraints of my past have been lifted. Now I am only the extremely sexy teenage beauty that I have to be concerned with. Step one to living out the ultimate summer: find a super hot boyfriend to have a summer fling with. Rosaline then began examining the patrons of the sandy beach, the numbers of which had been increasing as she walked, and began to comment out loud on their eligibility as she pointed.

"Not you, not you, not you, ugh, no way, you're a girl, no, no, no," she said without discretion while the other beachgoers gave her unpleasant glances, "nope, nope, yes!" She screamed loudly, but with a low voice as her finger finally led her to a suitable target. "That's perfect," she squealed out loud to herself, "That's it. He's the one. The guy all the girls will be after, the cream of the crop. He's not just the lifeguard, he's the incredibly hunky lifeguard."

Without missing a beat, Rosaline marched over to where the unsuspecting lifeguard was seated atop his white tower, watching over the beachgoers. He wasn't wearing any t-shirt to cover his well-toned chest, but wore sunglasses and red shorts, along with a typical blotch of sunscreen on his nose and a whistle around his neck. As he worked, he also engaged in conversation with a blonde girl standing at the base of the tower.

Rosaline walked over to the girl, placed her hands on the blonde's shoulders, and proceeded to push the shorter girl a good distance away from the lifeguard tower, interrupting their conversation midway. She returned to the tower, leaned up against it casually, and attempted the most seductive "Hi" she could deliver.

"Excuse me, we were having a discussion here," the blonde said, returning angrily.

"Bug off, Blondie; I'm on the move," Rosaline muttered before gazing back up at the lifeguard with a toothy grin.

The blonde scoffed and said, "Whatever; Sam, I'll talk to you later." Sam, the lifeguard, bade her farewell and she stomped away.

"Yeah, that's right; get lost, Blondie," Rosaline mumbled before turning her attention back to the lifeguard, "So how's it going, Big Man? Save any lives today?" Sam said nothing and maintained his constant visual over the beach. "Well, what if I say you could save one right now? That is, if you go on a date with me."

"Ma'am," Sam the lifeguard finally said, looking down at Rosaline.

"Yeah?" Rosaline responded, her spirit filling with excitement.

"I must maintain my concentration while I'm on duty, so I would appreciate it if you would refrain from trying to communicate with me," he said sternly.

"You could make an exception for someone as cute as me, right?" Rosaline tried, throwing in a light southern accent.

"No, Ma'am, no exceptions," he said, and returned to watching over the beach patrons.

Rosaline climbed part-way up the ladder to where Sam was sitting and said, "Oh come on, no one is going to drown while we're talking or anything."

"Ma'am, if you continue to pester me, I will escort you off the beach," Sam stated flatly.

"Don't be such a kill-joy. I just want to have a little fun with you, is all," Rosaline said sweetly. Sam looked down at her, brought his whistle to his lips and blasted a loud tweet right in her face. "Gah! Oumph," she screamed as she fell from the lifeguard tower, landing on her bottom. "Fine, I'm going, I'm going, geez," she yelled, more than a little ticked off, as she pulled herself up. Rubbing both her ear and her butt, Rosaline stormed away.

Carrie, Al, and David had just departed for the town, a short walk away, leaving Frankie, R-Kelley, and Bro Dog alone in the beach house. Frankie had finished washing the dishes used for breakfast and walked up the stairs to the second floor, thinking, It's too bad those guys can't enjoy their first day at the beach, but I think David was right about getting a job before the big crowds come to town. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself after doing a little housework.

"Hey R-Kelley," Frankie banged on his friend's door, "help me clean the house and then we can hit the beach." He paused to listen for a response, but R-Kelley remained silent. Frankie tried to open the door, but it was still locked. "R-Kelley?" Frankie called louder, knocking on the door as well, "Fine, sleep all you want."

A few minutes later, Frankie was sweeping sand off of the patio. He looked up at the old house and saw that the window for R-Kelley's bedroom was wide open. Curious, Frankie pulled out his cell phone and dialed R-Kelley's number. In only a few rings, R-Kelley answered it.

"R-Kelley, are you awake?"

"Of course," R-Kelley responded drearily.

"Well, we decided that Carrie, Al, and David would get part-time jobs to pay for my car repairs and the rest of us would do all the housework around here," Frankie explained over the phone.

"Hey, that's a great idea," R-Kelley said.

"Yeah, well, Rosaline already beetled it out of here, so I could use your help tidying up the place. It will only take a little while and we can go for a swim afterwards," Frankie said.

