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The Girl and the Player

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17 year old Janet just wants to be a world wide known basketball player having her older brother Kane by her side. But before she thinks about her beautiful dream, a certain guy comes up and the tables soon begin to turn.. Will she end up being the basketball player she wants or will she find out the special someone?

Humor / Romance
Mimidoo Chen
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A different world

My older brother, Kane, and I were just sitting in the living room with our already packed luggage. Our parents were discussing in the kitchen what place they would be moving to this year. Our dad, Malka Smith, was transferred from his job to go to Miami for a particular task that was assigned to him.


"Yeah mom, we're on our way, "said Kane. "Come on sis, let's go meet them and find out the new place we're staying this time around"

"Okay, but I feel this place we're gonna stay will be different from the other places," I said sarcastically. My dad was being transferred from one place to another because he's a general and well you know they will always be transferred and so will their homes.

So we packed our things into the car and began our journey. As we got to the airport, I was just saying to myself how I'm really gonna miss Nigeria, our true birthplace. As we got off the plane, there was a taxi ready to take us to our grandpa's place cause even he too was retired military personnel. As we arrived in Miami, we looked out the car window and our both jaws dropped due to site of the roads and buildings Back in our country, our own buildings weren't as tall as these plus we were quite impressed with what we had seen. So many basketball courts were around.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, I'm a basketball freak. I've been playing the sport since my third grade and I'm in the eleventh grade now so don't blame me, blame my love for Kobe Bryant. Ever since I started playing basketball, I always wanted to meet him in person cause he was the one who inspired me. But ever since his death in the helicopter crash with his daughter and ten NBA coaches, I promised myself to not forget my dream and to continue playing for him on my behalf.

Back to the basketball, Some of the players were dribbling mad skills, making crazy awesome slam dunks, and while others were just betting on each other's cash on who will make the most points as we saw those people watching some NBA matches.

People were wearing different team T-shirts. Some were Lakers fans, Spurs, Trailblazers, Huskies and so many more.

"It really seems a lot of people enjoy basketball in this state though," I said being very impressed with how so many people embraced the sport most especially the Black Americans cause my family are blacks too. Yeah, I forgot to add that my grandpa grew up here so that's practically why we had to move here so that my dad could continue his regime. Before I could think twice we were already at our final destination.

"WE'RE HERE!!!" said dad in a relived manner.

"And guess what kids...." said mom with a smirk on her face.

"What? "we both said in unison. It's weird how my brother and I are so alike and cooperative in anything. People almost think we're twins but technically he's in 200 level but has to change his school due to our dad's transfer. But it was still cool having a brother in university and he's even a basketball player and got a sports scholarship to the University of Toronto.

"There is also a basketball court, so you guys can play your sport or game anytime you like."

We both turned to each other and smiled with delight on our faces. We both loved basketball since we were kids but it seems I've gotten better than my bro but he got sports to the University of Toronto so he will soon start school again but I just don't when he will be going back.

Immediately, we came down from the taxi, Kane got up and dragged me out of the car saying.

"Let's go shoot some hoops man." Did I mention he loves basketball? He memorized all of Jordan's shots from when he joined the NBA till he retired and people call me a freak.

" Not if I shoot some of the first suckers. "I said with a smirk on my face.

"Bring on little girl!" it's so funny how he calls me little girl but yet I'm a 6'1 and he's a 6'7.

We both ran as if we were twelve years old's running to the ice cream man.

"Are you sure those two will be okay? "said dad raising one eyebrow at mom.

"Oh, they will be fine, they will probably meet some of their age-mates on the court already. No need to worry about them." said, mom.

Our parents entered the house as we were having fun playing a nice friendly match with some new friends. Kane met a cute girl and started flirting with her. Boys will be boys.

As we were having fun, a certain huge manly body came along and interrupted their game

"So you think your a great player eh ?" said the huge guy "Well then not for long....."

The guy's name was Moyo.

He looked like all mean teens in a whole neighborhood that everyone would fear but he didn't scare me. No one ever scares me except when Kane wants to look for my trouble but obviously, siblings must look for each other's trouble once a while. What fun will it be if siblings didn't play pranks on each other? Anyways, back to the big jerk.

"We just moved in and we decided to join these guys in playing some ball, any problem with that punk?" I said trying to sound nice to the guy.

" Just play a match and have fun doing it, "said my bro who clearly here knew what was happening and didn't want any problem to happen.

"Only fun?" Mischievously said Moyo.

"Alright let's start this game"

And so it began...

Authors Note

Hey guys,

I'm Mimidoo Chen. Please I'm Nigerian not Chinese. So I will be writing books based mostly on racism and discrimination against women and other cultures. This is my first book and I will try to update it since we are all stuck at home. So please like my book and do comment and review.

Enjoy my book.

~ Chen

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