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When one finds oneself and the world turns round and says they want to live their own lives and make themselves the reality and that other person is meaningless what does the other person do? Does it When we melt into the background we are the devils we do mean what we say we are never sorry for our own actions it is always someone else's problem what we do not understand or want to understand it is ours as well. Look I did not marry with your sister I am just the loving kind boyfriend but why did he not say that when we gave our blessing thirty years ago? That now in an old people's home our dad needy and in need we need someone of his qualities he just shrugged his shoulders not my problem. They are all saying the same words the words which never fail them and they are always hopeful with advice and all kinds of suggestions so I become like them too we do the advice together and we are all in the know that we are doing something inhuman something so ugly something that is not natural but we are always handy with the food and the talk. What else can we do we are the best talkers of this century. We are almost certain to win the argument and be able to save money at the same time. We are now talking none stop.

Humor / Drama
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Chapter 1

We were looking for a care home for daddy. He had been in hospital for some months and there was nobody to look after him as mother too was unwell. Mother had looked after him when he had cancer and then when the cancer returned again he went senile and she did not enjoy looking after him.

They had begun something so self destructive that it hurt to see. When he was a gaga male whom had behaved violently towards her because she loved someone else. That now the positions were reversed. She had began to hurt him. That she hated his open grin and the foolish look on his face was a fact. He had began to drink his own urine and she said told him not to but he would. That she was cross and violently shaken when she found the cup with his urine and he said he had been thirsty and had to. She took him by the neck and shook him she was that angry. He just folded in her arms still unafraid. I saw what this was doing to them so had to relieve her and him from their own bestial behaviour. We both felt he had behaved wrong but that he was still the father and the head of our house and we could never throw him out and that meant we had to see who could take care of him. She asked to be left alone with her grief she said and I feared she would kill or kick the bucket herself. She wanted him out but it was his house as well as hers.

The thing was there is something called malicious intent to wound a person and there is something called something gone wrong and there is something called hypersensitivity to work and mother was nothing more than workshy who used her ailments to get out of working and then had to work extra because her ailments were pyschosomatic and she had to be believed all the time that she unwell and never going to get better in order to make a miraculous recovery.

But she made many miraculous recoveries plus losing her leg when the doctors had no reason to suspect she would. She just said she would and did if nobody believed in her ailments. We did not know did not suspect then what had happened and the long lost years of my youth was spent in trying to make it up to her what she had lost her leg and her leg was the most important imprisonment of mine.

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