The girl and the player

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Meeting new friends

One week later

So Kane finally got into U of T ( University of Toronto) so technical it was just me, my parents, and our dog. Wait for dog... it was a Dalmatian and it was quite big but I still loved it. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a Dalmatian because of my favorite Disney cartoon which was 101 Dalmatian so I was quite happy since I know I won't be alone in the house for now.
For a four-bedroom bungalow, it was quite big. For school, I wore a black and white checked shirt with dark jeans and a pair of black converse sneakers. I know I am not the girly type of dresser but I sure know how to match my clothes.
So I went out of my room, took my lunch that my mom made for me to take for school cause she didn't like buying food from school which I felt was quite understandable. I kissed my mom on the cheek telling her I will see her late and touched my dog's head. I named him Kobe after my favorite basketball player. I also told her that I would try out for the school team so that it will help me in the future in getting a scholarship to U of T ( yeah I also want to go to my big bro's school).

So dad got me into the car so that he would take me to school personally since you know he's a general and you know he didn't want to attract any attention yet. So as he dropped me off he told me, "Now just make sure that you just be yourself and never forget your belief in God okay."

"Yeah dad, I can never deny him," I said so that he will let go on time into the school. We are a Christian family and ever since my childhood I've had this everlasting belief in God and his son Jesus Christ. I accepted him into my life at the age of 12.

Yeah 12, so since my kindergarten, I didn't really believe in God and his son. I kept asking questions like "if there is a god, why is there still hunger and poverty in the world or "why have the bad people not been caught yet" or "if God has a son, where is his wife" But when my dad explained everything to me, I finally understood and now I'm a born Christian.

I stood at the school door asking questions to myself " can't wait for the new adventure" The name of the school was Hamilton High. So I opened the school door and started trying to find my way in this environment.

Firstly, I had to go to the principal's office to get checked and other school shit. After I finished with the principal, whose name I found out was Mr. Jordan, I think my nickname for him will be MJ(get it MJ like Micheal Jordan).

Anyways, I would be taking my art classes cause I'm not planning on doing basketball for the rest of my life, I wanted to be an Interior designer and in that way, I will be able to combine two other things I love which designs and computer. I really love my craft, it's just so much fun doing it especially when I'm not playing basketball. I usually just stay in my room and enjoy designing the interior of the houses I create.

So MJ finally took me to my new class and once he opened the door, the teacher was the students about my country( how cool is that). So the teacher stopped teaching and allowed MJ to do the talking.

"Students! this is your new classmate Janet Smith, she's a student from Nigeria who came with her family to live here in America. So make sure you treat her equally and don't make fun especially her color" he stated that point very specifically. I think it's because of his black too which made me feel much better.

So I sat in between two people, the guy was black just like me and I also found out that he was from Ghana. He was wearing a white shirt which had writing saying ' MADE FROM GHANA'which I felt was kinda cool and I always wanted to meet a Ghanaian and the girl was Indian. She was wearing a green sleeveless short but not too short though gown and wore a jeans jacket with it. I was told back in Nigeria that Indians were quite fond of covering their bodies, kinda like Muslims.

" Hey, my name's Eric, it's so nice meeting another African again. This is Shekinah," he said sounding happy. I would be happy too. I thought I was never gonna see another African again. Shekinah greeted me too and she seemed quite nice and quiet. Finally, I made new friends, at least I can take that off my list of things to do.
So we continued the class and the teacher reached the point and started talking about how my country flag was made.

"It is said that the Nigerian flag was made by Lord Luguard" wait... Lord Luguard... he didn't make the flag... what is the woman saying... so I stood up and protested at what she said. " The Nigerian flag was not created by a white man" I shouted angrily.

So this how the white people lie to others about their countries and making it seem it was white people that help us." It was created by my fellow Nigerian, Micheal Taiwo Akinkunmi, a man who said that since Nigerian had gotten its independence from the British why not we make our flag. So the night of our independence, he brought the flag he created which was green white green. The green which signifies growth in our country and agriculture and the white which signifies peace to reign in the country."
I sat down very proud of what. The whole class just looked including the teacher and my two new friends.
This was going to be fun...
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