The girl and the player

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The wedding with a twist

So finally I graduated from U of T in first class and I’m getting married today. Okay yeah when Moyo and I finished college. I got to be in the WNBA and also become a modelling designer. I also dance but not all the time.

Moyo got a job as a computer scientist. Eric became a professional and Shekah became a geologist. Kane had two kids which were twins. The twins were a boy and girl. The boy was quiet but loved playing basketball while the girl was noisy and liked playing mostly tennis.

So back to my wedding...

I was being led to the aisle by my dad and was walking me down. I was so happy but I still felt sad cause it's not like Moyo was bad, he just wasn't the one.

As the priest was about to introduce our vows.

The church door opened and lo and behold, it was Dave.

I was so happy seeing him. He then came towards to us and spoke saying: ''Jay, I made a mistake in the past and I really regret what I did. Would please forgive me? I just made some mistakes in the past. Please, I'm better person now. I'm nothing without you.''

''Would you please take me back?''

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