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This is a book about Inside Out's anger's feelings.. I always write books about love and Liza Koshy so i decided to post my friend Rose's book! Enjoy! My friend Rose and i were working on this last year and i decided to post it. Enjoy.

Humor / Children
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When i get upset


By: Faith Boehl

Chapter 1

The Anger Trapped Inside

When Riley was born, Joy and Sadness were the first emotions she experienced. Then I came along with Fear. Disgust came along when we first tried broccoli. We were the complete set. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. Personally, the other emotions didn’t do much except for Joy and me. I saw a Barney movie and I screamed:

“WHY?!? Barney shouldn’t be able to curse?” Mom approached us with Pjs.

“Riley, you have 10 minutes until bed time.” She cooed. I snapped with rage.

“I hate bed time! It’s not even 5:01!”

“Calm it anger.” Said Joy.

“Dessert, Riley” said Mom and that calmed me down

This thought flew into my mind when I saw the sticker on the little plastic container, “Oh no.” It was asparagus-flavored pudding!

“AHHHHHHHH” screamed Fear with Disgust throwing up glowing puke on him. Then we woke up. What? Emotions have dreams, too. When Riley’s asleep, so we don’t disturb her with random images of us and our dreams.

I saw Joy and Sadness fly up through the long-term memory tube. Curse words flew through my mind. I saw them enter the goofball island, the worst island ever to exist. The screen of all my thoughts went black and white.

“Who did that?” I yelled to the two emotions behind me, pausing from pushing numerous buttons.

“Disgust did it” Fear chimed in nervously. We had to take matters into our own hands now. We had to take Joy and Sadness’s places until they returned. We saw them go down the tube and meet a memory puppy. (We might have security cameras everywhere to keep track of Bing Bong) the dog was a happy memory. Then when Sadness touched it, it died. Every memory turned sad when she even grazed it. As soon as she touched one of my memories it turned blue which meant sad and it rolled up to core memory. “Sadness?” Joy asked. “come over here and read these instruction manuals!” joy was trying to hold in her annoyance, she never showed her inner anger until we were all asleep. How do I know? I come in to the thought room and the whole place looks like Bing Bong came in with been eating too much candy. Joy seemed to hear for she picked up the memory and stroked it gently. We named it Olive. The small dog danced at our feet, its squeaky toy squeaked loudly in its little fangs. It was the worst noise EVER. Every day I would go of to sad land and laugh at the little depressed, gray, ugly clouds crying and sobbing all day long.

One morning Riley woke up and all she felt was fear! I awoke when I heard heard her crying to her mother because there was someone was at her window tapping and calling. Her mother opened the window, and in came a puppy. She told her mother that they needed to keep the dog because it was homeless. Her mother agreed that they would suprise her dad for his birthday.

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