The girl and the player

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College life with a surprise

2 Years Later...

So it’s been two years since I got into U of T with my basketball scholarship. Life’s been pretty great here. Eric and Shekah got to school in the same college which was Yale. I’ve done great myself. I got into the college team, I’m on a 4.0 GPA score, I’ve been enjoying my courses and oh yeah I have a new boyfriend. Yep and guess who it is, Moyo.

Okay so let me say there was a party we had at Shekah’s place...


Shekah’s parents were organizing a goodbye party for her and her friends. So she informed me, Eric ( of course she has to invite her boyfriend), Betty, Dave and some other people too. She was really happy that her parents allowed organized kind of stuff for her and best of all, they were gonna be out of town. Woohoo!

So I got dressed for the party. I didn’t want to be so flashy( as always)

F-Y-I, I’m still not a tomboy. I’m just a girl that likes sports and doesn’t like fancy or girly stuff

Okay, I just finished describing a tomboy but you guys know what I mean. So back to the flashback.

I dressed up with a white sleeveless turtle neck alongside a sky blue jacket with black skinny jeans paired with black and white striped sneakers. Dave said he won’t be able to drive me there but he said he would meet me up there.

This was pretty strange to me cause for the past few days, ever since I told him I got into U of T, he’s just been acting strange to me. He’s always been paying less attention to me.

When we are watching movies, he’s always been on his phone as if he’s talking to someone. The worst that happened was when I laid my head on his shoulder when I finished my practice and he seemed surprised that it was me.

Like seriously! He’s my boyfriend and I’m his girlfriend, he’s meant to know it’s me. Even when we are chatting, it always goes like this:

Me: Hey babe!

Dave: Hey

Hey? just a hey? what the heck was going on with him. He’s always been calling babe or Jay or even my name. But all he’s says is my name. Whenever we spoke or hung out, he seems pissed and angry all the time. I was really worried about him.

So anyway, I got to the party and it was quite okay. I sat on a couch talking with Moyo while Shekah and Eric were snuggling or so it seemed. The party was great but I kept wondering where Dave was.

I then interrupted our conservation by saying, ″Moyo, have you by any chance noticed how Dave had been acting? Like he always seems so angry all the time and the kind of responses he gives me is very strange too.''

''He told me he was coming to the party so what happened?''

''Oh he didn't tell me anything'' said Moyo with a surprised look.

''What do you mean didn't tell you anything?

''Well when I spoke with him today, he sounded a bit cold and said he wouldn't come again for the party again.''

I was not surprised but I was surely shell-shocked because Dave didn't tell me anything.

'I'll be on my way to his house, I'll call you if anything strange happens.'' saying to Moyo. He nodded and I started walking to Dave's house.

His mom wasn't around and since he turned 18 this year, it wasn't really a big deal that he was staying by himself.

Immediately I entered the house and I couldn't believe my eyes.

He was on the table doing drugs. Sniffing cocaine into his nose and laughing like the Joker. I was so angry and surprised that he hadn't noticed that I had entered his home.


''YOU SON OF BITCH!!!'' I shouted which of course got his attention.

''Oh...Jay, wh-what brings you here? He said while standing and looking so depressed.

''You're asking me what I'm doing here you fucker? You are an unappreciative low-life of a human being. I'm always calling and you don't answer. When we talk, it's as if I don't even exist. The worst of it is when we text. You don't call me babe or Jay or even my own name. You keep saying----

Before I could even finish, he grabbed me by my arm and pinned me to the wall. His breath was smelling of alcohol and tobacco.

What has he been taking, my boyfriend became a drug addict but why.

''See here miss so-called perfect bitch. You finally got into your dream school and I couldn't get into my own due to my grades. I thought you would sacrifice your opportunity and we will both go to the same college. What happened to always sacrificing for each other. Staying at each other's side. What happened?''

If I had known, I had been focused on getting a scholarship that I hadn't been much attention to my boyfriend. But if he was in my shoes he would do the same. He will do the EXACT SAME THING.

''You're a hypocrite, you know you will do the same thing to me and I wouldn't complain. But now that I want to have a good future, you're just taking your anger on me for no good fuc-

I fell to the ground and blood spat out of my mouth. He punched me in my face. This fucker punched me. He wasn't still done. He came towards and started beating. I kept screaming and yelling.

All of sudden he began to unzip my jeans and was to put his member in me until...


Moyo then punched Dave and carried me away. I kept crying to myself on his shoulders and he told me everything will be alright.

Some days passed and Dave kept on calling me to apologize. But I couldn't accept it. He beat me and after that tried to rape me. If it wasn't for Moyo coming, Only God knows what would have happened to me.

I decided then to send Dave a breakup text saying:

Dave, from the bottom of my heart. I was really disappointed in you and I wondered why you couldn't be happy for me. Yeah, you couldn't make it to the School of dance due to your grades but their many other dance academies out there. The only thing I will say to you is goodbye and that we are over. Enjoy your life. Thank you.

''And sent.'' I felt so relieved doing that. I just hope he will remember and realize what he did. I still loved but I had to just let it go.

Flashback over

Now I'm a student at U of T with Moyo. We started hanging out more ever since I broke up with Dave. Eventually, we started dating. Moyo really isn't a bad guy though. He's really sweet, kind and is always there for me in any problem. But anytime we kiss, snuggle or hug. It isn't his face I see...

It's Dave's...

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