Apocalypse and the Asylum

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Sunday 8

Emil was not preoccupied with Zara’s phone call later that evening when Sania showed up at his apartment. He had pondered a while on whether to evacuate immediately or wait until the weekend. He realized he would have to speak to a few people before he could decide for sure. Few people definitely deserved a proper farewell from him. Few others deserved something more. He could not just disappear into the night without talking to them first.

He spent a few minutes making a list of who these people were. It was not so much a list as it was one name written with blue ink outside the margin of a used page on his notepad. Seeing that the list was done and not of much help to him, he scratched the name out. It was not smart to just leave a name randomly scribbled on a page of his notepad. It can raise a hundred different questions in future and he would probably struggle to answer the very first one, which would probably be, “Why did you write Inora’s name on your notepad?”

He was about to begin thinking about why Sania’s name had not made the list when he heard someone fiddling with the keyhole of the main door. “Just put the key straight in, Sania!” he shouted, “And then twist.”

“That is what I’m doing!”

“First twist the key and then twist the handle, Sania. In that order.”

“It won’t go in!”

“It has to be aligned with the keyhole.”


…fiddling…jingling…the handle turned… “It’s still locked; the key has to be…the key is broken!”

“You bent the key?”

“No…it’s just that…” …jingling…soft punches against the door…the handle turned…

“It has to be aligned with the keyhole!”

“I am!”

“I meant the key…”


“The key has to be aligned straight with the keyhole for it to go in.”

“It is! It is, Emil! Your keyhole is broken.”

…more fiddling…pushes against the doo…’Holy shit.’ Emil suddenly noticed something. He quietly walked up to the door, unbolted the latch as softly as possible and shouted, “Sweetie, can you try again? I’m sure you’ll get it right this time.”

“I can’t Emil! The key is broken! It won’t let me in.”

“Honey, the key does not hate you. Neither does the keyhole. Can you please try one more time?”

“Ok, I will.” …fiddling…jingling…the handle turned, “It still won’t let me in Emil!”

“Well, that is just messed up.” Emil said and let Sania in.

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