This is What Day Looks like

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Chapter 8

My beliefs are not religious. I did it work and all day work and then when there was not much to say. All proper feelings is revolted when they are not here to win the mansion. I did not win never bought the raffle and then when I am into no takings and I have been taken for rides in a car which is smashing into thoughts.

They do bingo hunting they did not make any money the takings were poor because the thing was the dames were broken and broke. Older than their own grandmothers and now they the gang are up against their own wives looking like that. We loved as younger selves and look what has happened to us all we have aged because we had to look after our sick children because of that silly woman and her will to set them indoors when we threw them out. This is a broken twig and there is nothing the matter without having no meaning in ones life. Why is she not sorry for all the bad things she has done? We did nothing wrong.

“You did not win this time.”

She does not have a penis and that what made him tick and when he vomited it meant the end of that. I did not have a penis supposed to be a good girl. I thought she was smarter than that. What she got nothing on offer what she got nothing but worst possible taste what I’m I supposed to do with that at my tender age.

“My sister wins wins all the time.”

“Is it rigged then?”

Back in the 1980′s when I was in my twenties one and in my prime and what is she? What is she? She does not offer me nothing there is not much in her but her arse and eyes. What does she does not turn me on and said the story of her life to me in one evening so not much to talk about is there after this evening?

I am not brand new but she is second hand second rate and what I’m I supposed to be done with? I am done for. I do not want that. I am in my cupboard mourning for the past and already that is before this party when the future looked bright so what is she dull? What is she dull she does not swing she does not dance she does not sparkle she is dull. A dullard.

“How unfortunate that they did not get on.”

“Yes it was.”

“Why did he and she not get on?”

“I think?”

“Another all night party over and nothing of interest like a wedding has come about look the perfect couple are here.”

“How is the baby?”

“At the baby sitter.”

“What a wondeful broach.”

“What a wonderful figure after giving birth too.”

“Where is he?”

“Fetching drinks.”

“What is she here too?”

“Yes she has amused us as usual.”

“The odd boy does not like her and she and he had the intimacies when he and she get somehow separated we don’t know why it must be something with her food what is wrong with her ?”

I dislike her I think.

The English man had to look after his kid as well he does not complain he does not mourn for the loss of his youth people have to do the right thing.

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