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When people claim we are all equal what does it matter when we know we will not be considered until 50 years away? Like everyone knows we will never We are not doing enough we will never be enough no qualifications nothing at all because no improvement nothing doing no improvement at all it is a sorry case. Nothing will save us from her critical eye I did not mean it Miss why not there is nothing trusting in you only this knowledge about the dark things which a child should never have. A honest child would never know such things it is wrong to be so into all that mischief we did not know what a child knows when everyone said children are innocents are the things which angels brought down and this questionable child is here in there robbing our children of their innocence.

Humor / Drama
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Chapter 1

I will briefly state what my age is, it fluctuates and due to my being over bearing there is no point in asking such a silly question. What is the colour of my skin there is a point it is olive and my eyes are dark but my dyed hair is black. I am setting this story in the usual place called London and there is not much happening except Brexit and what we might call the collapse of everything we have known for many years and that makes us uneasy.

You see we do not know where the benefits will come from and that is nagging at us all. We now have to talk less and read more and that is making us think. I mean what for when everything had been handed down and now we have to work and think at the same time. From having four parties a week we might have to cut down.

Saints will not help us at all?

People not sympathetic to us have began to leave this country and that makes us sadder than before because now we have nobody to pick our fruits.

We have begun to be seriously in some stew.

I heard a thing last night and it sort of bugs me down as if somewhere the feeling of failures are such. When University students do not know what Yeats had said. When he said, “I will not agree with what you say but I will defend the right of you saying it.”

The thoughts the feelings just got me down to doing the thinking what I am doing is putting these soft little moments on paper I am not pretentious anymore. Love is work and work means love and there is nothing doing when we do not see where we are going? Did everyone know where they will end when they begun? I mean walk in a maze and there is a plan walk down the road and somewhere there is a architect and walk down life who is the architect of that?

Life is many thoughts is it not?

When thoughts are made of the hand me downs. The end product is the key where is the grapple with the thinking where is the journey? When we dared to think of matters not our own and the self centred beasts which we are done for. Beasts howling and mauling the underdog will not heal the new wounded.

“We the underdogs have begun to notice madam you are biting us dry.”

When the rich have started to hunt down the poor and the vulnerable. Why do we think we do not have the weaknesses which we all had before? Because human kind is now richer and across the nations there are many divides. Look where did the climax happen?

“We do not belong anymore anywhere not to heaven nor to hell.”

“Beauty as inbred as this?”

“What matters is we do not like the us now.”

“We are beautiful.”

“We shriek and stare.”

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