Friends With The Mafia

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Meet Elizabeth Quinn Robertsdale. Quiet Shy Nerd Girl. Bullied at her old school because she was different. They move to a new City and she hopes that everything is different. But She Was Wrong Now meet Rider River Blade. He is the Leader of the Most Dangerous Mafia there is. Read to find Out how these Two Meet and What Happens.

Valerie M
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Chapter 1


Chapter 1

“Elizabeth hunnie time to wake up!” Shouted my mum from downstairs.

Arg why do I have to wake up so Early. I look at the clock that’s on my Bedside and see that its nearly 7. Time to wake up.

I do my usual stuff. I go to the bathroom shower, brush my teeth and also hair.

After I was done I went down into the Kitchen where I found my mother Liana Cooking something. She is really beautiful. She has Blond hair and Ocean Blue Eyes.

“Morning mum,” I said while giving her a Hug.

“Morning Hunny”

Is dad gone to work yet?” I asked her while sitting down in one of the Kitchen Benches.

No, he is still here. Remember he is the one dropping you off to school.” She said while plating up Eggs and Toast.

Just as she said that my dad Keating came down wearing his suit and Tie. “Morning Babe,” he says to my mum and “Morning Eli,” he says to me.

Morning Dad” I replied back.

After eating Breakfast we said bye to my mum then went to my dad’s car. He dropped me off at school then he went off to work. My school’s name is Ridgewood High.

As am walking in I got pushed me into the wall and said “Watch it Nerd”

I bet you are wondering who I am. Well, my name is Elizabeth Quinn Robertsdale. I am in my last year of High school. I don’t really have any friends because am what you would call a Geek or Nerd.

I love Reading books, Studying and Listening to Music.

I have Blond-ish Brown hair and Blue Eyes.

I am made fun of by the Popular’s.

There is Elinna Ryde. She has brown Hair Green Eyes. She is the leader of the group. Rosemary December. She has Blond Hair, Grey Eyes and she is one of the members. Then last but not least there is Giorgio Aventura. She has Light blond hair with Blue-ish Grey Eyes. She is the meanest of them all. Last year she put rotting Meat in my School locker. For the whole 2 weeks, my locker and books smelt like rotting meat.

Arg why they make fun of me I have no idea. Maybe its because am smarter than them.

I Bet you are Wondering where I am right now right well am in School. Right now am walking up to my locker which I had to change because of the incident last year.

As soon as I get there I see Elinna and her group there. They were laughing at something I don’t know what.

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