You Are In Hell Boys

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Could history repeat itself? What would Remi do when she gets kidnapped like her mother? Imagine this ~ You are walking down the street, holding a bag that's full of Oreos for your pregnant mom, everything was peaceful until you feel yourself being dragged into an old truck. You look up and see a truck that was full of 5 hot sexy good looking guys staring at you. Remi Thea McKnight is a 16 years old high school girl, she's sarcastic, funny, sometimes wise. Like her mother used to be, whom am I kidding? She's still like that. She has 4 older brothers, they are 18 years old and they are quadruplets.

Humor / Romance
Nadine Abu Treef
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Chapter 1

“Remi, can you go to the mini-mart and buy me some Oreos?” I heard mom call from the kitchen. Her voice was loud and I shivered. Oh, she wasn’t asking, she was telling me to go.

I frowned with a sigh and stood up then headed to the kitchen like a lazy dog who was dragging his own tail behind him. I saw that scene before. “Why can’t one of the boys go, you have like 5 guys if we were counting your man!” I whined but there was logic in my words. Then I grabbed a banana that was in a bowl. “Careful, that’s expensive.” I heard mom say, but she wasn’t even looking at me. How did she...?

“The banana?” I asked feeling as confused as ever.

Mom sighed. “The bowl you idiot, now go and get me my Oreos, I’m craving them so badly,” she turned and pointed the knife at me. For a two months old pregnant woman... She can be super scary and crazy. She was Ariel O'Connor before she became a McKnight.

"You haven’t answered my question, mama!" I crossed my arms and waited for her to speak. She sighed once again and put the knife down. Good, that was freaking me out. You can never feel safe around a pregnant woman.

"The boys are out with their friends and your dad is in his office, writing his new novel," she replied and I groaned feeling defeated. "But it’s like 7 in the evening, there could be bad guys out there or even kidnappers!" I stated like a drama queen. I hated drama but I also hated walking so I could be a major drama queen if I get to stay at home without doing anything.

Mama chuckled at that and I felt that there was a double meaning behind it. "Oh honey, you will manage if you ever get kidnapped, I did," she replied and I arched my eyebrows, confused. "You did? What do you mean?" I asked.

"That’s a story for another day when you are ready for it, that is." She explained and I nodded, didn't want to argue with her. There was no winning when she was pregnant.

"Okay mama, bye, I’ll be back by 8 and if I wasn’t home by that time, then I probably got kidnapped." I winked at her and she smiled. She smiled. She’s not worried about her one and only daughter. Seriously? Well, whatever.

I grabbed a sweater because we were still in Spring, it can get chilly outside especially at nights. "Bye baby, have fun if you ever get kidnapped." She called out and I was out of the house. She is one hell of a mother.

The reason that it would take me one hour to get back, was because I was not running nor walking fast. I will just enjoy the breeze and not get sweaty. I’m lazy, okay? When I reached the mini-mart, it was 7:28 and there was no one in it. I went to the chocolate section and grabbed 12 big buckets of Oreos. What? You thought mama was the only one who eats Oreos? Well, think again. I have 4 monsters who eat like pigs at home, plus me. Just to be clear, I’m not a pig but I do love food.

As I paid for them, I got out of the mart and headed home. I felt bored walking alone, so I started singing Secret love song by Little Mix, I got a good voice from mama and I was grateful for that. "When you hold me in the street and you kiss me on the dance floor. I wish that it could be like that, why can’t it be like that cause I’m yourssss... We keep behind-" I was interrupted by a big sound of an old truck. I turned my back to see it, but I was dragged into it instead.

What the actual fudge? I’m being kidnapped. Like for real. I was joking when I told mama that I could get kidnapped. Like what are the odds? I should have asked for Leonardo DiCaprio instead. Focus Remi, you are being kidnapped and you are thinking about Leo?

"LET GO OF ME, YOU DIMWITS!” I yelled and tried to release myself from those strong arms. Damn, he has a tight grip.

"Stop moving," a deep voice demanded me and I shivered from how deep it was. He sounded sexy but it was not the time. "Like hell, I will not stop moving. You are kidnapping me for God’s sake. you are like the police when they order the robber to stop or freeze, like who’s the idiot would stop by his own will to his own hell?" I shouted without thinking, however, I was already in the truck. It was moving fast, and I was on a lap. What just happened?

"Look, she’s a hot chick." One of the 5 guys in the car nudged another one and pointed at me with his finger. They are hot yet rude. "Hey, don’t you dare point that little finger of yours at me again, because I’ll have cut it and feed it to our neighbor’s dog." I threatened with a glare.

"Feisty!" The one that I was sitting on commented, so I turned my head and saw his face. He was beautifully handsome I didn't know if that made sense but I didn't care. Perfect jawline, long lashes with bright hazel eyes almost green, and brown silky hair. He was handsome plus he was tall, his legs were so long.

After his word registered in my head, I gasped. "Excuse me?" I raised my eyebrows at him with crossed arms. "You’re excused," he replied with a smirk. I smirked back because I won. "Okay, bye," I tried to stand up and open the door but he held me tightly. I glared at him then turned to face the other 4 guys. From how I saw it, there were two sets of twins, and they were damn fine.

"Why am I here?" I asked in a calm tone then waited for someone to enlighten me.

"You will find out when we reach our destination." The one who pointed his finger at me said. He was wearing glasses, and the one next to him is probably his twin, he wasn’t wearing glass. They had green eyes and black hair. They are so much alike.

"And when are we going to reach our so-called ′distention′, you idiots?" I asked him and the other twins answered me in unison. "Two hours," They had brown eyes with short brown hair. They were handsome as well. What is it, the hot guys day or something? Who kidnap innocent girls?

"Two hours are enough!" I muttered in a quiet tone but all of the boys heard me loud and clear. "Enough for what?" The one that I was sitting on, asked.

I smirked in victory. "For you to wish that you shouldn’t have ever kidnaped me!" I looked at the boys and they looked nervous and anxious. Great...

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