Beneath The Mask

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A fun-loving girl wants to be a nerd. A boy, driven with the concept that reputation is all that matters, decides to give up his passion. Will she start living her life? Will he follow his dreams? Maybe I should have just worn my baggy nerdy clothes and stayed in my room, munching on Oreos and reading books. I looked at myself squished between Charlotte and Jacob, watching a horror film. This was definitely not my cup of tea. Why did I agree to this? I look around, searching for an exit to run back to my room. "What's wrong, Melanie? Are you okay?" Jacob questions me. I snap my head to look at his chocolate brown eyes filled with concern. I glance at others and they held a similar expression. Concern. No one had looked at me like that in the past few years except for my brother. The thought that these people are concerned about me made me feel something that I haven't felt for years. And I loved the feeling. Just then, I knew that I had made the right decision of dumping my introvert self and start living my life for real.

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Chapter 1: Butts are only to sit on

“Annie, wake up now or forget eating Oreos and Skittle again,” I heard my brother scream into my ears.

“Ha Ha..nice joke. I already have a secret stash,” I mumbled into the pillow.

“What? Fine, then” I heard Ashton’s footsteps fade. Finally, some more time to enjoy in my Skittle land.

Wait, why was I suddenly feeling cold? I opened my eyes to see an evil grin on my brother’s face.

“What are you-”

He dumped a bucket of cold water on me before I finished my sentence.

“U-u b-better Run” I tried to tell him. Keyword tried. I was shivering so bad. Ashton rolled on the ground laughing at my drenched condition. I glared at my brother. He saw me glaring at him and pushed me into the bathroom.

“Go take a hot shower. We don’t want you to fall sick on the first day of your university, do we?”

I muttered curse words and got into the bathroom. Wait, I have to go to my university this evening and I haven’t even packed my clothes. Oh god. I’m in deep trouble. I quickly got out of the bathroom, put on an over-sized shirt and a pair of shorts and opened my closet.

I hated packing. It really sucks out all the energy in me. I spent nearly one hour trying to pack and I felt like I was missing something.

“ASHTON!! I NEED YOUR HELP,” I screamed.


“Help me pack.”

He sighed and nodded. He went through my clothes in my suitcase. He lifted up some baggy worn out shirt and showed it to me. “Really? Are you going to wear this?” Before I could answer, he spotted my thick rimmed glass which I had thrown into the suitcase as well. He frowned at it.

“Are you going to continue your act in University?“He asked.

I guess this is a good time to share my past.

My Dad cheated on my Mom and he left us when she found out. I was thirteen and my brother was sixteen. My Mom worked hard as a doctor to earn money. We were happy despite my father’s absence. Then disaster struck. My Mom had developed Cancer. The doctors said she was going to die soon. I was heartbroken. The person I loved the most was going to leave me. I didn’t want to accept it. I was locked up in my room weeping all day. One day, Ashton dragged me out of the room and made me see my Mom. The moment I saw her, my heart shattered. She told me that I am gifted and I should make her proud. She told me to never give up on my dreams and she passed away at the moment. Ashton was eighteen by then, so he took care of me. We spent the days crying and comforting each other.

Eventually, I moved on. I went to High School and put on a nerdy act so that I could escape the drama. I didn’t want another thing to worry about. My day went like this. Go to school. Listen to the teacher. Take notes. Ignore others. Go back home. Study. Talk with my brother. Sleep.

Ashton worked in a garage. He worked hard and earned a pretty good sum of money to support us. My mother had left us some money too.

I started writing for magazines and it brought us some money. Then I started writing a novel. I did as my Mom asked me to. I chased my dream of becoming an author. And here I am. An author of the best selling novel. No one knows me. I prefer to stay like that.

“Annie, tell me. Are you going to continue your act?” Ashton asked me.

“Yes,” I muttered, suddenly finding the floor interesting.

“You don’t have to pretend like a nerd anymore. You don’t even have friends, Annie. Stop staying like this. You are an author now. Keep your dreams aside for now. Live a little. Enjoy the perks of life.”


“Butts are only to sit on. You are going to make friends. You are going to have fun. Don’t talk against me,” He scolded. “Now take all the dresses I bought for you and dump it into this suitcase.”

“Yes Dad,” I did what he said. I cannot argue against him. Ash bought me dresses for every occasion. I didn’t wear it at all. Not even once. I took it from the farthest corner of my closet and stuffed it inside.

“Annie, where are your inner garments?”

Oh, shit. I knew I was missing something. I just didn’t think it would be so important. I smiled sheepishly and grabbed them.

“I have one hell of a sister,” Ash said.

“And you can’t do anything about it” I grinned.

“I don’t want to do anything about it. I am happy.”

I looked at him and hugged him tightly. He returned the hug.

“I love you, Annie,” He said.

“Love you too, brother. Now stop making me cry. I am saving my tears for the evening.”

He laughed. At that time, my stomach decided to give my brother something else to laugh at. It growled. My eyes widened and Ash continued laughing.

“Stop laughing. It’s your fault that you didn’t feed me yet. You should take care of me,“ I said and ran away to the kitchen.

I found some sandwiches and grabbed one. Ash entered the kitchen, cackling. I rolled my eyes.

“I am human. And it happens for everyone, you know,” I said, but he kept on laughing.

Evening came by. I was sitting in a car in ripped jeans and a peach-colored top, heading to the University. I thought about what Ashton said about enjoying my life. I was wondering about what I was going to do. Maybe I can give it a try. Make new friends and lead a normal happy life. I decided to go for it and stop thinking about it before I changed my mind.

The car halted. I got my suitcase out and my handbag. I hugged my brother. I felt the tears sliding on my cheek. “I am gonna miss you, Ash,” I mumbled.

He pulled away and wiped my tears.“I am gonna miss you too, Annie. Talk to me every day. I will visit you sometime”

I nodded. I grabbed my suitcase and headed towards the office to find my room. I just wanted to get settled and watch some Netflix. And I was going to do just that.

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