Rosaline: Hyperactive Summer

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Chapter 4

After the short sixteen-year-old girl disregarded her sister's warning to follow the apathetic love of her life down a sketchy forested path, the boy who had eyes only for her went down the same road. The path was rumored to have a pervert along it, stalking young girls foolish enough to travel down it alone. To make sure he wasn't mistaken for the molester, the boy following the girl wore a police uniform to disguise himself. The girl following the boy she loved, however, lost sight of him, and was dangerously alone, as the stalker approached her from behind.

David could not figure out what happened next in this thrilling romantic-comedy, as he was pulled from his manga by the creak from his door. He had been lying on his bed in his pajama shorts and a t-shirt as he read his Japanese comic book in the dim lamplight. It was dark, and David was pretty sure that he was the only one in the beach house that was still awake. The sound of his door opening came from Carrie.

"Hey, Carrie, what's up?" David said, looking up at the teenage girl. The black eye that he had gotten for her sake still graced his face.

Carrie, however, didn't respond. She had a dreary look on her face, her eyes cloudy and only partly opened. The small girl wandered into his room, seeming not to know where she was going. David, lying on his bed, looked up at the girl he held so much affection for. Her hair was down, not in the usual ponytails. She wasn't wearing her glasses, only a pink button-up night shirt and matching pink pajama bottoms.

"Is something wrong?" David asked.

Again Carrie didn't acknowledge his question. Instead she climbed onto the bed, threw her leg over David's torso, and straddled the frail blonde boy. He looked up at her with wide eyes, slightly blushing. But while he was embarrassed, Carrie didn't seem to appreciate what she was doing. It was surprising to see her being so forward; Carrie could blush when her footsteps were too loud, and now her face was as pale as ever.

Then, still silent, Carrie leaned over, placing her hands on David's shoulders, and pressed her lips against his. Her eyes were closed, but his were wide open. David had seen enough romances to know that when someone experienced their first kiss, it was customary to close his or her eyes, but he was way too surprised to do it. Carrie never seemed romantically interested in him at all, and while David pined after her for months, she never responded. And now she casually kissed him, gracing his lips with hers.

David watched as the small girl sat up. She began carefully unbuttoning the front of her sleeping shirt. David stared at her silently with a slight smile across his face. He was a normal teenage boy, and although Rosaline's teasing had made him want to create the impression that he wasn't in any way a pervert, David would be lying if he said this scenario had never crossed his mind. His heart was beating faster; his stomach felt weird. She undid her last button, revealing her pale belly, and although only a small portion of her breasts were exposed, it was more than enough to jumpstart his libido.

Carrie leaned in again to kiss him, but this time David not only closed his eyes, he also kissed back. Their tongues began wrestling as they made out. David placed his hands on Carrie's shoulders. She took her hand and began rubbing his chest. She broke off the kiss and lifted David's shirt up over his face. She did not completely remove the blue t-shirt before bringing her mouth down over his nipple, rubbing the other one with her fingers. Feeling the odd sensation, David quickly struggled to get the t-shirt completely over his head. David was confused, as he had never heard of a girl doing this to a man, but had considered, during their brief make-out session, of doing it to her. He was unsure, but not yet put off, that was until, between licks and nibbles, Carrie muttered the uncommon name of Rosaline.

Now it all made sense. Carrie was sleepwalking and having a wet dream about Rosaline, where the two were engaging in some homoerotic activity. The revelation left David frozen, his mouth gaping, as Carrie continued to play with him. Then suddenly she stopped, bringing David out of his stupor, as she rested her head on his bare chest, breathing softly, a light smile on her face. He wondered what had just happened in her dream.

Taking his chance, he gripped her shoulders and gently rolled Carrie over onto his bed, taking care not to look at her breast, which became more exposed in the process. He crawled off of his bed carefully; the last thing he wanted was for her to wake up. He put on his t-shirt and silently crept out of the room and down the stairs.

I can't believe it, David thought as he tip-toed. Carrie can't actually be a lesbian, can she? She would have told us if she were. Or maybe she's still in the closet, or doesn't even realize it herself. Or maybe she's just bisexual. It'd be terrible if she was a lesbian, but if she's bi then I at least have a chance. This sucks; what rotten luck. Why did the girl I love have to be gay? Eh?

