This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 2

A middle aged woman writer working over time is discussing this with her little psychologist and she does not disdain to go into details. She has a subjective mind and she does not mince matters to take into account her mental states has her beaming with the enjoyments, She has the apron stings and does not now know where she will end up in.

The psychologists takes down notes and has note worthy moments when she thinks it is harrowing.

“So the sob stories come out?”

“They did not before?”

Hunting down human beasts is more fun. They for example are more intelligent than a dumb animal and they do try harder in their traps. I yawn and shriek this is crazy and there she is with the injections.

Their aristocratic noses up in the air and they speaking like demons. And humanity they did the hunting because they having the hunting instinct.

What they hunters and trappers of course not nothing so basic they the cullers the culler whom it was the envy of humanity the flower of society...

“Love is about concerns about society.”

“This is amongst ourselves”.

“I have lived here for many years more than you have.”

“You lot still call us the other.”

“The other what?”

“We are the other on the ethnic form why is it that so called form called for?”

“If you do not statement make that we are ethnically a Turk and then call us the other?”

“From mars somewhere?”


What they hunted still haunts me! You know that it is not Bedlam here ok? Why because they hunt the weak and the vulnerable. The difficulties which we all have with you is that you do not begin in the beginning of the event.

How did it evolve this century of abusive aristocracy? Well when one reads the books of the old times it is there is it not? No way we did not get it. Well from the primal cries of Dracula to the little Dr Jerkyll and Mr Hyde what is there not to see? We have two faces do not we one for the public and the other what we feel is the private individual when we can carry out what we do and take what we dare not do so in public.

Our supporters say and speak to us we do this room we do this room this country this culture we are the obvious leaders of fashion and sadism is in fashion. We inject reason into the senseless and here we do it so well we do it all the time because if you are not hearing us then we inject you. Well they went hunting they just could not help themselves and then what did happen?

“The mad and the poor brings out our out right instincts we can’t help kicking them.”

“She has justified something to herself you can’t prove any of this. We have alibis.”

“I did not ask to speak yet I did not speak a word but the feelings of torments have got me.”

“They killers mate?”

“They indeed kill to get what they can.”

Does it mean I ask myself they enjoy torturing people like the poor?

“Yes.!” Hissed the walls.

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