This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 10

Genetically mad we were the children of the Sultans who had given such a manner to our fatricides and we settled into our own little murders whom nobody did suspect at all.

When the Sultans had gone mad they built for them cages which the Sultans had to be placed in and died in slumber. I mean they were drugged and well cared for pets or something. They did not have any brains left or bad deeds left them. Bad deeds were the only thinking left to these men for they had no wives not real wives to hold them down and ground them.

“We took care of the mad Sultans in this England we take care of everyone.”

“How do you mean?”

“Flattery?” I falter.

“What does it have to do with the crappy party you were speaking about?”

“I think it has a lot to do with it because it links with the hierarachy and having everything.”

“One can kill for things?”

“Yes one can and then when one has it one has nothing to fight for?”

“Approved and this is approved behaviour?”

“We as a human race have improved our lot as many of us think of ourselves as the new Sultans and that matters.”

“We have the thinking done now?”

“Look I am going to give examples and you lot can then make your minds up.”

“We all agree that you are mentally defective?”

“Probably we all are.”

“I am not a nothing.”

“I am poor others are richer than cider.”

The Sultans had killed their brothers and that meant they had the beasts inside them they did not have anything else to do because the family had about twenty legal heirs. From fighting for the crown and then killing so many when peace came they disliked it no end. I mean killing is a art form and all that once one is unleashed they could not contain themselves.

“Beasts they were beasts.”

“It was legally done because that was what a Sultan had to do.”

“It improved his authority.”

The Sultans had to watch his back. We the Sultans are next to God and we know exactly what God says we have been in communion with him. We trust me know what it is to be powerful.

Being next to God that is why the Sultan’s face was not to be seen and the only man who did was mostly in a trusted position.

The Sultans did not listen to good words of advice.

“One of them got rid of his in a short life span.”

Sultan killed he killed many of these wretched men and did it with pleasure for giving him advise. Then he could not find any advisors. In England naturally we made a fool out of these men. I do not know what to make of it he said I am searching for one that is why I have not killed you yet. I thought the cage would have made him more amiable? In England they had the tower where they could see the court yards when they beheaded the unfortunates.

One poet did kick the Sultan’s behind and he was not into making him starve?

“The Sultans in their cages were very happy.”

“One Sultan killed fifty of his own children.”

“Another one killed his whole harem.”

“How many did he kill?”

“I think in the harem there were thousand women.”

“How beastly.”

“Yes I need a bloody Mary to get over that.”

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