David turned to see a large white orb looking in on him from outside. The head was bright white with no face, attached to a lanky body in a black suit that barely stood out against the dark night. The thing didn't move or anything, it just stood there creepily until David announced with all his breath "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"

The scream shot through the house as fast as sound could carry it, jerking Carrie from her slumber. She quickly looked around at David's room, her vision blurry without her glasses. Then she noticed how her unbuttoned pajama shirt left her exposed. Embarrassed, even though no one was there, she hastily covered herself with her arms and screamed.

Carrie's panicked outburst quickly reached Rosaline's room next door. The brown-haired girl quickly leaped out of bed and ran at the door screaming "Rosaline to the r-err." She couldn't finish before slamming into the locked door. She violently yanked on the doorknob, shouting "What the friggin' frig! I demand you open!" Al and R-Kelley, awakened by all the commotion, simultaneously stuck their heads out of their respective rooms with dreary eyes.

"What's going on out here?" Frankie yelled sternly as he burst from his first floor bedroom, a wooden end-table raised in his arms as a weapon against any potential prowlers. His sudden entrance only frightened David, who screamed again, and in the process of quickly turning around, tripped and fell on his face. "David, are you okay?" Frankie said, setting down the end-table and running to his fallen friend.

David sat up, his face red from smacking into the hardwood floor, and pointed a shaky finger across the room. The faceless man had disappeared, the window was empty. Carrie, Al, and R-Kelley joined David and Frankie downstairs and amidst muffled shouts and bangs, as Rosaline was still locked in her bedroom, David explained what he had seen. While Al, R-Kelley, and Frankie debated about what they should do about the strange sighting, Carrie motioned for David to step away from the others.

Her hair was still down and she blushed behind her glasses. She uncomfortably gripped the bottom of her pajama shirt, which had mismatched buttons. The sleeves were too long, and if David hadn't been in such an awkward position only minutes prior, he would have gawked more readily at her cuteness.

"Um…I…did I do something strange?" she asked softly so the others wouldn't hear.

"No, not really," David forced it. He really didn't want to tell her what happened; she'd be mortified. Carrie may never come out in the daylight again if she knew she had done something so forward. But at the same time, it was banging in his head. He had to tell someone. "I think you were sleepwalking. You came into my room and sat down on my bed. I didn't want to wake you so I just stepped out for a minute." David tried to sound casual, but he kept putting the emphasis on all the wrong words.

"Oh good," Carrie sighed, a relieved smile on her pink face. "I'm sorry if I woke you up."

"Don't worry about it," David grinned.

They looked over towards their friends as Al stood on the dining room table exclaiming "Kill the beast!" while Frankie and R-Kelley applauded.

"Well, I think I'll go back to bed now," Carrie said with a smile.

"Okay, see you in the morning," David said with a slight wave.

Deciding that it probably wasn't anything to worry about, Al and R-Kelley decided to return to their beds as well. Frankie returned the wooden end table to his room and swept up the shattered pieces of a ceramic lamp that once stood upon it. He set the pieces down on the dining room table. He sighed, looking at all the pieces from a lamp that didn't belong to him.

"I guess this has to be fixed. I know what I'm doing tomorrow. You know, we've been here a while, but there hasn't been much fun-in-the-sun," Frankie mused. David, who was sitting on a stool at the counter with a distant expression on his face only grunted in reply. "Something wrong, David?"

"It's about Carrie," he mumbled.

"Is that so?" Frankie said, pouring himself a glass of milk.

"I was in my room and Carrie came in. This was just a few minutes ago. She started kissing me and taking her clothes off," David whispered.

Frankie quickly covered his mouth to make sure he wouldn't spit out his milk. He then quickly swallowed and coughed. "And I thought something bad happened," Frankie said loudly. "But wait, how did you end up downstairs? You weren't looking for lube or something, were you?"

"No, of course not!" David shouted, slamming his hands on the counter. "But then she started doing some strange things," David uncomfortably admitted.

"Ooh, was it real kinky?" Al, who just popped up next to David, asked, totally enthralled.

"Yeah, I guess it was pretty…Al, I thought you went back to bed!"