"Okay, good night," R-Kelley said.

"Wait, c'mon man," Frankie pleaded, "This will be easy."

"Okay, I'll be down in a few minutes," R-Kelley conceded.

The phone call ended and Frankie continued to sweep the patio. Then over the course of two hours, he managed to unpack his belongings, dust the house, and shovel the great amount of ash left in the fire ring on the patio. By noon, Frankie realized that he had heard nothing from R-Kelley.

While Rosaline was hitting on the lifeguard, Frankie was cleaning the house, and R-Kelley was secluded in his room, Carrie, Al, and David walked down the sidewalk of the small beach town. Al lead the way, walking with his hands clamped behind his head.

"That was a pretty cruel trick, Al," David pointed out.

"Yeah, I know, sorry Carrie," Al admitted.

"Don't worry; I'm okay," Carrie said softly.

"Seriously, you didn't have to do that to her," David added.

"Oh, would you have preferred if I de-topped Rosaline instead?" Al asked teasingly, turning around to face his friends.

"I'm sure if you did it she wouldn't mind," David said.

"That is probably true," Al admitted, turning back around, "Even if it was me, she'd probably blame you, anyway." Al laughed at his own joke.

After a few minutes, the group of teenagers came across a department store that claimed to be hiring. After filling out the application, each teenager went in for an interview with the manager one at a time, while the others waited outside. As the store was short handed that day, the manager had instructed them to wait to hear the results at the end of the interviews.

First up was David. The manager sat quietly, almost awkwardly, as David talked nonstop. "And then for no reason everything gets reset to back when his wife died, but this time she didn't die. Actually I don't know if it really holds up or not, I didn't quite catch the explanation and have been meaning to go back and research it. I mean, yay, his wife and daughter didn't die, and I love happy endings. But I just feel that all the character development and growth that occurred because the guy's wife died was a total waste since it's like none of that ever happened now. I don't know. Season one was pretty good, but the second season just blew me out of the water. It was amazing." Except none of it related to the question the manager had asked.

"What are you talking about?" the middle-aged man asked. David looked at him as if it was impossible for him not to understand the complaints he had of this particular anime.

Next was Carrie's turn to face the balding manager. She could barely look him in the eye, being as nervous as she was. "Um, Ms. Connors, are you alright? I don't think you should be working if you aren't feeling well. I don't want to get too personal, but is it some kind of chronic illness?" the manager asked.

"Oh no, don't worry about me," Carrie forced herself to say, "I don't get dick very often."

"Uh," the manager uttered, causing Carrie to think about what she just said.

"No wait," she stammered, her face instantly going red, "I-I-I didn't m-mean to say that. Oh." Her hands shot to her face, as if to hide her embarrassment and her tear filled eyes. The manager sat there uncomfortably.

And finally it was Al that sat before the desk of the thirty-three year old store manager. "So, Albert, what are your qualifications for retail sale?"

"Well, I'm a hard worker, a team player, and I never let a job go undone. I also bring a lot of talent to the table, such as great pe-damn!" Al exclaimed as a tan girl in a tiny miniskirt walked by the office window. He ogled her, his eyes following as she walked by. "Oh, anyway, I have great people skills." Al returned the manager's confused stare with a smile.

Outside the office, David was sitting at a chair reading a manga that he brought with him, while Carrie sat silently at his side, still blushing from her embarrassing slip of tongue. Al energetically burst out of the office exclaiming, "Well, that went well." The manager followed him out of the office, rubbing his head as if he was developing a migraine.

"Okay, long story short," the man said hastily, "you are the strangest children I have ever met, but since we are shorthanded today, I want you and you to be our new employees." He pointed first to David and then to Carrie.

"Hey, what about me?" Al said frowning.

"Well, sorry, but the only openings are in the toy department and the swimsuit department, and they are right next to each other so I believe you would have been too easily distracted no matter where we put you," the manager explained.

It hit Al like an overloaded freight train. "You mean, I missed my chance to…" he landed his hands on David's shoulders, "David, for my dying wish, please stare at scantily clad women with the same lustful eyes that I would have. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, for your sake, I will grant your final request," David answered.

"Thank you," Al said, falling into David's arms, crying against his shoulder.

"Let it out man; let it out," David said, patting his upset friend on the back.

