This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 4

Food for thought? There is not much to consider these days but I am better than that. We are all no better than we should be. I bow down to the snobs. Accordingly we see a house for sale and we think we matter most because a house sold for half a million is never right but a house which is sold for 50,000 is just right price. We can manage on that? We always do.

When they into this haunted thing this doomed failure of society to behave to be and why are they so immune? In society which walks off with the walls and the washing on the line what does it mean?

“They desperados they desperate to make ends meet?” said my sister B who has since worked out what it all means and speaks nothing about it.

“I have refurbished my house bought a brand new car.”

“A good beginning what does it make him”?

“What does it matter?”

“One wants land then walks out on the deal which is what I had done.”

“One walks out on a deal like that.”

“We are never going to agree on your sanity.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“What it does do to me is makes me hungry for more information.”


“Because we are all saying brother we love you and our hands behind our backs we rob that brethen.”

“In fact what they are saying is we hate you.”

And trust walks off.

“Nobody says anything about these people?”

“It is the normal thing to speak nothing about what they do because they are the heirs the heirs to fortunes and some money is needed when just starting out.”

“We love to feather our nests and so where is the problem?”

“I did not want the money I wanted to write instead.”

“This is your pay off?”

“This is what they gave me to work on.”

“The material is my matter and they cannot have the right thinking when they say it is not nice to speak about them in such a way.”

“What did they think you would do with it?”

“Write a short poem.”

“Or a short novel.”

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