"You expect me to sleep while you guys are down here talking about my favorite subject?" Al countered.

"I'm a little confused, David. What exactly is your problem?" Frankie asked, handing him a glass of milk.

"She just…you see, she was sleepwalking, and as we began to do things…she said someone's name," David tried to explain.

"Ooh, was it R-Kelley? I bet it was R-Kelley. She's totally into his bod," Al guessed excitedly.

"Was it some guy from school? Did you recognize the name?" Frankie asked, setting a glass on the table for Al.

"Did somebody mention me?" R-Kelley asked, appearing suddenly as if he had risen from the floorboards.

"Carrie and David were making out and she started moaning your name," Al explained.

"Oh yeah?" R-Kelley answered, seeming interested, but not fully appreciative of what Al just said, "Hey, can I get some milk, too, Frankie?"

"Sure, and David didn't say it was your name, R-Kelley; just so you know," Frankie explained as he poured some milk for R-Kelley.

"Oh, then who was it?" R-Kelley asked.

"Guys," David growled through his teeth, "it was Rosaline!"

"Eh?" Frankie muttered.

Al began laughing loudly, saying between fits "I knew it!"

"What do you mean you knew it? A second ago you were guessing R-Kelley," Frankie pointed to R-Kelley, who was smiling lightly.

David went on to express his concern that Carrie might be a lesbian, to which Al responded, "Don't worry, pal, I'll take a sick day tomorrow and help you sniff out the truth. I'm going to arrange some fool-proof tests to see if Carrie really is into girls. Now, you just keep an eye on her while you're working so tantalizingly close to her at the toy department. Your old buddy, Alphonse, will take care of the rest." Al wrapped his arm around David's neck and tapped his milk glass against David's.

"Thanks Al," David said as Al chugged his milk.

"You know, guys," Frankie said, "Until we can guarantee that Carrie is in fact a lesbian, we shouldn't be talking about it. She'll be really embarrassed no matter if it's true or not."

"You two just have to be discreet while you're snooping on her," R-Kelley added.

"Try not to bring it up until she's ready to tell us," Frankie finished, "that is, if she is actually gay."

R-Kelley decisively set his empty milk glass on the table and said "Okay guys, I'll see you later," as he wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Where're you going?"

"I'm going to go track down that creeper that David saw," R-Kelley said, "I'd like to talk to him." R-Kelley stepped out the back door into the night by himself.

Rosaline almost purred. She stood knee deep in the ocean next to the guy she had met the previous day, clutching his arm and nuzzling her cheek against his shoulder. They had met just after sunrise and now the sun shined down on the two at a time when the beach crowds had not yet arrived. The guy's name was Sean White, and he seemed a little unsure about what to do.

"Um, Rosaline, you did say you wanted to learn to swim, right?" he asked, since they were both in swimsuits and standing in the water, he thought it was time they began. She hummed an affirmative response, a heavenly smile on her face. "Well, then let's get started."

"Right," Rosaline said, quickly releasing Sean's arm.

"Okay, just take my hands and kneel into the water," he instructed.

Rosaline obeyed but asked, "Why don't we go to where it's deeper?"

"That's a little risky. I just want you to learn to paddle first," Sean answered.

"Right," Rosaline said.

She got on her knees where the water only reached her midriff. She was perfectly fine until her knees left the sandy ground and she began to float. Then Rosaline began violently kicking and splashing all while sputtering loudly. She let go of Sean's hands and eventually sank under the shallow water. He quickly gripped her shoulders and pulled her up out of the water. Her head rolled in a full circle before finally coming to a stop, a blank look on her face and a whispered moan coming from her mouth.

"Are you okay?" he quickly asked.

"I'm perfect," she said, shooting to her feet, "let's go again." With her arms sticking out to her sides she fell face forward into the water and began kicking and sputtering all over again. Sean didn't waste any time pulling her out this time. He pulled her arm straight up, leaving her body dangling like a dead fish.

"Let's try something different," Sean said sullenly.

"Wee, wee, ah," Rosaline exclaimed happily. Rosaline was in the center of a green, plastic inner-tube. She was kicking around in circles, using the inflatable pool toy to stay above water. "Ah" she'd say as she went over a small wave and "ooh" she would say after making it over the wave. It was so much fun she couldn't help but laugh. It wasn't her obnoxious cackle, however. It was the sweet giggle of a young girl.

