A Cat Named Jay

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Hunting Lessons

I do not understand my servant. I don't know how many times she has thrown a perfectly good mouse out the door and into the yard. I cannot fathom how she gets her food if she doesn't hunt for it. Though her food does come from a strange humming box that is constantly cold. I've poked my nose in a few times and it smells... odd. She must not realize that meat is best eaten when the blood is still hot and laced with fear.

I have, of course, tried to teach her to hunt properly, or at least eat right several times. Of course all these attempts have been met with negative reactions on her part. Apparently, it's bad to hunt songbirds but good to hunt mice but don't bring either of them home. Or sometimes I get patronized as being a good wittle hunter, and then I watch her pick up the perfectly good mouse by the tail and toss it outside. I've once brought her a half-dead bird to encourage her inner hunter.

She of course nearly began to leak that annoying eye-water and proceeded to nurse my prey back to health. I had to endure the embarrassment of watching the bird fly away, and then had to endure ridicule as it and it's fellows taunted me!

Oooooh! If the other cats heard about this... embarrassment! Of course, my servant is stupid anyway. At least, by feline standards, but I know she means well and doesn't understand that I'm trying to teach her vital skills.

I begin to pace in along the balcony outside in my frustration at my servant's lack of hunting ability, the annoying collar around my neck jingling softly. I sit and look at it as best I can. I at first hated my collar, but I've come to associate it with my servant's love. Granted, she has the master/servant relationship backwards, but I blame her mother for teaching her that and her nonexistent hunting skills. My mother taught me the probably master/servant relationship and how to hunt properly. My littermates and I honed our hunting skills until we each went to different homes.

I lick my paw calmly, thinking about different approaches to introduce hunting to my servant. Teaching a kitten to hunt is easier than teaching a human. I personally think they just refuse to learn. I spread my toes wide to clean in between them when a happy trill interrupts me. I stop and look over at the stray cat that has joined me on the balcony.

While I don't live in the concrete heart of Seattle, there are houses close enough were other cats can visit mine. It's nice though, since my house is far enough from the road and with enough woods for proper hunting. On occasion a stray cat from the city would come to my territory. I don't mind since the strays normally are just passing through and they understand that this is my territory. It would be better if my servant hadn't taken my to the vet one day, and the vet did something to me, but I know I'm not like the other toms that pass through, and they make fun of me for some reason.

"What?" I ask, with an annoyed flick of my tail.

The stray walks up to me and drops a dead mouse at my paws, pushing it closer to me. "Passage?" she asks.I give a shrug, and settle down for a sunbath. "I don't mind," I reply and incline my neck to sniff at her offering. I take it in my mouth and give my head a good shake. The mouse was very much dead. The stray inches closer, but I was done and I growled low in my throat as a warning.

Spooked, the stray bolts and heads off into the woods. I snort, sniff the dead mouse again before getting to my feet and arching my back. I leave the mouse there, uninterested in it.

I push my way back through the cat door, something brilliant servants invented to make accessing the outside and inside worlds much easier. I walk to my water bowl and lap at it a few times before heading to my food bowl. My servant allows me to eat when I am hungry and always keeps the food bowl full, since I am her only master, there is no need to worry about others trying to get my food.

I eat my fill then head to the cat tree. I claw for a bit before jumping up to the top. There I settle myself down for a nice nap. I'll figure out my servant's hunting problems later. I let my body relax and the energies of the world flow into me.

My servant has been blessed by Bast, like I have. We are partners, if you will. I am much better at channeling the energies of the world than she is, while I can manipulate the energies to some degree she is better at it than me. She draws from my strength and from the energies I channel.

And right now, it's time for her ritual. So, I sleep, and allow the energies to flow through me and into her. I hope that I may imprint one day the ability to hunt upon her. Here's to wishing.

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