The girl and the player

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Does he....

So Dave and started studying together for the next few days. I suggested my house so that my dad won't think that I'm sobbing my life away because of my breakup( as I said earlier, that's a story for another day) and of course to get make his grades better. He was a really nice person to have around with and he was actually funny and cool.

He began to tell me how people in the school knew him only to be school player except that he was only using that as a cover up. He actually came from a rich family except that his dad died last year and it was just him, his older sister and mom. Luckily, his mom is a famous chef and food blog author, so they had enough money. He also told me about his passion for music and how he wants to be a professional dancer.

''So what are your dreams?'' he asked with a curious look. Omg he's staring at me, his blue eyes are literally glittering right now. ''HELLO? earth to Jay...'' he said which snapped me out of the my thoughts. Focus girl focus! I said internally scolding myself.

''Well I want to be a world known basketball player and a 3D modelling artist.'' I said with an excited look. I really wanted to study 3D modelling cause I found it as a very interesting course to study. But before I could continue my side of the story, I was rudely interrupted by Dave.

''That's all? Are you really sure? Cause I could see the way you could bust some real killin moves with your dancing skills'' he said with a smile on his face. His words really reminded me of my ex-boyfriend until we broke up. I never should have trusted him at first. Before I could go through my memories, something just snapped me out of my trance.

''Alright let's dance together!'' he said dragging me up from the desk we were studying on. ''WHAT?! but we're still studying'' I said with a surprised look on my face. Did he just ask me to dance with him? ''Or you wanna strip for me instead?'' oh he just spoil t my mood now. I frowned at him when made that comment. Just because I dance doesn't mean I'm gonna strip for anyone, especially what happened with my ex.Why can't I just forget that guy. ''Alright, alright it was just a joke. but seriously let's dance.''

I got my phone and played Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara.

As we started dancing, I really moved his moves were really good. The way he swayed with the every beat of the song. His body was just so flexible and really good to look at. What the heck am I saying, snap out of it girl. But I couldn't cause I had fun, which fun? I enjoyed dancing with him. I just felt safe with him.

Towards the ending of the song he dragged me into his arms. He was so strong and cute. Once the song ended, we looked into each other's eyes. His blue eyes reflected my brown eyes, he looked so innocent and calm at that moment. I really wondered why this guy was the player at a school. He seemed so different here, like almost a different person entirely.

All of a sudden, he bent over to my face and his lips almost touching mine. ''Your'e so beautiful, you know that right? your'e so different from other girls I've met.'' At his words, I started blushing. He was then about to kiss me until....

''I decided to come and see you dar... WHO THE HECK ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER?'' shouted my dad. He seemed quite furious and angry.

''You here to break her heart too?... well then young man, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I BREAK YOU! The last time I saw my dad this angry was when Kane and I were younger. We were playing in his office and accidentally broke one of his awards he got from the president of my country. We tried hiding it but he found out anyways. He told us to do 100 suicides on our home basketball court, made us wash all the cars in our neighborhood and no WiFi for the whole month. It was cool having a general as a dad but it was also horrible because of the punishments.

''No dad, he's just a friend. I'm helping him to study.'' I said hoping to convince him not to throw him out. ''Alright honey I won't.'' he said with a calming voice. He then turned his attention to Dave saying, ''Even if your'e just a friend'' he said with air quotes, '' Don't you dare break her heart!not like what the last one did.'' He kissed me on my forehead, eyed Dave and left my room, banging the door behind him.

''Mean to tell me what just happened? And who was your dad talking about?'' he asked with surprised and concern on his face.

I wanted to tell him but it just wasn't the right time too. ''I'll tell you but not now, soon...very soon..'' I really hated my ex. I hated everything he did to me. He told me he loved me but I was wrong. The only men I trust now are my dad and Kane.Maybe even Eric. But should I trust Dave? He's the school player but he seems so nice. I can trust him but I just can't tell him yet. I'll tell my new friends first, then I'll tell him. I just hope he'll be patient enough with me.

So we finished studying and I escorted him outside to his car.As we arrived to the car he said, ''See you in school Jay?''with a friendly smile. ''Yeah, see you in school'' Before I could go back to enter my house, I felt someone turn me and boom a kiss came along. Dave was kissing he was seriously kissing me.He held me by my waist and I melted into the kiss and felt so happy. As the kiss broke, I got to my senses.What did I just do?

''Why did you do that?'' I said with an angry tone. I hit his chest and ran into my house. I didn't bother looking back at him but I knew he was sad and surprised.

I got to my room and laid on my bed crying. Why are boys like this seriously why? I need answer. Once they kiss you, they would want to have sex with you and later abandon you. But if you refuse to have sex with them, they will embarrass you.

I called Kane cause he would help me. Luckily I got a text from him which made me feel much better.

Me: Hey bro! what's good? how are your lectures.

Kane: Fine. My courses are going swell and am on 4.0 gpa now.

Me: Wow! that's really cool.

Kane: Yeah. plus I have a new girlfriend now. Her name is Grace and she's so nice and smart and hot and funny and...

Me: Okay I get that you like her.

Kane: Like? ugh, I love this girl. She's like the other half of me. She loves basketball and we both play on the school team. Great right?

Me: Yeah. real proud of you bro.

Kane: So what's up

Me: Well there's this guy from school.

Me: He's the school player and he seems to like me. To top it off, am tutoring him.

Kane: Okay go on

Me: He seems okay and I've been teaching him. He seems quite nice but he...

Kane: He what? Slept with you? when I get my hands on h....

Me: No, he kissed me.

Kane: Whoa! didn't expect you like him back?

Me: Yeah but I don't want it to be like last time.

Kane: Sis trust me, it won't. I'm dating his sister. She told me that she has a brother in your and informed me that her brother.She's told me a lot about him and I approve. He seems okay to me.

Me: You sure? And wait your dating his sis?

Kane: I'm sure, now get some rest and sleep. You have practice tomorrow remember and yeah am dating his sis.

Me: Yeah, thanks bro, I knew I could count on you.

Kane: Welcome, anything for my lil sis.

Me: see ya.

Kane: you too.

As we ended our conversation, it was already 7:45 pm. Man time goes fast. But anyway, I went to the kitchen, got some leftovers from the fridge to eat. I had my bath and went to the bed pretty early.

I hope Kane knows what he's saying....

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