Sean stood in the water a few feet away from her, smiling but thinking, What, is this girl in third grade? She bumped into him lightly with the inner tube.

"Aren't I cute?" she asked cheerfully.

"You certainly are," he responded. She cheered and then paddled off a distance.

Rosaline then disappeared from sight, and the inner-tube floated back to Sean without a passenger. He then quickly ducked under water and in a second, pulled up the limp body of Rosaline, who with a half dead expression grabbed hold of the inner-tube.

At the department store, David squatted behind the check-out counter wearing his required polo shirt. He gazed across the store through a pair of plastic binoculars, which were just a toy and had no effect, but he used them for the heck of it. He carefully watched Carrie on the other side of the store as she typed numbers into the cash register.

"Hey Buddy," a man standing aside a small boy in front of the counter said, "could ya help us?"

"Ah, yes sir," David said, standing up. The blonde boy scanned the barcode on the tag of the stuffed animal the man was purchasing. His line of sight seemed to hover above the man and his son, as David kept a close watch on Carrie.

Carrie handed the change to a man purchasing a pair of swim trunks and thanked him for his business. She then greeted the next person in line, a woman purchasing a pair of goggles. David's eyes widened at what he saw. Carrie had smiled at the girl, but had kept a slightly smaller smile throughout the transaction with the man.

"Ah, excuse me!" David shouted as he ran off. "I'll be right back," he hastily told his coworker, who couldn't give a reply before David was sprinting down the escalator.

A ways down the street, Al was walking with his video camera in his hands. The man at the electronics store had explained that there was nothing wrong with it, adding that the problems the previous night had probably been a fluke. Maybe sunspots, Al guessed, I've heard they mess up electronics. After stuffing the camera into the canvas bag that hung over his shoulder, Al caught sight of David running towards him. Al couldn't give a proper greeting before David went behind him and began pushing him on the shoulders, guiding the sunglasses-wearing teenager towards the department store at a quick pace.

"What happened?" Al asked, squatting behind the counter of the toy department with a pair of plastic binoculars of his own.

"She's been suspiciously chummy with her female customers," David explained, looking through his pair of fake binoculars.

"I see, but don't worry, Chum; I have a way to figure out if she's a real curve-ball," Al said. He stood up and pulled four pictures out of the canvas bag. Two of them were of attractive women in bathing suits and the other two were of men in business suits. "I'm going to hold up two pictures at a time facing away so Carrie can't see what's on them. If she picks the girl picture, it means she's gay, and if she's straight she'll pick the guy photo. Genius, huh? And to make it better, we'll be following the scientific method by doing the experiment twice." Al spoke wildly with his hands.

"Are you sure sexual preference can be tested so easily?" David asked.

"Of course; this isn't just left up to chance, you know. Her lesbian instincts will lead her to pick the picture with the hot girl on it," Al said passionately.

"You shouldn't make such declarations that loudly, Alphonse. Someone might get offended," David lectured, still squatting behind the counter.

Al ignored David's comment and crossed the store to the swimsuit department. David watched as he greeted Carrie, who was helping a customer. He held up two pictures and had Carrie choose one. Although the paper was backwards and she couldn't see what picture was printed on it, Carrie chose the one in Al's right hand. Al nodded as he set the papers on the counter and held up two more. Carrie bowed slightly, seeming to say she had to get back to work, and Al rejoined David on the other side of the store.

"Well, what happened?" David asked eagerly.

"She only took the test once," Al said.

"I could see that," David said impatiently, "What did she choose?"

"Well actually, I kind of messed up," Al said sheepishly, "I held up both pictures of the girls at the same time, and she chose one of them. But I still think the test is valid because she didn't pick either of the male photos. Sorry pal, your girl is gay."

David violently gripped Al's white shirt with the black "69" on the front and said "You expect me to believe it based on something as stupid as that?"

"Fine," Al said, annoyed as he pushed David away, "I have another test." He then rummaged through the canvas bag. "I'm going to have Carrie choose some items out of the bag. What she chooses will determine if she's gay."