Both Carrie and David accepted their new positions. Carrie was assigned to work in the swimsuit department, while David was in the toy department. Fortunately for him, they were close enough so that he could exchange comments with Carrie periodically. While his friends were immediately put to work, Al had to exit the department store and begin looking for a job on his own.

"Now what?" Rosaline said to herself as she sat on the beach alone, "I've got to get what's-his-name to notice me, but how?" She ran back to the beach house and pulled out her giant duffle bag, which she hadn't taken the time to unpack since their arrival the previous day. She ran with it back to the vicinity of the lifeguard tower, but as she passed in front of the tower, she broke into a stagger. She acted like the bag was filled with bricks, her arms quivering, struggling to transport the bag, making a grand display of it. She looked back to see that Sam wasn't even looking in her direction. She staggered past him again, and still he took no heed. "You've got to be kidding me," she mumbled. "Geez, this bag is so heavy. Much too heavy for a feeble woman such as me," she played loudly.

"Hey don't worry, Babe, I'll give you a hand," a shirtless guy offered, walking up to Rosaline with a pleasant smile.

At first she seemed happy, but then got very angry. "Buzz off Fly Boy; can't you see I'm on the make!" she screamed at the poor guy, who flinched in shock. He apologized and quickly shrunk away. "Some people," she huffed, "But I guess it doesn't matter. That didn't work at all. Let's see."

She returned to the lifeguard tower a few minutes later. Having dropped off her bag, Rosaline now clutched two overly stacked vanilla ice cream cones. "Wow, I'm so silly. I seem to have bought two ice creams when I couldn't possibly eat more than one. I wish someone would help me eat one of these!" Rosaline stated loudly and conspicuously at the base of the white tower.

"If you need help, I'd be happy to eat one of those for you," a smiling guy in red swim trunks and a t-shirt said, running up to Rosaline. She gasped, but then plowed one of the ice creams into the guy's face. "What was that for?" he said smearing the vanilla out of his eyes.

"Get lost!" Rosaline screamed, crushing the other ice cream in her hand. The guy ran off, leaving Rosaline to stare at Sam the lifeguard, who appeared unmoved by the commotion bellow him. "What's with this guy? Is he asleep up there?"

No wait, Rosaline thought, he was talking about lifeguard protocol earlier. I don't know why, but he is so engrossed in his job that he can't even notice my exceedingly feminine charms. But I know what to do.

Several minute later, Rosaline stood a good distance away from the lifeguard tower with Bro Dog at her side. Until she came barging into the beach house, the golden retriever had spent the day sleeping peacefully on the living room floor. Rosaline stood, staring proudly at the lifeguard tower in the distance with an overly confident smile.

I am a genius, she thought. There is a law on this beach that says dogs aren't allowed. Therefore, as the protector of the beach, the lifeguard will have to come over here and tell me to lose the dog, and that is when I'll ensnare him with my womanly wiles.

In the distance she saw the lifeguard stand up on his tower, saying something through a bullhorn, only reaching her in faint squawks. "What's that? I can't hear you," she said playfully as she held her hand behind her ear. She laughed wildly at her own cunningness with her hands on her hips and her head held back.

As she laughed maniacally, Rosaline felt a light tap on her shoulder. "What?" she screamed, turning around to face what made her face fall off.

A tall man in a blue uniform stood before her, holding the brim of his hat over his eyes. "Excuse me young lady, but there are no dogs allowed on this beach."

"Oh, I didn't know," she muttered meekly. After a lecture, Rosaline walked back towards the beach house, staring down at the piece of paper the man had given her, revealing the fine she now owed. Bro Dog followed at her heels.

"Well that didn't work either," she said more to herself than the dog, "How do I get him to notice me over his job? I know!" She began to sprint back to the beach house. She dropped off the dog and handed Frankie the ticket as she ran by, not bothering to explain what it was. She then ran back down to the water's edge, just noticing that she had been wearing nothing but her bikini all day and hadn't even gone swimming. She stepped into the ocean and began making her way to deeper water. I'll just act like I'm drowning, Rosaline thought, how can he ignore a drowning victim? She smiled, proud of her plan.

Al walked down the sidewalk in a daze. His overactive libido had left him nearly unconscious in the face of the crowds of girls wearing next to nothing as they walked towards the beach. However, the sight of a man lying face down on the sidewalk was enough to pull him out of his stupor.

"Hey man, are you okay?" Al asked, nudging the guy to see if he was alive.

