The girl and the player

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Practice and the truth.

I woke up and found out it was the next day already. I still felt bad for what I did to Dave yesterday but it's not my fault I reacted like that. So he really does have feelings for me but why didn't he ever tell me. Let's just forget that for now and focus on what I have planned for today. I have practice with the school team. The team goes by the name Panthers which I found to be pretty cool. I also they have won the state championship's five times in row but MVP never came from their school. So I got up, had my bath and put on the jersey that was given to me from school. I put in a puff since I keep natural hair.

As I went for breakfast, my mom and dad had already left the house early. I already expected that. My dad had been coping well with military here and my mom got to meet Gordon Ramsey last week and she had a meeting with him about her dishes. She told he really loved our African dishes and that he wants to open a restaurant for her. Kane is doing quite well in college and he told this morning that he nominated MVP for the college sports competition. I was really happy for my family and I just hope I'll end up having a good time.

I texted Shekah and Eric to meet me in school. Just then did I find out that they told me there were already. Shocking. So I got my keys to my house and left to school. I took a cab and was off already to my practice. Inside the cab, I still couldn't forget what Dave told me yesterday. different from other girls. I've heard that before. All of sudden I started going to memory lane and I remembered what my ex had done to me.


Jeff and I just came back from watching Truth or dare in the cinema.It was 5:30pm so we still had time for each other. ''I've watched a lot of horror movies but this was just the worst of them all.''I said holding onto Jeff. He was tall, dark like me too, had black eyes and man was he hot. I was so lu immcky having this guy as my boyfriend.

''Yeah, but do you know what would make it better?'' he said with a mischievous smirk. ''What may that be?'' I said with a baby voice. Jeff was a really nice guy. He was smart, good looking, played soccer but there was one thing I didn't quite like about him. He was a pervert but he always made sure he respected me. Mostly because my dad is a general and I have an older brother but apart from that he was okay. Until this day.

''Just come with me, I have something to show you?'' saying with a grin on his face. He was really full of surprises. So we got into his car and he drove me to a strange motel. We didn't really have many motels in Nigeria but this one looked a bit strange. But who could I blame, I trusted him. But this was the last day I ever had interest in boyfriends again.

We dropped off and entered. He checked us in and we got a room.

I sat on the bed and asked, ''So what's the surprise? He then smiled and frowned immediately.

''Sorry babe, it was for money and I am...'' Before he could continue, two guys came out from the corners of the room and looked at me. I wore a short grey long sleeved top which had basketball is life with a blue jean with grey vans.

''Oh she's exactly as you said she would be '' one said licking his lips. ''Agreed'' the other said. I finally knew what was happening. He wanted me to be trafficked as a prostitute. I couldn't believe he would do that to me. ME! his girlfriend. I stood up but they pushed me back onto and stared at me. They wanted something but I was smarter than that.

''You guys wanna show, sure I'll give you a strip dance, let me just go change out of these.'' I said making sure it convinced them. ''Sure'' they said in unison. Jeff didn't say anything but just looked. FOOL. I entered the bathroom and texted my dad. He responded immediately which made me calm. I gave him my exact location.

As soon as I left the bathroom, the door of the room opened and it was my dad, Kane and some soldiers. They were so screwed now. They arrested the traffickers but my dad asked whether he could he arrest Jeff. I said yes but before they did, I came close to my soon-to-be-ex and WHAM!!! slapped right his face. His face became red immediately and he began begging. I told him we were over and that I never in life ever wanted to see him again.

We all went back home and I told my mom everything that had happened. I sat with her crying while she comforted me. Yeah crying, crying for the first and last boyfriend I would ever have.


''Oh so I thought! saying out loud.

''You said something kid'' spoke the driver with concern.

''Nothing sir, just thinking but thanks for asking sir''.

I told him with a small smile. ''Alright kid. So we are here.''

I dropped off and paid him. ''What's your name kid?'' he asked through the window.''Janet'' I answered. ''Alright Janet, anytime you need help with something just call me.

''Okay. The name's Mike.'' he said with a smile. ''Yes Mike, sure" We both agreed and exchanged numbers. Hmm, who knew cab drivers could be nice and sweet.

I entered school and met my friends. I just discovered Eric plays soccer for the school team and Shekah plays tennis for the school. They even told me that they have gotten awards for the school lots of times. ''So are you and Dave a thing? asked Eric. ''What?! no we're just friends. Why did you ask?'' Eric adjusted and spoke,''Well cause he spoke you about during our training and he seemed quite sad that you don't like him back.''

I do like him, I just couldn't trust him yet...It's time for me to tell them. I told them exactly what had happened and also what happened with my ex.

They both felt sorry for me. ''It's okay, it's in the past now'' I said with relived tone.

''I would never do that to you.'' said Eric reaching his arm over my shoulder. ''Me too'' spoke Shekah as she hugged at my other side. I felt good telling them and now it remained telling one more person.


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