"No, no more of this random, guessing stuff. I have an idea; we'll use an internet quiz," David decided.

"Oh come on. Do you really think a random test on the web would be more accurate than any of mine," Al said, holding out a banana and a stuffed kitten.

"Yes, I do," David said, taking out his cell phone and searching for a lesbian quiz on the internet. Since he had to at least pretend to be working, David handed the phone to Al and had him take the quiz as if he were Carrie. Al eased through the first few questions.

"Let's see. 'A waiter calls you sir, what do you do?' Carrie would probably blush and say nothing. 'Do you shave?' Well, what is it, David? You got a good look at her last night."

"Al, do you think you could do this quietly?" David said, looking embarrassed as he scanned the barcode of an action figure a young mother was purchasing alongside her son, and she didn't look too amused as she covered the young boy's ears. David apologized and bade her farewell.

"Oh…I'm going to say she waxes," Al said, entering the answer in the electronic quiz. "The Grand Canyon?" Al stared into the distance as he pondered the question. "Hey Carrie!" he yelled across the store, "What's the Grand Canyon?"

David quickly clamped his hand over Al's mouth and forced him behind the counter, while all the patrons in both the toy and swimsuit departments watched. He uttered, "It's the world's largest crevice, carved by the Colorado River in Arizona."

"I know what it is," Al said, removing David's hand, "I need to know what Carrie thinks it is. Whatever, I'll just guess. There, that was the last question."

"So what's the result?" David asked eagerly.

"I don't know. I have to complete three of the eighteen options before I can get my results. Do you have a credit card: it's required for seventeen of them." Al attempted to fill out the opportunistic deals, but David's phone died halfway through the second one.

"That movie's going to rock!" Rosaline screamed at the end of a trailer, "We should go see it!" She violently shook Sean's shoulder.

"It doesn't come out until December," he whispered, wary of all the people in the movie theater annoyed by Rosaline's sudden outburst.

"Poop," she huffed, slouching down in her seat with her arms crossed.

Her sour mood didn't last long, however, as Rosaline has a tendency to get very involved with movies. For what Sean saw as a cheap, forced set up, was moving Rosaline to tears. At one moment, she was laughing hysterically, drowning out the dialogue that followed the joke. At a surprise murder scene, she tightly clutched the arms of her chair and released an awful shout that lasted longer than it should have.

Sean was mortified, slinking down in his chair and covering his face with his hand. He didn't understand why she got so wrapped up in this B movie. Rosaline appeared not to notice how uncomfortable he was, and Sean was only counting the minutes until they were asked to leave. Then, when the character's discovered that their comrade had been murdered, Rosaline gripped Sean's sleeve. He cautiously looked over at her.

Rosaline sat upright in her red, cushioned seat. Not a scowl or an evil smile or an overconfident grin; her mouth was small and her eyes were wide. Her expression was so soft; she almost looked like a different person. Her moon-like orbs fluttered beneath the tears that puddled her eyes.

Sean couldn't keep himself from smiling at the sight. This loud, obnoxious girl was actually quite childlike. He didn't want to think she was simple; that she could enjoy simple things to the fullest was much more appealing. And that simple moment made Sean relax. He began to enjoy the movie for what it did well rather than criticize it for what it did poorly.

That was, until the theater attendant asked Rosaline to keep the noise down. The screaming match that followed was largely one sided, but it did result in the attendant's favor. Rosaline didn't concede the argument; she chose to leave rather than be abused by an "ignorant douche-bag who slicks his hair back with his own semen."

Afterwards, Sean and Rosaline went to a restaurant for lunch. It wasn't exactly fine dining, but it was a moderate eating establishment, which Sean was all the more thankful for since Rosaline made no hint that she was willing to pay for her own portion. After ordering her desert, Rosaline poised her elbows on the table, folded her hands, and rested her chin on them, smiling happily at Sean.

"What?" he asked with a smile.

"I'm having a really great time," she said, her eyes closed, a look of genuine happiness on her face.

"Getting thrown out of movie theaters is your idea of a good time?"

"Yes," she said resolutely, "just going to the movies to see a movie is boring, but getting kicked out of the movies is fun. It's something you can tell your friends about."

