This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 7

So when the women in the family are the little things which only give one pleasures the marriage lines must come as a surprise? My wife is sanity itself never puts a foot wrong she is hardly in the house that is the reason. Well it is woeful indeed but that is why she is a career woman a wife a mum and she did it all her own way. I did not have enough of that I am hardly out of the house which is what makes me ill constantly. The house is such a thing can kill you if one goes out every time one does not get taken ill at all. Did not everyone say trouble and strife? What is a woman to one is nobody knows every marriage as mother said is different in fact very difficult to fathom what goes in the sheets.

“My wife has aged to such an extent she has grown to be older than anybody why why?”


“That is life is it not?”

“Or is his wife not behaving?”

“What the hell does it say about us all?”

“We loved the life and now it is gone because we were busybodied into doing the normal things.”

“Tell your mother?”

“Well she died.”

“Tell your dad.”

“I did not know who he was.”

Now this is a problem.

“My good mother got me from the brothel.”

“In Cyprus?”

“Of course.”

“Well she got hanged before my engagement was formalised and I went and gunned down a proposal for that girl.”

“It was someone I liked.”

“I am not a violated man to end up with that instead.”

“Which is where the best is not good enough because you all treat your wives as if they are there in a brothel.”

His features show some disdain. I can feel it on the phone. And then when they do they do. It does not inflict pain on their features because they think themselves doing good the only person is within their own orbit and the people they feel affiliated to. Otherwise they hunt and rob and kill.

“Marriage is it about hunting down someone until they cave in?”

“No most marriages are there in your own home indoors and making out because it is a right.”

“My wife does not care about me anymore.”

“Ego is shattered.”

“Why do they have nothing but the enjoyment out of that?”

“I love your questions.”

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