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In The Springtime Of Life

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Let me tell you of a story. A story of me, of course. Young, naive me. This is how it happened. This, my friends, is how I died. This is how it happened. This is how I died. Let me tell you of a story, my story. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be laughing throughout it. Innocent and naive. Unaware of the complexities of sexual life, pleasure, and fun. What is a girl supposed to do when suddenly thrown in for a loop of complications and the teachings of sexual education by a new friend? Hesitate? Embrace it? Run? After all, she can only experience half the of the drama she's in during the Springtime of Life. "She was innocent. So pure. She was innocent. And nothing more." WARNONG THIS STORY IS MATURE × INFINITY AND BEYOND

Humor / Erotica
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To The Legends

I want to start off by saying this story is mature. When I say/type mature, IT IS MATURE.









I just want you all to know how mature this story is and how much I need you to know how mature it is.

The reason why I need you to know that it’s mature is that I don’t want someone reading this and saying “Oh my gosh, there’s sex! I have to report this to the Wattpad Police Department (WPD) And YES I just made that up hahaha. Sorry, this is important. Not a laughing matter.

I know there will be young people who read this because they like reading mature stories. I just ask that all of you Legends be aware that this is mature (as it says in the description) and that you don’t report it. Although there isn’t much to report because I just started this story.

Another thing, please don’t copy my work. I’m a nice person (sorta) and I work hard for my stories. If you want to copy my work, kindly ask me and I will absolutely say no. Guaranteed. Seriously though, it’s a bad thing to copy someone else’s work and karma will bite you in the ass. I’ll kick and she’ll bite. It’s a win-win.

One last thing, this story does NOT promote sex or anything of the sort. This story is mainly for entertainment and for readers to enjoy and maybe learn something much deeper than sexual intercourse.

Enough with the dramatics, I want you to know that you guys are being called Legends. One because you are all legendary people. And secondly, calling you guys ‘readers’ sounds lame.

So, Legends, why don’t I let you begin the story.


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