"Those tickets were seventeen dollars a piece. Seems like a lot just for some experience. I didn't realize you were so sentimental," Sean said.

Rosaline glanced away. "Are you not having a good time?" Rosaline asked. Her face was like a timid puppy. She didn't think she would mind it, but Rosaline was a little weighed down by the idea that Sean may only be accompanying her because R-Kelley told him to.

"Of course I am," Sean smiled smoothly, "being with you certainly, as you say, hasn't been boring. I've had a lot of fun."

Rosaline smiled, but at that moment, David came up behind her chair, rested his hand on her shoulder and asked if she could come back to the beach house to help with something. Rosaline's pleasant demeanor suddenly flew to the moon. She picked up her glass and violently flung the rest of her soda all over the blonde boy.

She then briefly turned back to Sean and gave him a lovely smile before shouting, "Get the hell out of here, Perv!" at poor David, who was wiping the cola from his eyes.

"We just need your help for a minute, Rosaline," David shouted angrily.

"No, can't you see I'm on the make?" Rosaline said, pointing at Sean with the empty glass.

"We just need your help for a minute, Rosaline," Al added.

"Well, okay, Al. If you need me that badly, I guess I'll help," Rosaline said happily as she levitated from her seat. "Sorry Sean, but you know me. I can't leave my friends hanging when they need help. I'll see you later. Eat my desert for me, okay?"

"Okay, bye," Sean said, a little dumbfounded.

When David, Al, and Rosaline arrived at the beach house, David took a seat on the couch on the opposite side of the coffee table from where Carrie was sitting. Al motioned for Rosaline to be seated next to Carrie before sitting himself down next to David. Al asked David if he wanted to explain, as the two had come up with a new plan to determine whether or not Carrie was a lesbian. David, who was already slightly red as it was, declined and allowed Al to put their plan into motion.

"Okay," Al said, pausing for David to slap a fifty dollar bill on the coffee table.

Rosaline yelled "Suckers!" as she swiped the bill off the table.

"Please put it back, Rosaline. You're missing the point," Al said.

"Fine," the taller girl said smugly.

"Good, but don't worry, you could still get this money if you do one little thing for us," Al paused to build anticipation, "We want you two to kiss."

Carrie gasped, her eyes wide behind her large, circular glasses. Rosaline, however, didn't hesitate. Unfazed, she placed her hands on the pigtailed girl's cheeks and drew her in for a short peck on the lips. And just as quickly as it occurred, Rosaline released Carrie, yelled "Suckers!" again as she grabbed the money, and ran out of the beach house, all the way back to Sean at the restaurant, laughing all the way. She was very excited to tell him how she outsmarted her friends.

Back at the beach house, Al scratched his chin. "You know," he mused, "I think Rosaline might be a lesbian."

"No Al, I think that was inconclusive, too. She's just an idiot. You can go now, Carrie," David said.

Carrie was still suffering from shock. She had to do that with Rosaline. That, and it was for money. She could at least take solace in the fact that it didn't mean anything. She stood up abruptly, her whole body as red as magma at the Earth's core and twice as hot. A rare scowl plundered her pretty face.

"Carrie?" David said with concern. Then she slapped him.

Al laughed before she slapped him, too. He said "Damn" with an emotionless face, as if he knew he deserved it. The two boys gazed up at her with sorry eyes.

"Why…how could…" Carrie choked. And when the tears started coming, the shy girl knew she couldn't finish. She ran up the stairs with her hands over her face.

When they heard Carrie slam her door, David and Al finally felt like they were allowed to move. "Oh man, we're idiots," David said, placing his palms over his temples.

"I don't know what her problem is," Al said, standing up, "we got a hot girl to kiss her. I'd be grateful."

"Not if you didn't want it," David scolded.

"That's true," Al said as he pulled his video camera out of a pile of pillows on the dining room table. "Hey, check out the video."

David asserted that he wasn't interested and continued to scold himself as Al rewound the recording of what had just occurred. Much to his dismay, replaying the video revealed loud, distorted sound and a fuzzy, choppy picture.

"No, he lied to me!" Al exclaimed, "No!" He held that out, shouting it to the ceiling and beyond.

