This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 11

Has anybody ever wondered or wanted to know where these genetically mad individuals are now?

The descendents of that era must be alive somewhere and what and how do they do? I mean what oddness they must be up to now? The descendents? I know the descendent of the ascendent myths or facts what do we believe about history and their bad parenting? Is that they must have mated and then had multipled and then what do we think matters to these people?

Rich mattered because they were richer than ordinary individuals but someone else did bring them up mostly paid hands who were ruled wisely.

Some paid hands were so frightened they were the maids in the bed who were warming their master and mistresses feet. The heads who shook their pockets and made it unwise not to make them unhappy.

Sex when a unhappy issue came forth the maid was dismissed where she went and drowned herself and the baby.

Murder not at all some even carried the birth forth and the baby made a drama out of being so well bred.

Incest? No chance no time said the mother as she cradled the tongs.

“We are no more like these creatures we now conform and behave ourselves.”

“What bad language they speak.”

“We are the kings of this jungle and we have the castles.”

“We live in semi detached terrace homes.”

“We do not get out much and we destroy them indoors who disagree or disappoint us.”

“What were you speaking about?”

“We have badness in the family.”


“Yes we have everything.”

“We are now business man.”

“And women.”

I matter because I am poor and out spoken.

I mean when they hailed they were courted and made much of when they left they left without much money because money did need to be spent and sure enough the dames could and did drink them under the table.

The cokes and the lagers and all that made them feel murder had been done to their pockets. But when they did not do anything bad they thought that they would gain entrance to the bodies and the English language they would gain the entry to the right places and somehow they did not begrudge the tenner and the tone of their voices improved and they realised that they could now speak proper English and that they would mix better in order to rob and plunder.

But at home they were busy with their own bad habits and the damn English had similar habits and so they got along famously.

The properties which they swindled and made off with was the better for their being there as they knew how to build an extension and they had studied the proper plumbing technics and all that. They did not only make matters better they were better.

What did you do all this time some would ask?

Sin and they would laugh.

Their version of being better and a betting men was tha they knew what to do with their money reinvest it and make it twice or even thrice.

I am with you all the way.

It is best not to be too brave. Kiddo nobody can work all the time sometimes one has to rest.

We learnt this from the day we were able to speak how to rob how to make the world a better place for the likes of us.

I am now haunted and hunted and most likely there is nothing the matter with the ideas inside my head. My psychologist says they are not naturally good and I must think more pleasantly. I am in a dark mood most of the time.

That a pleasant seeming woman has all these ideas inside her head is a disaster what is there in her head is hardly nice or pleasant.

“Give her more good advice and psychology.”

“And let her let it out.”

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