The Adventures of Sage

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Sage is a young collie on a mission to protect the world from Bigfoot!! This book contains stories, and conversations that are meant to help train other puppies in the art of Bigfoot hunting

Humor / Children
Kathy Elam
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Hi there, I’m Sage (A rough collie),

I am here to warn you about the dangers of fighting Bigfoot, but despite what people might tell you about him not being real, do not believe them! He is as real as me, and trust me when I say that he is out there, even as we speak. Every time I go hunting for him there is the risk of not coming back, yet protecting my mommy from Bigfoot is far more important. Now as you can imagine, my mother doesn’t believe me about Bigfoot. I get blamed for every accident, chewed up shoe, or torn up toy--- whether Bigfoot was there or not! I will give a warning and will advise you to listen to me. Do not hunt Bigfoot alone, ESPECIALLY if untrained in the art of hunting him! He is dangerous and will get you blamed for anything that goes wrong. We must band together to go after him, and all his monster friends he has out there. Bigfoot, Swamp Monster, Mothman, etc....all of them are agents and friends of Bigfoot. One must be careful of going after any of them, but mostly going after their leader Bigfoot. As man’s best friend and the guardsmen of the house, we are charged with the protection of our house, our parents, and our livelihoods. I write this book to give you a view of how hunting Bigfoot is done, but also to show how he can set you up to get blamed. I am going to give you an idea of how to approach going after him but also cover yourself to avoid getting blamed for things, such as paper towels being shredded. To hunt Bigfoot and to join the Bigfoot Hunting League is a big deal, so prepare yourself to learn many of the Bigfoot’s biggest secrets. Again, do not believe people when they tell you he is not real. He has agents everywhere, and he has agents in many forms. From squirrels to chipmunks to other monsters, and even cats (depending on where they live). His agents are everywhere. From here on out, you are a Bigfoot Hunter! After you read this book, you will have the knowledge of hunting down Bigfoot, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from his agents! Sincerely, Sage P.S. Make sure after every successful hunt, mission, or any other discovery, one must get a puppacino (a cup full of whipped cream), or chicken nuggets.

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