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In this lackluster world with mediocre human beigns that care only bout what breakfast some rich-face posted. We find ourselfs following steps of a fine young lady on her quest for greatness! Or not. Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where your having a nice discussion with your buddy, everything goes perfectly fine. Then you ask him bout a topic you've been talkin bout 5 minutes ago and he cannot recall a word! Y know why ? Because he was too busy giving thumbs up to someone's picture of a breakfast on Facebook! Really now, dont you just hate when people whom your talkin with cannot recall or focus on a conversation ? Have you ever wanted to... OH i don't know... hang em ? Drag em down to a cesspool? Put em on a rack? If your answer is "YES" Then our sweet lil' story will surely appeal to ya!

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Chapter 1


The sky looked extremely boring and bland. Some’ones conscientious hand of a worker from the PRL* shop washed it in their own way, leaving no interesting place on it. The leaves rustled like the pages of an old, crumbling book describing the animal courts in the Middle Ages. The next day will bring what is usual, so it seemed as important as the story. It was boring and ordinary, Like everything.

PRL*-Communist Poland (1952–1989) After WW2 Russia took control over Poland. This Situation led to many funny and hillarious cases, like for example empty stores- Imagine a Worker in an empty store washing one place for an enitre day.

She took a deep breath of fresh mountain air and looked up at the looming peaks in the distance. Her “friends” passed her in disorderly groups, talking about the latest season of “The Walking Dead” using messanger. He was at the beginning of the group, just behind the tutor, laughing at the new memes on reddit with his buddies, whose only goal in life was to pretend to have some.

Oh well, she thought, sighing.

- definitely not my league. She decided to focus on the pissed drunkard who, just leaning on a ciupaga**, tried hard to get up from something that one day could be called a bench. She came up to him and took some pictures as a souvenir, after all it was a trip to the mountains. She put the headphones on her ears closing her eyes, enjoying the moment. Unfortunately, even on maximum volume “Crawling in my skin” did not occupy her awareness enough for her internal radar to register an ever-closing object of her hatred. He was walking slower and slower, leaning over his Xperia I-samsung Galaxy eight. She saw him browsing throught facebook, giving thumbs up under pictures of random people’s breakfasts.After finally both ended up tail of the group. Him limping a few steps in front of her.She tried to focus on the music, but could not calm her fist-clenched hands. Class did’nt give a single fuck, that a couple of no-names were left behind. Truth is, she did not care as she raised her head and smiled to herself, thinking of the possible torture and suffering that she would cause to a facebook-breakfast fanatic.For this blissful state was not to last, as she got distracted by falling drops of announced rain.

Ciupaga**- Highlander's Axe, used to be used for climbing mountains. Nowadays it serves as a tradition trinket and decorative value.(Murder cases with heavy usage of "Ciupaga" Proved to be really effective too)

-Fuck. Heroine thought, I did not take the umbrella, and in my backpack I have the whole pack of the witcher series, I will have to ask if this mug doesn’t have one. So she decided to pick up the pace.

When she passed the second social outcast, she saw that he had an umbrella tied to his backpack. So she stopped the momentary thought of quartering and tearing horses, gathered in herself and asked shyly (hiding her murderous intentions).

- Facebook, give me parasol, you’r not reading anyway and your Xperia I-samsung Z-eight is probably waterproof.

He raised his head,deductevly looked at a bird sitting on a tree. He probably thought that the bird was talking to him, Debil. The idiot came back to his interrupted act and suddenly, from his xperia, it was possible to hear the sounds of the piano, He played “for Eliza”.

- What the fuck you listening to, going to give me this umbrella?

- Take it

Girl took the umbrella, and spread it over her, Facebook soaked to the dry thread. They went like that, until they reached the plate bearing a penis carved with a knife. After a while, roar of a thunder restored goold’ol mood of a medieval hangman to our Protag.

-Damn, it sure would have been so awesome if something like a thunderbolt, or a wild beast pierced your guts.

-Wait, wut ?

- Oh fuck i said it out lou..?

She paused. Breaking through the undergrowth something or someone was approaching quickly. The moment she saw the massive black figure, she began to think of a racist joke that matched the whole situation. The wild boar stopped moving, oiking softly. His fur matted and soaked from the water. At last the animal stuck small, beady eyes into the playing device. It leaned forward, preparing to charge. A fan of breaking the wheel, she jerked no-name by the hand, took his Xperia Eight from him and, with great vigour threw it into the bushes. Facebook shouted, by taking his phone all of his life apparently lost any meaning, because instead of running away from the slaughter, as the girl did. He threw himself a pike after the departing phone, straight under the huge monstrous hard black boar fangs. Force of the blow threw the sucker against the rocks, alas he caught the phone and held it close to his heart, curled up in a fetal position. At that moment, a lightning bolt hit the plate with a dick on it. The plaque fell to the ground, and on the other side there was information written to ” Do not to let classical music play near wild animals”. At the same time, the song reached its crescendo. The female figure grabbed a small plate and with the strength of “none fucks given” she smacked a boar with a dick-plate straight into the snout. Boor distraught and confused, escaped into the brush. For a moment she stood as if binded to the ground, then she grabbed her belly and began to laugh hysterically repeating same word over and over again.

No name was lying on his stomach, his blood mixed with urine and rain. Mrs.Terminator came up to him and gently turned him on the back. The dark stain on his shirt was growing rapidly. Whitened lips began to move like those of a golden fish, whispering the following words.

