The girl and the player

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Your'e one of a kind

We went back to our different sport activities. Luckily, the soccer field was close to the basketball court. So I got to peep a little at Dave when he was training. The other girls kept looking at him which made me a bit jealous.

We trained for about an hour and it was stressful.

But what I can do, I'm a basketball player. We have to train hard and I have to get that MVP.

''Alright girls, that would be enough for today.'' said coach Jade. We all began leaving until I started hearing my name from one of the girls, ''So I heard Dave likes the new girl? said one. ''I really think she has a shot at him, for the fact that she could stand up to that stupid Moyo.'' They all started laughing. I then took the oppourinty to meet them.

''Hey guys, what's up?'' I said. ''Oh nothing much...yeah would like to attend a party this night?'' said one girl. I found out that her name to be Betty. She was just like Shekah except that she's from Texas and she was nice from what my friends had told me about her. A party? I really didn't like attending parties much cause I didn't want to expose my dancing skills to others but one party won't hurt. ''Sure why not!'' I agreed with them.

''Alright! the party will be by 6:00pm sharp and guess who else is coming...'' I didn't even need to guess who it was but I just pretended and went with the flow. ''Who? I asked pretending not to know the person already. ''Dave. He kinda has a thing for you and I don't he has had true feelings for anyone else, so your'e lucky.'' said the girl who was talking earlier. ''Me? no.... you guys must be confused. He doesn't like me.''Although I know that he does.

''I'm pretty sure he likes you Janet, we'll all see this night...''said Betty. We all parted and Betty texted me the address of the party.

I got back from practice and went straight to my room. I showered to make myself feel refreshed from practice. I called my parents to tell them I was going for a party.

I was surprised that they both agreed, but of course my dad said to make sure I come back early so that we won't be late for church. I also texted Shekah and Eric to come for the party too. They both agreed to come and I was glad. Now I had to do was tell Dave how I feel and explain to him why I don't want to have a boyfriend again.

I dressed up with a black long sleeved shirt which had vans on it with which I matched with a knee ripped navy blue jean with a checked vans shoe. I carried my phone and headphones with me in case I got bored. So I left my house with my own house keys and began to walk to her house.

Her house wasn't really far from my mine. So I arrived finally and knocked on her door.Her house was a mansion.

The door was then opened immediately by Betty and she welcomed me in.

The party had started already with a lot of people.This girl must be quite popular.

''Hey party people! this my new friend and teammate Janet. Now you guys shouldn't try any shit with her or else...''she said giving a bad eye to everyone. The whole room became quiet.WEIRD, so everyone fears her then. I shouldn't mess with her either.

''Alright, LET'S GET THIS PARTY TURNED UP!!!'' The whole room lit up just like before. She told me I can help myself with anything and if anything happens to me that I should info her. I told her thanks. She really does like me.

So I just sat at the home bar and guess who was next to me. Yep Eric and Shekah. We greeted each other and I was so happy seeing they made it. They left me and I went to the snack section. Gosh they were so many selections. I just decided to take chips and a coke. I went back to my seat and started going through my Instagram feed. I had 1000 follwers on Instagram because I mostly post myself training with my brother and father.

As I was still going through it, guess who just shows up. ''Hey there beautiful. Looking more sexy I presume.'' spoke Dave as he stood by me. I blushed a little but I knew what he was doing and I won't fall for it.

''Hey Dave, nice to see you again? saying with a fake smile on my face. He then frowned and apologized for what he did to me the last time. I accepted his apology and we began talk.

We spoke to each for so long, I didn't even know how fast time had flew. All of a sudden, he grabbed me by my hand and took me outside. ''Where are we going? I said looking a bit curious. ''It's a surprise.'' This was exactly what Jeff had said to me. I just made sure I had my phone with me to call my dad in case for help.

We then left the party and entered his car. As we were driving, the city lights were just beautiful. Back in Nigeria, we never had this kind of stuff. The city was illuminating with beautiful street lights and everyone seemed so happy. We finally arrived at a park. It was wonderful and huge. The lights were shining brightly and it was empty. He came down from the car and opened the door for me. Awww what a gentleman!

''I want to take you somewhere special to me. A place I've never taken anyone to.'' saying with a smile on his face. We arrived at a pond side and we sat down by the pond. Both of us removed our shoes and put our feet into the water. I felt so relaxed and calm but I couldn't help by taking a glance at Dave's face. He looked so peaceful. This is the right time, just tell him before it's too late.

'' I should tell you why my dad doesn't like you.'' He turned back at me and gave me his full attention. As if he was waiting for me to tell him. Anyways, I told him everything that had happened to me and Jeff. When I had finished, we looked at each other's faces. He looked so peaceful and calm. I just didn't want to ruin this moment.

''Also, Dave?'' I said. ''Yeah Jay?'' he said coming even closer to me. '' I like yo...'' Before I could even finish, he interrupted me with a kiss. At first, I didn't give in but I slowly melted into the kiss and felt so different. Like as if nothing would stop me. He then pulled me closer and made me sit on his lap. We continued the kiss until the time for air came. We broke it and started laughing.

He then spoke saying, ''Jay, your'e a one of a kind girl. Your'e smart, confident, strong, beautiful, sporty and let me not forget a cool dancer too. I like. . . wait I don't just like you. . . I love you and I have just one question?So he really did have feelings for me too,I just kept ignoring him. ''Which is?'' I said.

''Would you be my girlfriend?'' he said with a cute smile.

Should I say yes? Should I actually trust the school player? Kane did say he approves, so what the heck.

''So what's your answer?'' he spoke snapping me out of mind.

I just said one word which made me happy and I felt so ready to start again.


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