This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 6

Due to my being without botox I have used my special yogurt mix and have been allowed to look tolerable. You see a Botox is more money and the folly of having it done one loses one’s smile. My best feature you know.

Does it inflict on their features anything like badness unattractiveness anything at all? Due to Botox their features remain the same in fact set solid and do not smile. No they look one in the eye and say nothing there is no shred of thinking behind their smooth features. The kindliness which we must be involved in as humans is exceptional. Are you saying and I am that humans do not like or care for each other? No I am well liked.

As children they said they swore be oneself when one is oneself they dislike me intensely but this is me why does nobody see how I have branched out and flourished?

They fear me so?

“I am not well thought of as a author.”

“There is no words to describe you.” someone says in a manner I do not understand. I have noted everything down and what they did made mental notes why does nobody now believe me? For years I have been there and there for others making them feel safe and secure so that I might try to write down their life stories. What else is a writer for?

Well they fear nothing are nothing nothing comes from them but themselves who they mate with and then come nothing but something nice and then good and something bad.

“Never mind.”

“What matters to us is you dislike us.”

“We are not inclined to disagree with you.”

“Our prim and proper madam.”

“We are nothing but matter of fact.” I gently sit myself and shut down the phone another year over another year done with. It is over the young life I had and nothing but fear to show for it all. The phone conversation done with and the meaning of this solitary existence done with there is nobody but me to watch. I wretched that I do not see myself in anything but isolation and the doctrines of many yearnings and years takes its toil.

They indeed said it to my face I am no longer in here trying to come to terms with being aloof they never wanted or like me in the first place.

“Sacked dismissed from the family.”

“Sacked dismissed and done for.”

“We love you too.”

“Our good will is done with.”

“Your good mother a good woman is there the head of the family.” He is a pissed off someone who did not have enough of a life due to me? I said do your duty did he have to do it so thoroughly?

“I did not like you as a child now I have began to see I hate you.”

“What is the matter with you all is there is nothing I do and did but for the best. I did not know that due to the facts of conception and all that the little author of your deeds would come to torture you all and the thing was in fact you asked to be the heroes. The heroes of the entire clan so what is the matter with you?

“I ate my youth in trying to keep up appearances.”

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