This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 5

He cat calls the snobs to heel. After all his wife is one of the aristocratic beasts who do nothing but note down faults as she is being the head snob. He is the ring leader the male shag the leading role model which we ladies must have because we have now found out there are not enough male leaders of fashion and there is this fiasco of the discord. We did not let the gentleman inside the house so all the boys have come out.

“I am sorry that there is not enough men left?”

“You mean with a garden?”

“No gentleman alllowed indoors meant the boys had to leave to join gangs and then there was criminal activities and then when they went and got killed the women still the best snobs ever.”

“Well dressed?”

This is the current fashionable they walk and they waltz off with the prizes as their lives are the things which make their movies or their rich harvest when they want to wee they go to some place and then the howls happen.

Like the winter settled inside them they must creep out to handle the situation which the light has placed them in and act out their darkness because they are doomed to be celebrity forever.

They walk in the shade they walk as if never to be caught and their confidence is infectious. They are bred to behave in scumbag fashion. We are bandits. We behave as civilised bandits and we do not have any conscience. We are what matters in the old days we would grab things which fell off the horse and came out of the door and now we steadily wait until the door falls down and we can rob in peace and quiet.

Because we are bandits.

We behave like we do because we live as bandits should.

We are the bandy bandy no more we love to behave as if the world is ours.

“We will murder you because you are not one of ours.”

“Mad madness this is what insane behaviour is what does it matter we are the doomed clan.”


“Because everyone has limits.”

“What does it matter when the sky is limitless?”

“We live and play and we even pray.”

“We watch the boats sail like anyone else.”

“We are human.”

“We cry sometimes when we cut throats.”

“The end is near for you.”

“We will torture you as you did us.”

“Because we love you.”

“No you lot do not I do not believe this the social personality has left me and I am this inside story.”

“Printed or unprinted?”

“I can’t find someone to contract me.”

“There is a contract on you soon.”

“Will I receive money.”

“Yes honey you will.”

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