"Help me up, Son," the man said. The man was in his mid twenties. He was Hispanic and had a black mustache with messy long black hair, but he spoke without a hint of an accent. Al lifted the man to his feet, and he staggered over to an abandoned white cart littered with faded pictures of popsicles and ice cream cones. He tried pushing the cart, but fell to his knees again. He sat back against the wall of a building, obviously in pain.

"Sir, are you alright?" Al asked, leaning over to see if he was okay.

The man grabbed Al's wrist and said, "Son, I don't have much time left. I could go at any minute." He coughed. "My life has been nothing but a struggle: a struggle to find work, a struggle to find love, a struggle to wake up in the morning. Every day was like walking through the void of space, moving forward but ultimately ending up nowhere. It is too far for one man to cross in a lifetime. So I ask you, please continue my legacy." He reached up and shakily pulled the paper hat off of his head. With tears in his eyes, the man handed it to Al. "Please sell ice cream in my place."

Al, totally taken in by what the man had said, sniffed and accepted the hat. "Sir, I will do my best. No one will be a better ice cream man than me. You'll see." Al placed the hat on his head and grabbed the handle of the cart. He began pushing the cart down the street, leaving nothing but the faint sound of ringing bells.

"Thank you," the man said, smiling as he closed his eyes. Ten minutes later, a young woman approached the man. She nudged him softly. He slowly opened his eyes and yawned loudly. "Oh I needed that. I've got to stop drinking at work."

Frankie had been cleaning the beach house since his friends had departed that morning. Seven hours later, the place was immaculate. As he mopped the last remnants of residue off the kitchen floor, he smiled to himself. "Alright, I'm done. The house is spotless," Frankie announced to himself as he mopped his forehead.

"Good morning, Frankie." Frankie turned around to see R-Kelley standing behind him in the same clothes he had been wearing the previous night.

"What's the matter with you?" Frankie said, gripping the boy's tank top and shaking him violently, "Oh whatever; do you want to go swimming?"

"Sure," R-Kelley said. Frankie changed into his swimsuit, but R-Kelley stayed in the clothes he was wearing. As the two exited the house and traversed the beach, they saw Al standing at his ice cream cart. "Hey Al," R-Kelley said.

"What's up guys?" Al greeted happily.

"I see you had no problem getting a job," Frankie said.

"That's right, but I just took it from a dead Mexican," Al explained cheerfully.


"And it's a great job. I get to just stand here on the beach and stare at girls all day long," Al explained, "It's a dream job."

"Minimum wage, right?" Frankie asked.

"Don't remind me," Al grimaced.

At that point, R-Kelley brought their attention to a crowd of people forming at the water's edge. At the center was a blonde girl in a red one-piece swimsuit dragging out the limp body of another girl around her age with brown hair. The blonde ordered one of the spectators to call an ambulance and then proceeded to give CPR to the unconscious girl. The three boys joined the crowd and it wasn't a heartbeat before they recognized who it was.

It was dark by the time David and Carrie opened the front door of the cabin and made their way to the living room, where Frankie, Al, R-Kelley, and Bro Dog were waiting. R-Kelley and Bro Dog shared the couch as a sleeping location, while Frankie and Al sat quietly in the wicker chairs.

"Hey, how was work?" Frankie asked.

"It was fine. I'm selling toys to a bunch of wild kids; it's not so bad. Although, I did have to buy my uniform," David answered.

"Is something wrong?" Carrie asked, taking notice of their solemn expressions.

"Well, Carrie," Frankie answered, "Your friend is an idiot." Carrie looked confused. "Rosaline completely forgot she couldn't swim and thus went swimming."

"She almost drowned and the lifeguard had to save her," Al said smiling, even though he knew he shouldn't be.

"Oh my," Carrie gasped.

Then Rosaline came waltzing into the room, talking on her cell phone. "No, Mom, trust me, I'm fine. It's all okay; I just went a little deeper than I thought. No, you don't have to come out here, we'll be fine. Mom, I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm kind of worn-out from my totally-not-life-threatening, life-threatening incident. Bye." And she clapped her cell phone shut. "And the worst part is," she said to her friends, "I wasn't even saved by the lifeguard I wanted to be saved by. I guess his shift ended."

"Yeah it was a hot female lifeguard. She had a great bust with that one-piece. I'll have to ask her out the next time I see her," Al said.

"You really are an idiot," David said.

"So," Rosaline surmised, "the only thing to do now is double check to make sure he's working, and try it again tomorrow."


Rosaline was taken aback by how quickly all her friends uniformly rejected her idea.

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