A Trick a Day Keeps the Vile Boy Away

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It revolves around the story of Gracie and Max who developed deep hate for each other until an unexpected turn of events forces them to work as a team... This is the third and last book of the "Keep Away"-Series Gracie Evans and Max Weathers. Two names you hardly ever hear in one sentence unless the word hate is involved. Both of them can't stand each other's presence and you would never be able to figure out that it hasn't always been like this. But now every time they're in a room together, World War III is about to start. To her, he is just a cocky and dumb asshole. To him, she is just a stuck up and arrogant little Miss Know-it-all Being dumped by his girlfriend for another guy, Max is determined to win her back and, strangely enough, that other guy happens to be none other than Gracie's longtime crush. And there is only one thing in their mind: tear them apart. Even if it means to carry out that plan with the person you hate the most. Two enemies. One pact. One goal. What could possibly go wrong ?

Humor / Romance
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Isn’t it a shame that we spend most of our time with desperately looking for things that make us happy instead of just being happy ?

We often seek fulfillment in other people, in everything that isn’t ourselves and live life with a closed mind.

It is our mental attitude that makes life how it is. Our thoughts, our actions and our choices make what the world is right now. People often tend to forget that because they don’t believe they have any influence on what is going to happen, although they do.

People often believe they are open-minded but, in fact, they’re not. Being open-minded does not mean that you have original and different ideas or mind sets than others, it means that you are willing to consider that there might be something, other than your version of life.

It means that you are able to can stick up for what you believe in without blaming others that they don’t, and it means that you accept people the way they are even though they might not seem to be your ideal idea of a person.

The whole world is in our minds and society is what we create as a united community. You are a part of that community and that makes you a part of the changing process.

Try to see your happiness without looking for it. Learn to see things in a proper light.

You have the power to change and the power to make things how you want them to be...

...just have the courage to see it.

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