Later that evening, Carrie pulled herself out of the bedroom and was now sitting solemnly in the bathtub. The upstairs bathroom was narrow and had only one window, which fogged up quickly when she filled the porcelain tub with hot water. Carrie had always enjoyed taking warm baths. It relaxed her. She slid down, dipping her face in the warmth.

The bathroom, however, was the only room in the old beach house that had a broken lock on the door. While Carrie's male friends had agreed to knock before entering, nothing stopped Rosaline from barging in, saying "Carrie, I'm coming in."

"Wa-wait a minute," Carrie called as she sat up in the steamy water.

"There's no time to wait. No time," Rosaline said, making her way to the center of the small bathroom. Carrie was about to climb out of the tub, but when Rosaline began removing her own clothes, Carrie sunk her naked body back into the water, ducking so that the walls of the tub blocked any wandering eyes. "I've gotta tell ya, Carrie. I've found my summer romance. Sean White is a miracle on this planet; a perfect guy that adores me, I'm sure." Rosaline beamed, practically singing. Carrie muttered a response.

"We went to dinner and saw a movie, but this little prick kicked us out before we could finish it. And I learned how to swim, but Frankie says he's still going to lock me in my room at night. How unfair is that?" Rosaline continued. She pulled her shirt over her head, kicked off her flip-flops, and yanked off her shorts.

"Is that so?" Carrie muttered quietly.

"What's the matter with you?" Rosaline asked as she unhooked her bra.

"It's nothing," Carrie said solemnly. She sat up slightly, but quickly ducked again when she saw Rosaline remove her panties. Rosaline carelessly tossed her underwear onto the floor in a pile with her other clothes.

"Ah, I know what your problem is," Rosaline said. Carrie gazed up with wide eyes as Rosaline's curvaceous body stood above her.

No tan-lines, Carrie thought, on that first day she went out on a public beach to tan without a swimsuit? Carrie almost wished Rosaline had gone to the trouble of waking her up so that they could have gone together. She blushed at her own thought.

"You're feeling a little uncomfortable about our little kiss this afternoon, right?" Rosaline added with a wink.

"Uh," Carrie stuttered.

"It's no big deal," Rosaline said, running her fingers through her long hair, "We're friends after all, and I'll give you half the money. We'll have a girls' night out one of these days. Besides, I don't want anyone thinking I'm a prude." She pursed her lips as she finished.

I'm pretty sure no one thinks that, Carrie thought.

Rosaline leaned over and offered Carrie a hand. Carrie cautiously stuck her own wet arm out of the water and gripped Rosaline's dry hand. Once Carrie had gotten to her feet, she looked up at Rosaline. There was a silent pause before Carrie closed her eyes. She then leaned forward and brushed her soft, pink lips against Rosaline's. When Carrie pulled back, Rosaline had a surprised look on her face. She quickly returned to her overconfident grin, though.

"Now you're kissing me? I didn't know you were into that sort of thing," Rosaline teased.

"Well, I don't want anyone thinking I'm a prude," Carrie said, smiling despite her red face. Rosaline grinned and then pulled Carrie's pale body against her tan physique.

"Oh, Carrie this is why we're such good friends. We're so much alike."

"Don't say that, and please let me go. Stop, Rosaline that tickles."

"You liar; I know you like it."

"I don't."

"You can't fool me. I know you better than that."

From outside the bathroom, the sound of the two girls laughing and teasing could be easily heard, especially by David and Al who were sitting in the hallway, leaning up against the wooden bathroom door. David sat, wide eyed with a quivering bottom lip. Al, however, seemed almost pleased with the outcome of their observations, smiling as he snacked on popcorn from a red and white striped bucket.

"I guess that proves it," David said, his head sinking down, "My first love; dead in less than twenty-four hours."

"Cheer up, my chum of glum. Popcorn?" David declined the offer. "Aren't you at least happy you found out sooner rather than later?"

"That information doesn't do a lot for me," David admitted sadly.

"Oh well, you'll get over it," Al said, stuffing a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"Thanks," David said bitterly, giving Al an annoyed glare.

"Don't mention it, Buddy," Al said happily.

It was then that the bathroom door swung open, causing both David and Al to fall backwards. The two of them gazed up at Rosaline, who was wrapped in a white towel and had an angry look on her face. "Pervert!" she shouted before digging her heel into David's previously un-bruised eye. Afterwards it would boast an impressive matching shiner.

