This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 3

“Dear sir I can’t marry you I am mad.”

“Woman a wife has to be sane to wash up the dishes. Thank you for telling me.” He said departing not to be seen ever again.

“I am not denying I am mad it was my madness which took me into this thing.”

“Don’t be foolish old woman speak outright say you have nothing the matter with you.”

“I want you all to find it for yourself.”

“Money in the making?” Proper sense of what it is means we dislike to think about anything but the important material things. Everything in their right manner of speaking where the men do not care to be seen this house is never tidy and the women here do not handle themselves gently.

“Look madam if you hadn’t been mad the thing would be I would have asked you to marry me.”

“No manners at all if I hadn’t been mad I wouldn’t be here.”

“Just go.” said mother to him.

“He asked me out only to insult me is it anything to do with race with being a woman now this?”

“But you can grow to like him and grovel and all that.”

“I hate the idea already.”

“Of being married?”

“Of grovelling.”

“Don’t blackmail them for heaven’s sake.”

I am groping for the light and the light switch is switched off then on and there are not many thinking done but me. I am that important. Snob said so he is alive to me being this beast and he said I was his Sally.

In this little thing for me called life what I said that for? Little things which I have got? I am not much in clover money wise there is always like Jam making to do and I do not have many friends.

“You mean the thing is when people called you mad the only thing you were thinking was lack of money?”

“Yes the rich are madder than me why does nobody ask them to see a psychologist?”


Their doors have been locked against them these poor people?

My computer has shut down and there are no reasonable people who do computers left.

“I am left in the cold.”

“I am so cold in the winter.”

“Shut in and shuttered.”

“There is no shelter from the elements?”

“The house is too small for that.”

“Thinking about the past.”

“No idea what you have done set her at it?”

“My idea of being expensive is having hot dogs from the vans.”

“The idea that we can do such a catering job and that people can buy such stuff for themselves and family.”

“Food is food.”

“Wives not sane can have children according to the doctrines of this new England for everyone has a right to do what they want.”

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