The girl and the player

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After the whole dance incident, I decided that I will be studying professional choreography in college.

We finally decided to have a joined sleepover in my house since my parents were out of town for a while. I was sitting on the couch with Dave who had his arm on my shoulder as I held his other arm which was crossed with mine. Shekah was sitting while Eric put his head on her lap.

We were watching Friend Request. The movie is about a girl who doesn't accept one scary-looking girl friend request on Facebook. Her life begins to become a mess.

As the movie reached the part of one her friends being killed by bees, I turned my back from the screen and hugged Dave. He then stroked my black curly hair to calm me down. What a sweet guy.

We then finished the movie and decided to play truth or dare.

''Alright Shekah, truth or dare?'' went Eric first.

''Truth...'' spoke Shekah feeling unsure of herself.

''Who was your crush as a kid?'' said Eric.

'' was Shun Kazami. she said with a little blush on her cheeks.

''Wait...the one from Bakungun.'' said Dave with a chuckle.

After he said that, we all busted into laughter except Shekah.

''Ha ha guys.'' saying with an angry on her face.

''Aww, babe, you know we didn't mean it.'' said Eric as he tried to comfort his girlfriend. She slapped his hand and left to go to my room.

Eric left to go and get her. I really hope she forgives him.

So it just leaves Dave and I in the living room.

So we just continued by watching a romance movie.

The movie we were watching now was Five feet apart.

An hour later...

We finished and I was left in tears. Dave saw me and began to kiss my tears away. As he finished, I looked at him and blushed. What a sweet guy. To think he was the school player.

We both slept off on the couch. All I know was that I was in his arms and he held me tightly on my waist. Okay practically we were on top of each other. But I found it kinda cute. I finally felt so secure in his arms. His so fine defined toned arms.

Shut it Jay and enjoy this moment spoke my inner self. I'm very sure Dave was smiling at that moment. I think he may have heard me. Darn it!


Finally the day I've waiting for all my life. Prom.

I hardly went for prom back in my country and this was going to be my first. So I better make the best of it.

My parents were already at the front of the day waiting for me to take pictures of me and of course for Dave too.

Once I left the room, my parents were dumb founded by the way I was looking. I wore a long sleeveless ankara dress with black small heel. I'm not really a fan of heels but this one was okay. Not too high but just right. I made my hair to be curly and dyed the tips white. As I was coming, my parents rushed to me and began to cry.

''You look so beautiful darling, you really took your mother's looks.'' spoke my dad.

''But she did take your hair and attitude honey.'' said my mom looking at him with a brow up.

Then all of a sudden, it became a staring contest for my parents. I didn't want to interrupt them but something else.

''Hey Jay! I came to pick you u---- WOW!!! you look gorgeous babe.'' said Dave as he entered the house. He wore a gray tux with a black tie. He also cut his hair bit and the curled the top of it. You know the usual kind of hairstyle every black boy does. He looked even cuter and hotter.

He grabbed me from my parents who still had their staring contest. Kids these days, I'm right?

I got into Dave's car and we drove off to school.

Once we arrived school, he came out of the car first and came to my side. He opened the door for me and extended his hand for me to hold in order to come out of the car.

We crossed our arms together and began to make our way to the school. As we were passing, people kept on murmuring to themselves and kept on staring at us.

They were saying things like how we were a power couple or the sports have finally arrived and some other stuff. I kinda liked it cause finally I was happy with who I was with and didn't regret it.

We soon got the hall and met Eric and Shekah.

They both decided to come as India couple. It was actually Shekah's idea from how I could tell on how Eric's face was looking. He looked like the grumpy cat.

We talked and soon departed our separate ways. Dave and I really enjoyed ourselves and we were even chosen as prom queen and king.

I really had so much fun. My first prom and I freaking became prom queen, most especially since I was a new student.

1 Hour later

After everything, Dave took me back home. As we arrived to my house, he escorted me to the front of my house.

When we reached the front, he kissed me on the lips and told me bye. I said bye and entered the house. I saw my parents sleeping on the couch on top of each other. I thought they would still be there. I chuckled and went off to my room.

I had my bath and put on my pj's. As soon as I got prepared to sleep, I got a text from Dave saying I should look outside.

I got up and went to my window. Immediately, I saw fireworks which said


I took a picture of it as soon as possible. I started to cry tears of joy. Before I could even start, an incoming face time came from my phone. It was Dave and he asked whether I liked.

'' liked it? I said. ''I loved it. You are the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for.''

He began to smile. His smile always made me happy. He always made me happy in his own silly but cute way. I sent him a blow kiss through the phone and he caught it and placed it on his heart.

He ended the call telling me good night and I slept off after that.

He always made me happy and I just hope we will be happy together.

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