"Hey Al," she said casually as she stepped over the boys and proceeded to her bedroom.

After Rosaline was gone, the boys heard a squeak from inside the bathroom. Still on their backs, they looked in to see the upside-down, but still very visible image of Carrie in the process of positioning her breasts in a clean, white bra. Aside from that, her only other piece of clothing was the white panties she wore. She gave a scared shriek, causing the boys to hastily get to their feet and run into the hallway, closing the door behind them.

Later that night, Rosaline and Sean walked side-by-side on the beach. They had eaten dinner together and watched the sun set over the western sky, and were silent as they wandered in the darkness. The beach was all but vacant, the only sound coming from the near-mute crash of the small waves crawling over the sand. Again, Rosaline seemed at ease. A light smile spread across her face; the breeze jostling the end of the white dress against her tan legs.

Sean seemed similarly content. He had changed into a t-shirt and jeans, adjusting to the cool night after their dinner, which, similar to their lunch, dug deeply into his pockets. He gripped her hand lightly as their feet sank into the sand with each step. He was happy to just keep walking silently, but of course, Rosaline had to talk.

"How're you doing?" Rosaline asked.

"I'm fine," he said softly. The breeze ruffled his black hair.

"Don't you love the beach at night? It's so peaceful," Rosaline mused.

"Yeah, it is nice."

"Sean, I'm probably being too forward," Rosaline said, turning to face the boy she had spent over twelve hours with. "But I really had a great time today."

"Me too."

"And I really like you. Thanks for putting up with me. Most people can't stand me sometimes." She gripped his shoulders and looked into his eyes as she spoke, as if she was making sure he didn't suddenly run off.

"I don't think you're annoying at all."

Rosaline smiled; those words didn't grace her ears often. She lowered her arms and wrapped them around his waist, hugging him with her cheek to his chest. "Thank you," she said as he hugged her back.

She was warm, probably from the natural adrenaline she generates constantly, but also small. When she's in an argument or laughing with her head held back, Rosaline looked enormous, a powerhouse one would want to avoid in order to keep his own hands clean. But she was in fact, just like any other girl.

"I had a really great time, too," Sean said, holding the girl close to him, "Just being with you is an experience; definitely something I want to tell my friends about. When I'm on the plane back to Wyoming, I'll be thinking about it nonstop."

Her peaceful face shattered into a million irritated pieces. "What?" Rosaline said, pushing Sean away, gripping him at arm's length.

"Didn't I tell you? I'm going home tonight. My flight leaves in two hours; actually, I'll have to be going soon to meet my parents."

Rosaline glared at him with wavering eyes and a quivering lower lip. She then shoved him aside and ran past, her tear-filled eyes pressed into her forearm. Sean tried to stop her, but she yelled "I'm sorry!" as she ran through the sand. And then she tripped; her face dug into the sand and her arms were sprawled out in front of her. Rosaline stood up, scowling as she coughed and dusted the sand off her white dress. Then she covered her eyes, screamed "I'm sorry!" again, and continued running away.

After arriving home, Rosaline sat at the dining room table, relaying her experiences to Frankie, who carefully attempted to repair the lamp that he accidentally broke the night before. He barely paid attention to her story as he glued each individual shard back together, holding his head very close to the table, his tongue hugging the side of his mouth.

"And then he took off his pants and tried to take me to bed. Then I politely informed the pervert that I'm not another one of his whores, and ran off. Leaving him hot and lonely like the freak he was," Rosaline explained.

"Uh-huh," Frankie hummed, hardly believing anything she said.

Carrie made her way downstairs, wearing her pink pajamas again with her hair down. She greeted her friends, warmly saying hello to each one until she got to R-Kelley. He was sitting at the coffee table in the living room, holding a hand of playing cards as he faced his opponent, a tall man in a black suit. He was very lanky with almost tentacle-like arms and a white head without a face.

"Hey Carrie, this is my new friend. I call him Slendy," R-Kelley introduced her to the lanky creature. The slenderman looked up from his cards, waving one tentacle arm in Carrie's direction.

"Um…Nice to meet you."

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