-Visor broke , please call ... to ... service ...

-Fine ... but first lemme patch you up...

She pulled out a field knife from her pocket, cut open the victim’s shirt, saw two laceration wounds and guts coming out of them.

-Well ... So why did you hurt yourself over this stupid phone ? Saying that, she started tearing her T-shirt down, then pulled out a bottle of no-name’s water to sanitize the wound.

Through all this time one could hear the delusional blabbering of the wounded.

Okay, the first step of your return to the land of the living is already behind us, now I have to piece ya together, luckily I have a needle on me.

-I do not want to live ... Battered Emo-Fuck uttered those words strangely clearly while staring at the bra covered breasts of a main character. The girl tilted her head slightly, cracked her ankles and slowly began to pronounce following words.

xD xD xD

- Well, you’re trying to imply that I lost my favorite shirt, which by the way, I got from Chester Bennington himself. And You do not want to live, YES? On the face of our protagonist we could see a macabre smile wide from ear to ear, which dangerously strained every muscle, murderous intentions. By which meeting with a wild boar could be compared to playing with children in the sandbox could be felt in the air. The girl continued, speaking through clenched teeth.

- I think you are delirious, and you do not think soberly, my friend. I have to put you together and I’m afraid you do not have too much to say about it. The “Linkin Park” fan began applying needle to the poor man’s body. Suddenly the Facebook’s child swung his hand firmly and knocked the needle out of his savior’s hands. The needle fell to the ground and was crushed by the Heroine’s combat boot. Thoughts returned, water torture, iron maiden, rack, cesspools, freezing, plucking nails, bloody eagle, rat sack, chain gallows, pluckin’ eyes out, dismemberment by horses, impalement, tiger bench ...

-Well! What do you want from me? Our protagonist was in a really bad condition now.

The boy’s wounds opened even more, after the violent movement of his hand. Blood took on even darker color, but Emo-Kid did not seem to care about the life leaking away from him by a minute, He wanted to talk.

You know, I waited a long time for death ... when I was six years old my mother died. I did not know then at too much bout death, I thought she went to someplace... and left me with my father. Actually, I never found out the truth ... When my mother was pregnant, going to the hospital by taxi, my father sold the car to have more heroin .. anyway in the taxi they played “For Eliza” Beethoven. My mother liked musical taste of the taxi driver so much, that probably started goin out with him then ... Either way, “For Eliza” became my mother’s favorite song. I’ve heard it every day at least eight times. Once, when I was little, I asked my mother why she liked “For Eliza.” To which she told me that “For Eliza” reminds her of the person she loves the most in the world, and the dream of that person, would be to play this song in the mountains during rain. At the time, I thought that Daddy could have liked this song, he was carefully concealing it. Closing himself in his sound-proof office, every time he returned home. Anyway, my mother died, and my father became a millionaire ... Dad gave me a phone and my mother left me a song. During all this time the boy did not even notice that the girl was holding his hand carefully examining his pulse. Heroine, when she understood that he was expecting an answer, asked him.

-So, why do you want to die?

The boy looked at her, forcing the remnants of his strength to smile, and said.

- I’ll tell you Mary, but first could you play “For Eliza” for the last time?

Mary found that this man does not understand anything, took his phone. turned on youtube and after a while one could hear “Crawling in my skin” linkin the park, released at a hundred vol. with maximum bass. It turned out that the Xperia I-samsung galaxy eight draws a lot higher sound quality than the protagonist’s phone. Beautiful melody of the linkin park team filled the mountain path.

-Thank you, it really means a lot to me ...

The girl wanted to laugh, she thought, I am really mentally ill, I should not want to laugh, but ... I have to stop. She gathered in herself and asked him again.

- Why did you want to die? The fanatic “For Eliza” opened his heavy eyelids and said in a barely audible voice.

-It’s funny, you know? I do not remember. Then he died. Okay. Girl said. “Crawling in my skin” has gone old. Actually, the whole “For Eliza” was not so bad again, fuck it, the phone goes to me, in exchange for a T-shirt.


Protag, having previously taken the face of the berserker, looked

with a deadly stare of a medieval executioner at the dead man. Then, shouting to the sky, she kicked the corpse with immense momentum. Then she fell to the ground and began to laugh hysterically when “For Eliza” was going off in the background for the last time.

He does not even remember why he wanted to die, xD, Holy Shit. It was possible to hear somewhere between hysterical laughter and spasmodic catching of breath, to not die of laughter.

Our protagonist laughed so loudly that she did not even notice the rescue helicopter that had just come to her rescue.

When the Rescue forces took her from a trip in the mountains, questions began. Mary was interviewed first by mrs.psychologist. Then the police, then a police-psychologist, a few psychiatrists. they said that it was extremely difficult for this girl to live after these events, which, of course, Mary denied their claims.She was pissed off, because forced meetings with the psychologist did not coincide with the concert tour of linkin park at all. Psychologists also forced on her heavy usage of anti-depressants, Xanax and other such. The strongest ones. After two months, psychologists successfully eliminated all desire to live and all emotions from our Heroine. An empty human shell, on anti-depression therapy. Forced to tell over and over again the same boring history. She decided to go to the concert of her favorite band one last time. During the concert, Mary overdosed alcohol, and lethal mixture of vodka with Xanax caused her death.

At the end of the day. Psychologists convinced family of the deceased, to be buried right next to this boy from “For Eliza”. Her sworn enemy. Who even after his death managed to destroy her life.


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