The girl and the player

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Finally I'm done

Finally, the day had come. The day I've been waiting for. My graduation. This day is the best event that can happen to anyone. When you are finally finishing one stage in your life, you feel something in you that makes so happy. You feel you can do anything in the world. This feeling is known as joy. Having joy in your life is the best thing that can happen to anyone in this world.

I was sitting on my seat with my friends and my one and only boyfriend. I know we really had a good run in high school and I was so glad to meet someone like him.

''And this year's best graduating student is...'' spoke MJ. See the nickname caught on.

''Well for the first time in our school history, a black student is getting this award. The award goes to--- Janet Smith!!!''

The hall started clapping for me. I was really happy and proud. First it was first black girl MVP and now I'm getting first black graduating student.

As I got up the stage, MJ whispered to my ear, outta girl. I was really proud of myself and everyone who had aided me in this journey. Most especially my family.

Later that day.

So my dad organized a graduation party for my friends, my teammates and I. Kane brought his team to celebrate with us. He even brought Lebron James. I just started fan Girling immediately cause he plays my favorite NBA team.

Betty was so happy to Kyrie and Kevin Durant. She took photos with them and they gave her tickets to their next game. After she finished with them, she came to thank me and allowing her to become my friend. She was so grateful and happy. I told her it was no problem and I also told her I was happy to be her friend and most especially her teammate.

As the party was still going on, I felt an arm drag me outside and found it was him. Who knew that tutoring the school player would make me to eventually fall for him. I was so happy to have met someone like him.

''Jay, so like, we will soon be going college and I know that already you're going to U of T, so I just wanted to give this necklace.''

I was confused at first until I saw the karat gold necklace. It was like all these friendship necklaces with hearts, but this one read, 'FOREVER TOGETHER ' it was a promise necklace.

I started to cry immediately. This guy has officially broke the tough girl in me. He then came closer to me and put one half on my neck. He came to my face and locked our lips together. In the process, he also wiped away my tears.

We then broke from the kiss. He hugged me, his hands on my waist and mine on his back.

His touch would always turn on a bit. He always knew what to say and he always made me so calm. Anytime he touches me, it always made me so happy and joyous.

I was so happy. Why was I lucky to have this kind of guy in my life. With the one I was with before, he never treated me like this. This guy really figured me out and found all my weaknesses.

I'm a tough girl who doesn't take nonsense from anyone. I hate racism and I hate woman harassment. I play sports and I don't really care about fashion.

I made a few mistakes in the past. He always knew what to say to me. I was trouble maker and I still wonder how could this guy fall for a woman like me. I, Janet Smith, he fell for a woman like me.

We then went back to my house and went to my room. We just cuddled ourselves to sleep. I was still awake and I just wanted to admire his face a bit. He slept like an angel. My angel.

I was still wearing the necklace he gave me. I still can't believe this guy fell for someone like. I don't just like Dave anymore....

I love him.

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