Apocalypse and the Asylum

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Tuesday 2

Sania was furious.

She thought she was furious two days ago after Inora ruined date night by tricking Emil into inviting her over. Then she thought she was furious last night after seeing Inora trying to craft her way closer to Emil by offering to drive him around in her car.

But no. Oh no. Now finally she was furious. Proper furious. What she felt previously did not even compare to how she was feeling now.

Emil had forgotten to charge his phone again. After everything they have been through in the last two days, he did not care enough to keep the line of communication open. After all the messages she sent him last night went unanswered, she knew she was furious. That was it. The final form. And to tell Emil just how furious he was making her, she called him in the morning, only to find out that his phone was not turned on. And that is when she knew that that was it.

She was absolutely, positively, furious. The absolute peak of how furious she could be.

And every time she called, and his phone could not be reached, her fury reached a new level.

She called him again. Started sobbing.

How could he do this to her?

The very thought of all the places Inora must have driven him around last night made her sob hysterically. Shameless Inora. She had no rights acting like such a brazen hussy. A jezebel if there ever was one. With her fulltime job, and living in her own apartment, and driving her own car. Just offensively shameless.

But she is not who Sania was furious with. It was Emil.

Not only had he forgotten to keep his phone charged, each passing minute was yet another minute gone where he had not corrected the situation. He knew she was calling him. Why was he not trying to contact her as well?

She called him again. One last time.

Oh she was furious now. Sure, she had thought she was furious just a minute ago, but what did she know of fury back then? She pitied her former self. She had not known fury like this existed. Fury that made you sob and want to have your boyfriend wrap his arms around you and calm you down.

But she would just slap Emil’s hands away if he tried to do that. She was that furious.

It seemed like there was no way to fix him at all. Sania was tired of trying. She felt like a beaten woman. The only way forward seemed to be with her in a position where she could watch over him at all time. Only then, it seemed, he would begin to become the man Sania wanted him to be. It was all very dizzyingly complicated for her to figure out.

I am not going to talk to him all day, she thought, Sooner or later, he will charge his phone and try to get in touch with me. I will show him what it feels like to be ignored. She set her phone on silence mode. That will teach him to be more responsible. And when I finally talk to him, I will tell him he can no longer see Inora if he wants to have me in his life anymore. Sania was satisfied with the terms she would offer Emil. She knew she could get a lot more out of him, but she was satisfied with just getting Inora out of the way.

She went back to her bed and continued to sob. It was a sad day and she planned to sob away most of it. Her hurt feelings needed a way out after all. And as she sobbed, she felt both satisfied and vindicated. Clearly, if she spent the whole day crying, there was no way Emil would argue with her terms, would he? He had to care that much for her. Sania felt warm inside. Of course he would, he loved her completely.

She went on sobbing.

On Tuesday, Sania sobbed until the evening. Then exhausted and dehydrated, she fell asleep.

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